Bell Canadaservice

J Nov 17, 2017

I am so not impressed with bell. We got charged a travel fee of 97$ for them to come and install their services. I was not happy with this charge and don't think I should have to pay for their techs to travel here, if it's out of your area, don't offer services. I called and was told by an agent that I would not have to pay this charge. I got my first bill and the charge was not there. I got another charge for a travel fee a month later due to their satellite tv not working and a tech having to come down. Again, I called, because I figure why the hell do I have to pay for them to come and fix their mess up. Was told wouldn't be charged. Got my second bill and not only was one of the charges applied to my bill but BOTH travel fees. When I called and explained what the other agents had said and the situation, they basically said I was lying cause there was no notes on file about it and was very rude. My husband called back, and the agent actually hung up on him. How professional is that??? Finally after a 3rd time, 116$ credit was applied but I am still pissed AF! There shouldn't be ANY charges... I am strongly considering changes services already. No wonder I always hear people talking [censor] about bell.

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