Beazer Homes Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Beazer Homes Corporation / service of soleil association management for burson ranch homeowners association

Aug 22, 2019

I have received 2 notification from this HOA team, one for popping ariel fireworks which were unfound and unsubstantiated and the other is the misdescription of a canopy tent, which they claim was a fixed structure and needed ARC approval. I have lived in Burson ranch for over a year after...

Beazer Homes Corporation / air conditioning in our home not working properly

Jul 05, 2019

Beazer Homes CorporationWhen we moved in our Beazer home in 2016. We noticed the ac did not work correctly in some of our bedrooms a few months after move in. I reached out to Beazer and I was informed that is was a thermostat issue. I was told to make sure I was keeping the thermostats at least 5 degree...

Beazer Homes Corporation / negligent home site preparation

May 22, 2019

Our homesite required an enormous amount of fill in order to fit the house on the lot The fill dirt was not properly compacted nor allowed the time necessary to naturally compact before we signed for the house (80 days start to finish). After living in the house for some 20 months it...

Beazer Homes Corporation / carpet on the floor of the basement is squeaking

Oct 15, 2018

The carpet in the basement is not properly installed and keeps on squeaking, Kindly look in the matter. Also the nails at the end of the carpet are popping up in several places of the house. The front door frame needs to be replaced as it was chipped and painted to look good from day 1...

Beazer Homes Corporation / 2204 west ethan court, san tan valley, az 85142

Aug 27, 2018

Beazer Homes CorporationIn November of 2017 I purchased a Home (the Rockwell Model) which is a 2519 sq. ft. home. In June when It gets Hot in Arizona, I noticed my house was not staying at temperature the Thermostats were set at (78) but getting to 84 degrees. I checked my AC and realized the unit was only 3.5...

Beazer Homes Corporation / 2014 home in orlando

Aug 16, 2018

Good morning, I have purchase this home in Reserve at Sawgrass, Orlando. I have had small issues like carpet nails, cracks on the walls, garage floors and so. Lately my AC unit stopped working. I called the number on the unit AIRFLOW which is the company that's installed the unit, the guy...

Beazer Homes Corporation / sewage issue

Jul 24, 2018

I hope to be heard openly & honestly. I purchased my Beazer home in Charleston SC in the fall of 2015 & my home was approx 9 years old. I love my home and have made many improvements; Gutters, fence, new AC, patio, new garage door, new tankless h2o heater...then the unthinkable happened!...

Beazer Homes Corporation / sink / dishwasher installation

Apr 01, 2018

Beazer Homes CorporationWe purchased our home almost 3 years ago;however, the sink was definitely put in as a shotty job! Sinks are inserts but apparently the installer thought that you glue it under the sink with silicon glue! Needless to say, I was fixing easter dinner. The dishwasher was going and I had just...

Beazer Homes / Warranty on a new house

Jul 14, 2016

I had requested before my warranty ends from Beazer to check on my 2nd AC unit as my first one had issues within the 1st year. Issue: A sensor in the outside of the upstairs unit that is causing the unit not to work when it should. What has been done so far: before my warranty ends I have...

Beazer Homes / EMC Loans / Verbal loan fraud!


I purchased my first home in October 2006 while I was in Iraq doing contract work. I served in the US ARMY for 7 years, then 3 months after being out of the service - I joined a contract job in IRAQ to continue helping out my country. My sister was my power of attorney and signed all the...