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BayCare reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on May 24, 2011. The latest review BayCare urgent care Carillon facility was posted on Sep 24, 2021. BayCare has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 22 reviews. BayCare has resolved 0 complaints.

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BayCare Complaints & Reviews

BaycareBayCare urgent care Carillon facility

During these trying times with COVID it is difficult to get a visit with my primary; therefore when I need treatment I go to an Urgent care, which is my right to be seen and treated, I have insurance to go to these facilities. I have breathing issues which are triggered by the work I am involved in and by cleaning chemicals I use at home. I have heart issues that I have medication to control this issue with. I visited this urgent care clinic today and felt the P A with whom I received a consult with was not compassionate or professional in any way. No bedside manner whatsoever!! She made reference to my prior visits ( made me feel like I should not be coming to the clinic for my care) she made me feel like she was drilling me instead of asking about my health, she made me feel like she was talking down to me, she refused to give me a breathing treatment telling me I was in Afib and I should go to ER, I DID NOT FEEL like I was in afib, no chest pain and I felt normal.
I asked if I could get treatment and remain there for observation if she was uncomfortable and her response was "it's not my job to observe here" I told her I had been sent to ER previously with a situation similar and they SENT ME HOME after a 700.00 bill. She then made references to me about money from my prior visit, There needs to be someone who cares about people on staff at the Urgent Care Clinics, not just shuffle off to ER. Consequently I went home and I am still wheezing and I am NOT IN AFIB. Her name is Andrea Bird
I am putting in a complaint about her service. 9/24/2021

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    BaycareSt. Anthony's Hospital Visit 6/7/21-6/9/21 and 6/10/21-6/13/21

    I was admitted to St. Anthony's hospital for a facial bacterial infection.
    The ER and infectious disease doctor were unable to determine what bacteria was causing my infection. They performed would cultures which came up as no growth. Finally my primary care physician did a more accurate and precise culture which showed I had pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. I was finally given the correct antibiotics by my primary care physician to take care of the infection.
    I went thru a week of anxiety and pain due to the hospital's incompetence. Also, I am now left with several hospital bills.

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      I have received Prolia from my provider for 5 years. Now, since Baycare has taken over my MD's practice, Prolia is not being given. So goes continuity of care. Apparently, Baycare deems Osteoporosis is out of my physicians area of practice. So I will go elsewhere for my primary care. Good job!
      I am aware that my primary MD tried very hard to resume the kind of practice he is so respected for.
      So long to quality care.

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        BaycareExtreme poor communication among the staff and the clients family.

        Room 320 King. I was told by hospice to pick up my mom after 5pm. she is ready to go home. I arrive and she is not ready; she still have meds to take prior to release. I then return home to make dinner . I was told to come and pick up my mom after her last meds were given at 7pm. I waited 10 minutes (7:10pm) to go and pick her up. I arrive at the main entrance 7:20pm. I call up stairs for the nurse and was told that the floor was waiting on transportation.
        Fast forward; the announcement comes over the intercom that the main doors will be looked at 8:00pm. I call up stairs at 7:54pm only to be told that no one from transportation has shown up. No call down stairs to inform King's family. Third floor still had no ETA on the transport person. I drove back home and still waiting on a call that my mother is down stairs to be picked up(8:15pm). Maybe just maybe there should be a change in protocol when a patient will be released. Having a family wait for Winter Haven's Transport is embarrassing and the poorest customer service we have received from any hospital . Now she will be released through a crowed ER with sick people not knowing what she may contract. I pray she does not have to return to your hospital for any reason. Thanks to her nurses and doctors that cared for her. Such a shame her experience had to be ruined by piss poor communication between transport and the third floor nurse station.

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          BaycareBilling and collections

          DOS 2/6/2020. BMG acct. Billing received over 1 year from DOS which had been paid by both Medicare and FL Blue. I did not ask for online bills, prefer paper but got this one. Called Baycare customer service 4 times and sent 1 email. I was told the matter would be looked into. I called customer service again in early July and paid my 15.00 copay, which left my balance the FL Blue contractual adjustment. This should have been adjusted off. Lo and behold I got a collection notice for this balance! I called Gulf Coast Collection Bureau and sent proof the balance is an adjustment! I want this account recalled from collections and off my credit report. An apology would be nice as well!

