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Mayo Clinic complaints 41

Mayo Clinic - Obtaining an appointment with neurology

I would like to file a complaint about the Mayo clinic refusing to grant my Mother an appointment. I called today 11/19/21 to the neurology department to request an appointment and AFTER supplying all the information about my Mother, I was told they were too full of patients and she was denied. I feel this was discriminatory due to age and color. My question is that if they were too full of patients, why was that not disclosed PRIOR to asking personal information as to my mothers age and insurance coverage?
What is our recourse? I was also told that I had no additional person in the organization I could appeal to. I was also told that they would not tell me any reasons why she was denied

Desired outcome: An appointment

Mayo Clinic - Billing charges for my wife Jearlean Bradley after surgery

`My regards my wife Jearlean Bradley who was treated and had knee surgery at Mayo Clinic, 4500 San Pablo Road, Jacksonville, FL 32224. She is on medicare Humana Member ID #: H55207635. Her account with is Guarantor ID: 4565261. She was receiving knee therapy from Humana in network provider Premier Physical Therapy, 13947 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32324 who advised her to seek help from Mayo Clinic. Preoperative procedures begin on or about May 6, 2021. We were asked if we were on medicaid and the number on our medicaid card. Our answer was no and that we were on medicare with Humana and provided them with the Humana Member ID H552077635. This claim is filed because Mayo failed to inform us that Humana would not pay for the operation and other expenses associated with the surgery. We were frauded in that they failed to provide us with information that all seniors need to made financial decisions. Surely we would have gone elsewhere had we been made aware Humana would not cover these medical expenses.

Mayo Clinic - The needs of the patient comes first

Mayo says their core value is "the needs if the patient comes first". Yet in early December, they have announced they will put unvaxxed personnel on unpaid leave. They are already struggling to maintain adequate nursing staff, this is likely to exacerbate the problem. The needs of the patient clearly can't be met if there aren't enough staff. Further, there are discussions of other employees joining in a sick-out on that day to show solidarity for their unvaxxed co-workers. No exceptions made for employees with natural immunity and who are not shedding viruses - both of which can be monitored through testing. Very arbitrary and unscientific.

Desired outcome: Don't punish staff who are unvaxxed when reasonable accommodation standards and scientific standards aren't being considered.

Mayo Clinic - Pain Management Department Inaction

I am writing to complain about the consideration and treatment of my 83 year old Mother. She is unable to care for herself and has come to live with us. She has excessive SI joint pain and is unable to walk without assistance, stand, transfer from a bed or chair, get onto a toilet or commode without help from one of our family members. We saw Dr. Hari in Osseo a week ago yesterday, and Dr. Spritzer last Friday, 9/17/21. Both Dr. Hari and Dr. Spritzer were great. However, Dr. Spritzer made a referral for an injection for my Mom with the Pain Management Dept. as she realized in how much distress she was in and in how much need of resolution. Upon leaving Dr. Spritzer, we were taken to schedule the appointment for an injection, and when the scheduler called the department they said they did not have the triage order and that they would call me as soon as they received it. Pain Management did not call to schedule an appointment on Friday, it took a call to her primary physician's team by me the following Monday when they (Nurse Linda = also fantastic) were able to transfer me to the Pain Group to supposedly schedule an appointment. Pain Management gave me the option of 8:05 or 8:20 am the following morning for a consult and informed me that the injection would not occur for 4 to 6 weeks...are you kidding me!?!?? I would have had to have gotten her up at 5:30 am to have her there by 8:00. Miss Brittany whom I spoke to about scheduling an appointment, gave no options or alternatives and really didn't seem to care that she was not able to help us at all. I did not accept the 8:00 appointment, it would have been next to impossible to have her bathed and dressed by that time of the morning. What is the point of seeking care when someone is in excessive pain and you can't accommodate them? As a healthcare provider myself, I believe that my Mother is being pushed around because she is old and feeble. I know for a personal fact that a family member presented to a Mayo clinic without a previous consult or appointment set up and received a cortisone injection that very afternoon, but he is a young man. That my friends is elder discrimination. I reached out again to Dr. Spritzer's team to see if she would be able to expediate care for my Mother. A very compassionate kind lady, Julie called me today and explained that Ortho's hands were tied with being able to get my Mother into the Pain Management Department. I asked her not to take my comments personally as she is only doing her job, but I wanted her to relate to the Administrators and Department Heads that I am going to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Insurance General for the State of Wisconsin for the non-treatment of an elderly person who in addition to being physically incapable of moving unassisted is in the early stages of dementia.
Shame on you Mayo Clinic Administration, Department Heads, and Board of Trustees. You claim to be world class in the care that you deliver and tout yourself as being the gold standard. Not from where our family stands. I will certainly not hesitate to tell my Mother's story to anyone who asks why we have had to resort to having her admitted to a facility for long term care when an expediated appointment for a cortisone injection may have been the answer to keeping her at home with our family instead.

Desired outcome: An expediated appointment for a cortisone injection

Mayo Clinic - PCR Lab Test

I had a swab PCR specimen taken today at Ridgeview Delano Clinic. The testing is done at Mayo Labs. I asked the technician what the current protocol was for CYCLES on these PCR tests. She did not have any idea. She suggested that I call the Lab.

I called and got through to Mayo Labs and told the fellow what I was seeking. He asked my name and something about a facility number. I said I didn't know what that was and was abruptly disconnected.

I called a second time and again once I gave him my name, was disconnected. I called Mayo's general number and was transferred to the same fellow. He said they don't work directly with patients and I explained that all I wanted was a general piece of information, not anything particular about my case. He said "I can't help you".

I found this unusual, rude and concerning as the subject of CYCLES has been contentious for the length of the pandemic.


