Bell Canadatv

N Jul 14, 2018

I am writing this with great displeasure and agony that I have encountered dealing for my services with Bell.

I had all 4 services TV, Internet, Home phone and Cell phone with Bell.

Before I state my story, let me ask you one question:-

You are paying $73 for something since last 15 months and the price will remain the same for next 9 months as per your original commitment. You call Bell and guy mentions that he can lower your TV and save you $8. He doesn't mention any change to the Internet and you receive the next bill of $150 plus. You call back and find out that guy forgot to add the original discount and now you have to pay $114 + hst for 3 services. What will you do in this case?

Let me add more: Even the loyalty department sympathizes with you and says that nothing can be done so let's cancel the services and since the last 2 bills were $150 & $172, you will receive the credit after the final bill.(offcourse you have to call back for this)

Services got canceled, and when you call back for credit, this time the loyalty team agent blames you that "it is your fault as well as we did send email to you after making the change in June" and refuse to provide any credit. He doesn't have any answers that why Internet package was changed without my consent and why it was not communicated that total will go up.(I don't think anyone with a sound mind would pay more for the similar services even when discounts are nowhere near finishing)

Will you accept this unethical behavior?

I am being accused of not reading the email sent to me, (I have proof of undergoing Eye surgery on May 18th and I am not working since last 2 months just because of my eye surgery and I am going to prove it in court if required)

Why my package was changed without my consent and why the total was communicated as $8 less than what I am paying right now? Why was it not stated that I would be paying double now for no reason? On top of that why loyalty department agreed to my situation, offered cancellation and credit and later other agent started blaming me for not reading the email?

My request for supervisor was turned down stating no one is available?

I never wanted TV + Homephone but the services were sold to me as a package alone for that price. Internet alone was $100 but $73 with cable +internet+ TV . I never hooked up TV or Phone.

I want someone to review the recordings of my call. This is not about little extra money that I was charged. This is about unethical treatment. If it was that agent's mistake, I should have been compensated for my numerous calls while sorting this out. Instead of that, I am being accused of not reading the email but no one is owning up to the fault of the agent who made this change.

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