          Billing and collections
          Billing and collections
          Billing and collections

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            BaycareEmergency room visit

            Morton Plant hospital in Clearwater Florida on 7-9-2021 me and my husband took our 5 year old son into the ER we arrived at 3:30pm we waited patiently in the waiting room for 2 hours I then noticed all the people from before us had been taken back and they had skipped over my very Ill son and I went to the check in desk at 6:45 to ask about how much longer until my son would be seen and the woman behind the desk was extremely rude and responded with your son is not a priority to us ma'am you'll have to just wait until your called ... I took very much offense to that statement my son has been throwing up since 9pm on 7-8-2021 he has a very running nose with alot of congestion hes coughing very bad running a fever on and off plus losing his voice I dont understand why my son was not a priority for them. I left Morton Plant hospital after the statement from the women and I'm now taking my son to mease countryside hospital... this hospital needs better structure and training obviously they are a disgrace to Clearwater Florida. My cell phone number is [protected] my name is Samantha Bailey and my son is David Bailey III.

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              BaycareThey received payment and never applied to my account and then rude when I called to explain

              I received a bill on June 24th from an office visit back in March for $142.81. I logged into my insurance portal and seen in fact this bill was paid. Technically this was supposed to be paid 100% because it was a physical but once again they can never code it properly and charged $324 for an office visit. My insurance processed and paid the $142.81 from my HRA account. When I tried to explain this to Christina, she was very rude and wanted to argue and stated that nothing on my account has been paid since 2018. I assured her that I have been to the doctors office numerous times since 2018 and my insurance is still the same. I then explained the negotiated discounts my insurance has with their network and she cut in saying yes and I owe the $142.81. I then firmly stated that I have an HRA account and that the amount was paid from there and she asked if it was for the $142.81 and I said yes and that I have a check number. She then comes back and said that she received the payment and it would be applied to my account. No apology whatsoever for THEIR error. So this money was paid to them 3 months ago and they did not bother to apply it to my account and have the nerve to send me a bill 3 months later and then have the nerve to be rude about it when it was their error. I have had various issues with BayCare for years but I do very much like my family doctor who is unfortunately through them and therefore the only reason I stay, for the time being.

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                Unethical practice on the BayCare Patient Portal (powered by Phreesia) - Billing Department

                While an invoice was being contested, I needed to get in touch with my GP for medical treatment advice and a televisit was planned.
                On Wednesday March 24th at 4:30pm during the check-in and online set-up procedure with the PHREESIA portal for this televisit, I was presented with a "pay-now" page for this particular contested invoice, blocking me from further registering for my doctor's visit. This prevented me from
                getting medical help that way. (I managed to place a phone call directly into my GP's office, avoiding the portal all together).
                This blocking setup on the patient's portal is at least unethical and even borderline illegal since there was no excessive outstanding bill ($32.16) nor was the invoice overdue (first original bill with no reminders).

                A complaint to the billing department resulted in numerous emails but no definite answers even after a designed coordinator was assigned. The only worthwhile answer I received was : "For patients, selecting "Pay Cash or Check in Office" allows you to bypass the payment method until a patient is seen in the office"

                This - of course - is still very confusing for the patient. There should be a third option listed giving the choice to Skip Payment.
                The way it is formulated right now forces the patient to agree paying for something (an invoice) that - to her/his knowledge - is not correct or in dispute.
                It is also a screen that will not allow you to proceed to get medical help or advice if you do not select any form of payment.
                This is unethical and is not in line with the patient's bill of rights.

                Now, 3 months after my initial request, the coordinator claimed that PHREESIA has corrected the issue but was unable (refused) to present me with a screenshot of the check-in procedure showing the updated page.


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                  May 27, 2021

                  Baycare — Unethical billing practices

                  Overcharge, incompetent at audits, and no reasonable path for patients with large hospital bills. Mr. doctor...

                  May 26, 2021

                  Baycare — Lack of service

                  My mother broke her leg and required a walker and a wheel chair. The original walker had no seat, so we got a...