Mayo Clinic - Inpatient Treatment

Staff insisted that I was mentally ill and stated that if I did not agree that I was refusing sound medical advice. Staff tried to convince me that I wanted to kill myself. I falsely admit and was called a liar. Staff also insisted that I must have a history of suicide due to my sexuality. Staff clearly do not trust or listen to patients. I have since changed providers and received PTSD treatment for how I was treated at the Mayo Clinic ER holding area as well as Generose.

Desired outcome: Immediate retraining of inpatient staff. Allow patients to call attorneys. Allow second medical opinions.

Mayo Clinic - Dr. Courtney Bennett-cardiologist, director of the cardiac Intensive Care Unit

This doctor's post on social media is disrespectful, uncompassionate, degrading and incompetent. It clearly shows she is not following the Hippocratic Oath "Do No Harm". It also shows that she is not following any recent medical research on the Covid vaccines' adverse reactions. It is uneathical and unacceptable for a person who is a director of an ICU in such a prestigious institution, to say such things. Here is what she wrote: "I can't believe we live in a society of self-centered people who get their medical advice from sources like YouTube and OAN yet beg us to to help them breathe using technology developed by actual science when they're blue and gasping for air. Do me a favor and don't burden our hospitals because you are ignorant. Ask YouTube or OAN for help."
Does she say same things to people who are obese or smoke? Her statement really poses a question - should such a person be a Head of the Cardiac ICU? Or maybe Mayo clinic should find somebody less biased and more ethical? I would not want my life in hands of such a doctor.

Desired outcome: I think she should be fired.

Mayo Clinic - Dr. Courtney Bennett - Cardiologist

Comment made on Facebook is not professional. I have serious concerns with her patient care abilities after such a comment. It is not the job of the physician to agree or disagree with their patients choices. It is only their job to provide the best care without doing harm. Clearly she doesn't value the hippocratic-oath she swore to. Our biases should never be revealed to patients or cloud our judgement when providing care.

Desired outcome: Should be disciplined.

Mayo Clinic - Surgical team oral facial ( ameloblastoma )and recovery staff

The surgical team that we use has some of the worst bedside manners it's their way or no way you can not talk to them they don't explain well they tell you one thing and do something else they don't listen to family members they act like they no the patient better than the spouse they don't really care about the patients it's just a job for some

The whole process has bad communication on what's going on they tell family to wait in waiting room and then they forget them they don't update with explanation they just let you sit and wonder what is happening we been back and forth for 8 years and I have had enough with the [censored].

Mayo Clinic - Your culture and some doctors

First 14 months before medical marijuana I talked to Joel Bobbi in Austin about pros and cons. About 3 weeks later I got appointments for 2 hours chemical Depency and 1 Hour evaluator Then your...

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Mayo Clinic - Doctor crippled me?

Medical Mal practice and Medical negligance-In October of 2018, I was operated on at Mayo Clinic Phoenix for a lumbar fusion. They placed an interbody cage around the L5 S1 Vertebrea (later MRI shows as Mal-Positioned). In doing so they damaged the L5 &S1 nerves leaving me with a Numb left leg and sciatic pain every day for 30 month. A EMG that I requested, and done by a Mayo Doctor, in May of 2019 clearly shows nerve damage. They knew of this and did nothing. I was recently operated on again by a neurosurgeon at University of New Mexico Neuroscience and he removed the cage but stated the nerve damage may be permanent. I feel I am being discriminated against as I am from New Mexico and Not many Attorneys want to take on MAYO clinic. I am not a young man and they have cost me great pain and 2.5 years of my life. I am a cripple thanks to your Doctor Chandan Krishna

Desired outcome: $100,000 for Mal Practice and $250000 for pain and suffering

Mayo Clinic - GI Department

I've admired the Mayo Clinic for years, the Vascular surgery department saved my life, but the Gastrointestinal Department is terrible and I would never recommend their team to anyone. I was in...

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Mayo Clinic - Medical malpractice/medical negligence

Operated on 10/01/2018 for a lumbar fusion in which the Dr. put a interbody cage around the L5 & S1 nerve causing permanent nerve damage to my left leg and foot. The Dr. knew about this and did...

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Mayo Clinic - Denied access for medication to maintain health

I am a patient Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Beach, Florida; MR# [protected]. I am an insulin dependent diabetic I lost my job and health coverage and had been three months without insulin. The Mayo...

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Mayo Clinic - Unethical behavior

Recently, the President cited the results of a Mayo Clinic Study to justify an announcement of a "new" breakthrough for the treatment of COVID-19, convalescent blood plasma. I understand that...

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Mayo Clinic - overcharged for care

I went in to urgent care for pins and needles feeling in my foot. Talk to a doctor and had some xray done. This cost over $1000 dollars and was report to my health insurance as an emergency. This wa...

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Mayo Clinic - poor diagnostic treatment

My name is Adam Dzbikowicz and I was seen at the Northwest clinic by Amanda Kelly. I went in because I believe to have a ruptured ear drum on my right ear. I have blood and discharge coming out...

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Mayo Clinic - billing department not trustworthy.

I am U. S Military Veteran and a Government employee. I have been calling Mayo since last few weeks about my billing issue without success. Mayo has until Dec 31, 2019 to submit the approval for my...

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Mayo Clinic - medical

I have been going to Mayo in Jacksonville for half a year and every time it is a terrible experience. I feel as if I'm on a conveyor belt. Move them in and keep moving them along. Surgery is a joke...

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Mayo Clinic - pre-authorization not obtained by mayo

I am an MS patient who sought care for the 1st time from the Neurology team at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (July 2019). I met with Dr Tobin and MRI's were ordered but pre-authorization was not...

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