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Reviews and Complaints

Baycare Health Systempain management

Approx 5 weeks ago I contacted Dr.Danya Gadoy-hung for help to relieve discomfort I was having in my lower back. Since that time I have had 3 consults, an MRI, xrays and spent $260. in copays and still have not been helped with my back problem. Each consult I have had consists of what might be wrong and what might be a course of action and what she might try and then another consultation appointment is made. I really feel that this is just away to keep you coming back and collecting more money. After my last consultation Aug 2, 2019 I left her clinic and went to an out of network pain clinic and have already begun treatment. I would like to have a refund for the $135. in copays at the pain clinic and $125. for the copay at the Baycare Imaging for the MRI and Xrays. Thank You.