                  BaycareWinter Haven Hospital

                  My sister, Patricia DeLorenze, client number, [protected], was hospitalized f March 17, 18, and 19, 2021. She has MS and it looked as though she had an episode. 911 was called and she was admitted to Winter Haven Hospital. The communication between the hospital and me was horrible. Not one nurse or doctor contacted me about my sister's actual diagnosis, which was a seizure, first time event for her. Upon discharge, I did curb-side pick-up. The nurse, Alexis, from floor 7, brought my sister to my vehicle. She handed me a Rx, which I brought into hospital pharmacy. I was handed a Rx for my sister. No one, dr., nurse, pharmacist, discussed with me what this new Rx was for nor was I told Patty had a seizure. She was in a brain fog, for example, didn't even know she was at a hospital. She was told the new Rx was anti-anxiety. At least that's what she understand in her fog-brained mind at the time. She took the meds for a few days then decided she didn't like the way they made her feel, so she stopped cold turkey. Yes, suddenly stopped taking this new medication, which in the long run I discovered was anti-seizure medicine. Hence, she had three more seizures and was readmitted to WH Hospital. She fell in her bathroom, bled, and bruised her body. Plus, as a bonus, she drove after being diagnosed with a seizure and put on anti-seizure medicine. It's against the law for she to be driving after that diagnosis. Whose fault would it have been if she caused an accident? I called the hospital the day of discharge to speak with Alexis and was told she would call me back. Today, nineteen days later, she never returned my call. My very strong concerns are why wasn't I ever informed of my sister's new diagnosis, as her health care proxy; who in their right professional mind thought it was ok to discharge she in her fog-brained condition, and finally, why weren't her PCP and her neurologist informed she was hospitalized? It was embarrassing for both of those doctors when I took my sister for follow-up appointments. I can reached at [protected]. My name is Linda Howard. I look forward to a follow-up discussion.

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                    Mar 02, 2020

                    Baycare Health System — Customer Service

                    I had a procedure completed at Baycare Gastroenterology on 10/15/19. My insurance company denied the claim...

                    Aug 19, 2019

                    Baycare Health System — dr. ontiveros office staff

                    Dr. Ontiveros Ordered an Xray of my foot to check for damage on Friday the 16th. The Xray was read and...

                    Aug 02, 2019

                    Baycare Health System — pain management

                    Approx 5 weeks ago I contacted Dr.Danya Gadoy-hung for help to relieve discomfort I was having in my lower...

                    Jul 24, 2019

                    Morton Plant North Bay Hospital — dr. bolis

                    Dr. Bolis was extremely unprofessional and ruid. He was not part of helping to make me better. He insisted on...

                    Baycare Health Systemmammo screen digital 3d tomos w/ cad

                    Good Afternoon,
                    I did Mammo Screen Digital 3D Tomos w/ CAD on 04/17/2019 with Mary Anne in BayCare Imaging Center - Westchase/Hampton Lakes.
                    I did survey about her on 04/22/2019, but I do not have info from you about my survey-complaint!
                    I hope you met my complaint and took the appropriate action against Mary Anne. She did my Mammogram and she so tightly pressed my breasts, that I had to screaming of pain to stop pressing.
                    This happened 5 times because she repeated one picture. After that, my breasts hurt for a whole week. For several years I've been doing this Mammogram, but no one has been so rude.
                    Тhis lady either has no experience, or is very malicious. Please pay attention to my letter and take the necessary action.
                    Thank you,

                    Stanka Bozukova

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                      Baycare Health Systemreceptionist/front desk

                      I went in to have botox today at my neurologist office I gave the receptionist my insurance card which is Humana but I also have blue cross blue shield I'm just getting on Medicare an trying to understand it. The blue cross is the only one that will pay for botox so another lady comes from the back an calls me up to the desk she says we cant see you today you cant have this procedure done because your insurance says both are the primary i said what do you mean she said we may not get paid so we can't see you. I thought this was very unprofessional for her to say she could have explained it to me an not just said we may not get paid that was so embarrassing because I'm at the front desk and other people are around me she really made me feel low. I understand the doctor as well as the hospital and the staff have to get paid for their services but she just made me feel awful.

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                        Jun 06, 2019

                        Baycare Health System — security at saint joseph's women’s hospital and no follow up or call back from customer complaint department

                        On Monday, June 3, 2019, I had a procedure/surgery done at St. Joseph's women's Hospital. My...

                        Baycare Health System — your dme dept.

                        On the evening of Nov. 12 2018 as I was putting my husbands Bipap mask on it tore.I called the DME Dept. and...

                        Baycare Health System — morton plant hospital

                        Complaint:Food Complaints.Every day supermarkets, shops, markets, restaurants, food shops always raise many...

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