Baycare Health Systemreceptionist/front desk

I went in to have botox today at my neurologist office I gave the receptionist my insurance card which is Humana but I also have blue cross blue shield I'm just getting on Medicare an trying to understand it. The blue cross is the only one that will pay for botox so another lady comes from the back an calls me up to the desk she says we cant see you today you cant have this procedure done because your insurance says both are the primary i said what do you mean she said we may not get paid so we can't see you. I thought this was very unprofessional for her to say she could have explained it to me an not just said we may not get paid that was so embarrassing because I'm at the front desk and other people are around me she really made me feel low. I understand the doctor as well as the hospital and the staff have to get paid for their services but she just made me feel awful.

Jun 13, 2019

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