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Mayo Clinic Customer Service

200 First St. SW
United States - 55905

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 507 284 2511(Main Office in Rochester) 5 2
+1 507 266 7890(Methodist Campus in Rochester) 0 0
+1 507 255 5123(Saint Mary's Campus in Rochester) 0 0
+1 480 301 8000(Scottsdale) 0 0
+1 904 953 2000(Jacksonville) 0 2
+1 480 342 2000(Phoenix) 0 0
+1 480 515 6296(Phoenix) 0 0


5777 East Mayo Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ 85054

13400 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85259


4500 San Pablo Road, Jacksonville, FL 32224


200 First St. SW, Rochester, MN 55905
Methodist Campus
201 W. Center St., Rochester, MN 55902

Saint Marys Campus
1216 Second St. SW, Rochester, MN 55902

Mayo Clinic Complaints & Reviews

Mayo Clinic / various trauma mostly surgical disfigurement

C Wheeler on Jan 13, 2019

I had surgery last week Jan 7th 2019 at your Jacksonville campus and was left with gaping holes on exterior thigh. This was meant to correct an excessively tight binding by a Mayo nurse, Pamela, after a lipo procedure back in March 2018 but she once again lacks commitment and failed me. I...

Mayo Clinic / express care

1fatherof2 on Oct 15, 2018

I took my daughter in for a strep test at 9am was told results would be ready by 4:30 pm as if they are positive she needs to start medication it is now 6:pm and no results. Now the pharmacy is closed. We can not call anyone at express care because apparently they have no phones there...

Mayo Clinic / physician unprofessional

Lizette Galan on Oct 15, 2018

My brother who suffers from a severe heart valve condition was schedule to have his Ross procedure done on October 25, 2018 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. This past week, he gets a called that his surgeon left Mayo Clinic for whatever reasons and now my brother has no surgeon to get...

Mayo Clinic / registration/insurance

Sandyland1959 on Oct 14, 2018

My husband and I waited 3 weeks for our appointment at Mayo with a Surgeon. We drove a hour and 1/2. We went to the registration counter and the 3rd lady we talked to informed us we were out of Network. We would have to pay 20, 000-30, 000 to do a lobectomy. We were in shock since we had...

Mayo Clinic / department of neurology

ConcernedPatient2009 on Oct 11, 2018

I have had headaches my entire life. As a result I moved here to get help with them. In 2015 I had to have emergency surgery due to brain aneurysms that were about to rupture. I have preventative medicine as well as boric and nerve blocks all to no avail. Today I had an appointment in...

Mayo Health Systems / iv infiltration negligent nurses

Mayo Corruption on Jul 17, 2018

Medical Neglect and Cover up. I was injured By PCU Nurses under the Mayo Health System. I had IV Infiltrated My Arm Swelled up and the Nurse didn't Follow Standard procedures. Instead of removing IV Line. She Attempts to Reinsert the Needle three more times into my Swollen Arm. The PCU...

Mayo Clinic / total knee replacement

David Marsh on Mar 22, 2018

Had my knee replaced December 2015. Twenty One months later another clinic did Reconstructive Surgery. The EXPERIENCE was much better. After the first surgery I did not attend a Physical Theraphy due to a booklet MAYO gave me and a discussion with the Surgeon . MAYO as of yesterday says I...

Mayo Clinic / Terrible place

Jess Lynne on Sep 7, 2017

The Mayo Clinic has a good reputation among people I know, so when a special reason has happened I decided to visit it. I was at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. After the diagnostics, I went home. The doctor had to call me regarding the results. It has been a month since then :( Nobody called...

Mayo Cancer Clinic / Liver Cance

mobigfoot on Mar 3, 2015

Hello my name is Paul Walker: I've been diagnosed with stage 4 Liver Cancer by the Minneapolis VA Medical Center on 1/30/2015. There is a big scandal here because they are not helping Veteran's with cancer in a timely matter and letting them die as shown on Kare 11 News story...

MayoClinic / Failure to Take Medicare

Michael Hertz on Nov 17, 2014

If you read the Mayo Clinic website, it says that the Clinic takes Medicare. But this isn't really true. Many of the departments in Arizona will no longer accept new Medicare. This includes Medicare patients with the top plan that pays 15% above normal Medicare. For instance, the... / Bad service and attitude

barus on Jan 29, 2014

My friend advised me to visit the website in order to find good doctor. I started to use the website and found the doctor. I made the appointment, but the day before the appointment, the doctor’s assistant contacted me and rescheduled the appointment. They did it twice and...

Mayo Clinic / Price of Endoscopy

I am writing this complaint because I think the Mayo Clinic is charging ridiculous amounts of money for their services. For example, I had an endoscopy done by them and their charges before it hit my insurance was over $3000. That is over double the national average for this exam. How can...

Mayo Clinic Scottsdale / Refusal of Service


After 15 years as a patient and scheduled appointments with 3 specialists at the Clinic this year, the primary care department and Dr. Bruce Kimbel, M.D., (who has been my doctor for 10 years) have refused to schedule me in as a patient to see him because I have not been into his office for...

Mayo Clinic / stopping of health care


My father is very sick with cancer and mayo clinic of scottsdale, az has stop treating him because his insurance has been unable to cover all his expenses he has medcare and they have stop taking medcare . about a year ago he cash in his life insurance to buy a business not knowing he was go to...

Mayo Clinic / Surgical error & subsequent mistreatment


On October 12, 2001 I went into the Mayo Clinic, (St. Luke's Hospital) Jacksonville, Florida for open-heart surgery. I was told I would be in there for six days. Due to a careless mistake the Mayo punctured my stomach in two places. I was their involuntary guest for almost five week...