Bank of Americaunauthorized charges

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There are unauthorized charges to bank account from this company and i want the money put back before i take legal action. So cancel this charge.


  • Ke
    kevin1980 Jun 13, 2010
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    This is why I do not use a bank any more. I simply keep my money in strong box.

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  • Pj
    P J B Sep 09, 2009

    That's why I dropped BoFA as my bank. Constantly putting on fees that were not valid. You had to watch EVERY statement.

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  • Da
    Dan Bell Apr 28, 2009

    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact [email protected] for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

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  • Valerie Sep 15, 2008

    I have had nothing but trouble with this bank. They will do anything to bill you it seems. My biggest issue is when they decided to take my money in my checking account and start transferring it to a savings account without my permission. And not only that but they continued to do this for about four months even though i constantly told them to stop the transfers and they told me the transfers were stopped. One month they even started transferring more.

    So then when my automatic payments for my Star card went through they bounced it saying i didn't have the money and then felt the need to bill me for it, which was on top of my card billing me. Apparently your money is untouchable when they transfer it to a savings account unless they want to bill you for something then they suddenly remember that both accounts are "yours" and attached to each other. I lost about $3, 000 from this fiasco. Not to mention when my card billed me over these few months 500 dollars of debt suddenly became 4, 000.

    I will never ever recommend this bank. And now I am afraid to even leave them until i know absolutely everything has been changed over to a new bank account because of when my parents left and a check suddenly went through late they decided to bill them nearly 500 dollars in bills total and even tried to tag on another 200 saying that the company that had turned in the check was billing them, when in fact they were not doing so whatsoever and the bank was just lying to try and get some extra money. And this was all from a 7 dollar item.

    My advice never ever use BofA and if you do have them make sure you change banks as soon as you can safely do so.

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  • Valerie Sep 05, 2008

    In 2004 I was diagnosed with 2 separate but related fatal diseases. Fortunately I did not die and after 45 days in the hospital, spent the next 4 months recovering. During this period I received a demand letter from BofA demanding payment for a credit card account from 1999. I did not recall having a account with them, but since I was bed bound on oxygen at the time I told my wife to go ahead and pay them. Soon after that I became aware of a Identity theft problem amounting to about $20, 000 from 1999 to 2000. I made a police report and included the BofA account. About a year later I received a letter from BofA acknowledging that indeed it was not my account and they would send in a letter that would clear it off my credit record. I sent an email to the BofA fraud dept. requesting that they return the money I sent them in error. They emailed me back saying that they would not return my money and that if I continued to pursue getting it back that they would send it back to the credit reporting agencies as my account. How lovely, they would knowingly send in false information to ruin my credit if I didn't allow them to steal my money. Now there is honesty and integrity for you. I filed a complaint with the federal regulators but never received any reply. Honestly since the amount is so small I will never have any chance of recovering anything unless the bank has a sudden attack of morality.

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  • Valerie Jul 26, 2008

    The other day I looked at my Bank of America checking account and found out that I was $19.00 overdrawn on my account. Four transactions had caused me to go over only $19.00. I couldn't figure out why I had gone over so I went back and looked at my statements and found that back in May 2008 that I was charged an overdraft fee, yet my account never showed to be overdrawn.

    I went to talk to the branch manager, but he was out of town so I talked to one of the Banks financial managers. He told me that it was because I had gone over my limit. My account showed to be in good standing and he said that was because the same day that I went over that I made a deposit, but the deposit was after I made the transaction.

    For years, Bank of America has maintained that if you are able to bring your account current before anything posts that you will not get any fees. However, the financial manager told me that they had just introduced a new policy stating that if you go over your limit you will get a fee and it doesn't matter if you get funds into the account the same day or not.

    After this I showed him that the same thing happened in June 2008 where I went over and brought it current the very same day, yet there was no fee assessed. I asked him why I got a fee in May but not for June and he could not tell me. He told me that I would have to talk to the branch manager, the one who was out.

    I came back and tried to talk to the branch manager but he was still out. So they told me to talk to the second financial manager who told me the exact same thing as the first, but like the first person I talked to, as soon as I presented my case about doing the same exact thing twice but only getting a fee the first time, she just threw up her hands and told me that I needed to talk to the branch manager.

