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T Nov 29, 2017

On Nov 22, 2017 I went into bell store to order internet home service. They made my appt for Sunday Nov 26, 2017 for install. I asked for an earlier date and was given a number to call by Bash the customer service guy at the Bell store. If I called this number I may be able to get on a cancellation list. I spent days calling and being passed around. Nobody could even help me with this. Finally Sunday comes yay its install day but nobody shows up. I call and am passed around the call centers for and hour or 2. I rebook for today Nov 29. This is crazy. I ordered a service and I cant get it. Why. I go back to the store and speak to Bash...he says his head office So and so is there and they will email and make it priority and i will get a call. No call. I call him back he says 24 hours. 2 days later I go back to store and ask him why I still have no service. He cannot help but guarantees nov 29th. I get a confirmation email and phone call. I sit waiting for 5 hours and nobody shows up. I call and spend an hour on the phone and am told that they will have to book another appt as the techs are done for the day. They closed while I was on the phone. I'm now booked for Dec 1 priority. I call [censor]!!
I went into a bell store and ordered internet. I asked for install that day and had to wait 4 I have to wait until next month. What kind of service is this? And why do we as customers have to call around begging for service. I cannot get a straight answer. I cannot get a service I ordered from you.
Everyone keeps lying to me.
I am a super unhappy Bell Customer and an Avid Social Media user

I have gone through almost 3 g of cell data due to no internet. I have work piling up that I cannot complete. And so on.

I expect internet service installed

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