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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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BB&T has the worst overdraft policy of any bank. It is criminal to charge a customer $35.00 per transaction per overdraft occurrence. And it's not even a real transaction as shown by BB&T's online banking interface.

There are two amounts in the online interface, current balance and available balance. I have some dirty comments about the current balance, it's a device to throw the average consumer off of their actual balance. This amounts to be a petty scam by BB&T's evil empire of banks in the eastern US.

Here's my story:
I am a college student(Software Engineering and Computer Science, thank you!), I went to pay my tuition and fees, and buy books at my university. I spent $124 on tuition/fees, as I have some nice scholarships, and I spent $409 on books. I had just about $500 in my account. I thought I had track of it, and I knew with the way MOST banks work I could bail myself out if I had overdrawn with no consequences. I went over just a bit after those two purchases.

Those two transactions are still lingering in the pending section of the online interface. So that would tell my logic that they have yet to process the payment, and pay that amount to my university. Since they have yet to do so, why would they charge an overdraft fee? Or, why would they charge an overdraft fee on my last 8 transactions that are still shown as pending?

Why would they still charge an overdraft fee after I went to a branch with plenty of money to bail out the account? I was at the bank this morning paying for the overdraft fee and supplying adequate money to get the account back to normal. They stood their ground and did not let me bail the account without applying the $280.00 in overdraft fees. I do not understand this, I am a very regular and honest customer to this bank, and this is the first time anything of this nature has ever happened to me.

I fail to understand two aspects of their policies. One being that they would not let me fix my mistake and push the fees. Number two being that their online banking interface shows pending and posted transactions. It takes BB&T two business days to post a counter deposit, but it did not take them anytime at all to start hitting me with overdraft fees online.

If BB&T fixed their online banking UI to where it did not scam people by splitting things, and inspiring overdraft fees, maybe they would be likable.

I will not go back to BB&T, I will bad mouth them whenever I see their logo, I will not say positive things about them, and I sure will not trust them with money. These guys are con artists who thrive on throwing asinine fees on their customers to make that extra buck.

The representatives at the BB&T branch kept trying to reflect this back on me as a huge mistake. They urged me to keep a ledger, and I told them I did not want one with BB&T's logo--Haha.

I wish to warn others of BB&T's unethical policies, and bad customer relationships. At a local bank, if I had talked it over with the VP of the bank/branch, they would have at least taken my situation into consideration.

Final words: When you do overdraft with BB&T, they will not charge you $35.00 because your account is overdrawn. They will charge you $35.00 for each transaction that they have not processed when you have overdrawn. These are the transactions that show up as "Pending" in your online banking interface. Please be wary of them if you are a current customer, and find a way out. I strongly advise against BB&T. They might be part of the US economy problem.

I have included a picture show others where BB&T will mess you over at. The transactions in the pending section are all subject to a $35.00 overdraft fee on each transaction, this is fatal to your balance, if you slip up and make a small mistake like myself. I tried to bail myself out this morning by adding in a $100.00 deposit, but they persisted with the fees.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Lehigh Acres, US
Jan 24, 2023 11:51 am EST

This bank has a deceitful online customer account interface. They have robbed me many times by charging unfair NSF fees. The online account does not show the customer what the the bank is actually going off of to determine and assess these NSF fees!

Lehigh Acres, US
Jan 24, 2023 11:48 am EST

I am having the same problem. I have a transaction right now showing pending on the online interface which they are charging me an NSF fee for. I called Truist customer service line and she stated I was being charged for the fee for the pending charge. However, when I click on the NSF fee charge for an explanation of why the fee was assessed it states it was for a different charge that would not have overdrawn my account. I don’t understand why they offer an online interface to view your account when they don’t show you accurate information. We should be able to see what they say and are going off of. Because according to what I see online I should not be charge the fee. I have been robbed over and over again by Truist and their excessive over draft fees and deceitful online interface.

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Statesville, US
Jun 05, 2013 6:43 pm EDT

I have been a customer of BBT for years. I recently had money transferred out to pay a bill and normally you would expect the transaction to take 24 hours. I was told that it would take several days. So I went ahead and took out some money to pay bills, expecting that my deposit, which would be on the first of the month, would more than take care of any transfers or other checks. Suddenly my transfer went through ahead of time - which then gave them the chance to stick me with a $36 overdraft charge.
And here is the twist - I never opted in for overdraft in the first place.
How can you trust a bank like this? You can't.

Charlottesville, US
Jan 26, 2010 1:35 pm EST

I saw your comments, I fully agree. I thought it was just my fault. But, I have started making copies of the online statements / with the pending daily.

I had items in pending (Debit card items that could have been processed that day they were posted)
these items were in pending for at least 3 days. My current balance/ and my avaialble balance showed a positive balance. I did receive a check in that would have given me an overdraft..
That is one overdraft. The bank paid the check first, then charged me fees on everything that had already shown in pending.

This happens and they cannot or will not explain their mehods.
I have had other problems, now becoming to numerous to even believe. The bank representaive's state they can not offer a line itme balance, as there system is "not that sofisticated' what a stupid thing to say to a bankin customer!

Glen Allen, US
Jan 19, 2010 12:15 pm EST

My account looks just like yours. When you overdraft with them, they pay the biggest thing first so they can get more fees out of you. I had a hold put on my account by a company that was not allowed to. The hold was taken off however because of the hold, everything that was out bounced. They charged me $560.00 in FEES! Can you believe that crap. I will be closing my account with them and I would suggest everyone do the same. BB&T sucks and is the WORSE bank in VA!