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Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 233 2771(Customer Service) 7 1
+1 310 423 2259(Medical Records) 2 0
+1 866 803 1777(Billing) 2 0
+1 323 866 8600(Patient Financial Services) 1 0
+1 310 423 7890(International) 1 0
+1 310 423 4068(Pre-procedure Center) 1 0
+1 310 423 5327(Admissions) 1 0
+1 310 423 3277(Locating a Patient) 1 0
+1 310 423 5241(Gift Shop) 1 0
+1 310 423 8044(Volunteer Services) 1 0
+1 310 423 5535(Parking) 2 1
+1 310 423 5550(Religious and Spiritual Services) 1 0
+1 310 423 4444(Hospitality Services) 1 0
+1 310 423 5511(Security) 1 0

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Complaints & Reviews

Cedars-Sinai Emergency Department / the treatment of patients family member his husband

Sep 29, 2019

I admitted my husband into the emergency room Cedar Sinai and they sat in there with him for good hour and I walked out to the restroom and cigarette I came back and his door was locked they refuse to let me into refuse to let him know that was still there they refuse to let me have my...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / medical records

Sep 20, 2019

On September 4, I emailed a request for copies of 2 CT Scans. I did not receive them. So on September 12, I called and after a long hold talked with someone who tried to be helpful. He made copies and told me they would be mailed. On September 20, still having not received them, I called...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / treatment in their emergency room

Sep 01, 2019

July 12th 2019 I was rushed to the Emergency room with extreme pain, On a scale of 1-10 this was above a 10. I had a fever of 101, vomiting, complete jaundice, when they took my vitals and asked about my pain level, I explained it was nearly a 20, the male taking my vitals starting making...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / billing dept / obgyn

Jun 11, 2019

I have called numerous people to try to get in touch with whoever does the billing for Dr. Tsui and Dr. Scott Serden. I called the billing department, was put on hold for 20 minutes by a curt person and was given the office number. The office told me to call Adrian, who is the only person...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / security team

Dec 10, 2018

On December 7th my son was admitted and assigned a room on the 4th floor SE wing. I visited the cafeteria twice within the first 24 hours of our stay. There wasn't security team onsite during those visits so I had not been asked for a visitors badge. On my 3rd visit to the cafeteria around...

[Resolved] Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / follow up care after initial appointment

Nov 15, 2018

I jumped through all your hoops to get an appointment. After my initial visit with Dr. Paski, I sent her an email on Oct 12th through your portal and got no response. I then tried another email on Nov. 6th with no response. I called and spoke to her nurse on Nov. 12th who said she would...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / discharge from icu

Oct 17, 2018

We are now on hour five of the discharge process. No one seems to know what's going on or how to do anything. Also, no one here seems to know how time works. For the last four hours milultiple people told us things would be done in just a few minutes. Cedars minutes apparently don't work...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / marina del rey cedars

Sep 22, 2018

My dear friend Joyce Azanow was admitted for emergency surgery via 911 for a perforated small intestine after a laparoscopy done at St. John's. During surgery they had to put her on a respirator and she remained on the respirator for 12 days after surgery. She was given hydration and...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / emergency services

Sep 19, 2018

On July 20, My 3 year old daughter had put a googly eye (plastic type material ) in her nose. We rushed to emergency services that night at 11.30 pm. We were attended by a nurse and she told us doctors there have right tools to get it out. After 3 hours of wait, one of the doctor ( general...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / my concern on the length of time its taking for my wife to be heart transplanted

Jul 11, 2018

Hello my name is Anthony Rock.. i am writing this compliant in regards to my wife Diana Rock .. who is admitted in the ICU room # 6S56 for almost two months now.. we are being told that her status for Heart Transplant is 1A.. which we are being told that shes at the top of the list .. she...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / service in the emergency room from an [censored] named jessica

May 31, 2018

Cedars-Sinai Medical CenterCame to the emergency room at 8:00 pm for a severe migraine and high blood pressure, almost three hours later I was told by a clerk jessica that all I have is a headache so I can wait. She continued to talk over me and my husband and was extremely rude she obviously feels that patient care...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / injection for iud insertion

May 08, 2018

Hello, A few days ago I got a bill from Cedars Sinai with the amount that the insurance did not cover. I called because I had questions regarding the amount that I was being billed and two of the items needed clarification. The woman over the phone refused to break down the two items I...

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / my treatment in the emergency room

Apr 19, 2018

To Whom It May Concern: I was in your ER on 4/18 from about 9:30 to 2:30am complaining about a surgical staple that I found, left in from a surgery four months ago, Dec 18, 2017 to be exact. The original surgeon who performed the operation was booked and unable to see me till sometime early May...

Cedars Sinai Medical Center/ER/Dr Lin / CSMC discarded elderly/terminal illness people to street

Aug 19, 2013

I was wrongfully discharged on 8/14/13 after 2 hours in Cedars Sinai Medical Center/ER/Dr Lin even I had a list of symtoms, double vision, fever, short breath, rash, high blood pressure, rectal bleeding plus my terminal illness. I was sent home with no meds even I have Healthy Way LA...

Cedars Sinai Medical Center / False information.

Mar 18, 2013

I was in Cedars Sinai Medical Center for the first time and I was using the health plan and this medical center has changed me without my consent and caused all my medical health records to get destroyed using false information.

Sinai Hospital / Caters to the elite and donors!


Don't go there unless you donate lots of money to the hospital because you won't get the same treatment as those who do. I have personally been told to take a patient who gave money over one who didn't even though the other patient had been waiting longer. We were often told...