    I came back into the bank the following Monday to talk to the branch manager, yet he was still not back and I was told that he would be the next day. By this time the four transactions that caused me to go over by $19.00 had each received a $35.00 fee so my account was now over by $159.00.

    I went to another local branch and talked to their branch manager. After presenting my case to her she sided with me and said that I should have not gotten any fee back in May. She told me that she would credit me back the $35 dollar fee from May. Now I thought that this would automatically cancel out the others. After all, if I had not gotten the $35 dollar fee back in May by account would have been in the positive by $16.00 and I would have never gotten the other four fee's. However the next day when I check my account, not only was my account still over, Five more transactions had come in over night and each one of them had a fee of $35.00 tagged on to them. So now my account was over by almost $400 dollars.

    I called the bank and told them what had gone on and that I talked to a girl named Debra, a branch manager, who said that she was going to remove the fee from back in May. I asked why it did not erase the fee's that I have currently and I was told that all fee's had to be removed manually. I asked if I could get the others removed and I was told YES. I was placed on hold and after a few minutes the person comes back on the line and tells me that his computer will only allow him to remove 3 of the fee's. I asked him why and told him that if I had not gotten the very 1st fee then my account would not have gotten 4 more fee's which caused the $140 dollars in fee's to come in which in a chain reaction caused 5 more transactions to come in overdrawn causing $175 dollars in more fee's. The person that I was talking to told me that they understood my situation but that they could not remove any more fee's. By the time that I got off the phone it was about 5:30 and my local branch was closed so I decided to go back into the local branch the next day.

    The next day I go into my local branch and talk to the branch manager who was finally back from his vacation. I talk to him and tell him my whole situation. My wife also had come into the bank with her payroll check which would have put us way into the positive but only if the fee's would be removed. If the fee's would not be removed then my wife's entire paycheck would get eaten and we would have still been in the hole about $150 dollars. After talking to the branch manager, he too sided for me and said that he would remove 'some' fee's. He too said that the computer would only allow him to remove 3 fee's and that I would have to call the bank call center to get all the fee's removed. He told me that the call center had the power to remove all the fee's but that at the bank they did not. I don't understand why he did not call the call center for me but whatever. I asked him why I had gotten the one fee but not the other and like all the rest, he tried to explain what he 'thought' might have happened, but wasn't for sure. He even told me, just like the first manager that I talked too, that if I am able to bring my account current the same day that my account goes over that I would not get a fee. So did I cause my account to go over, YES and I admit that, however as soon as I realized it I brought my account in good standing the very same day by depositing money back into my account. This I was told would not have given me a fee, yet I got one. Remember that I went over and brought it current the same day both in May and June, but only got a fee for May. Remember that my statement also shows that back in May that I never went overdrawn on my account because I made this deposit. Same thing goes for June.

    I called the call center again and talked to a woman and explained to her what was going on with my account. She refused to refund any more fee's because she explained to me that I have had over 20 fee's removed off of my account in the past 3 months and that there was nothing she would do about the current situation. I asked her even if 2 different branch managers had decided that this current situation wasn't my fault and all I got was an 'I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do'.

    Let me back up. I'm sure that your wondering why she said over 20 fee's. True, however two months ago back in May my niece had a baby. My wife and I went to the gift store and bought a $7.00 stuffed animal for her and the newborn. When I checked out a local volunteer, an elderly woman about 95 yeas old had checked us out. Mistakenly she charged my account $700 dollars instead of $7.00. Mistakes happen and I know this so I wasn't mad because I knew that it would all work out and that any fee that I got (because my account was now overdrawn) would get credited back to me. I went and talked to a hospital manager and she immediately refunded the $700 and charged my account the correct amount of $7.00. It took about two weeks for the $700 credit from the hospital to go back on my account. During the time of waiting, the bank had charged me 12 fee's and one overdraft fee, a total of $430 dollars. As soon as the $700 dollar credit came in from the hospital came in I called the bank in which they gave me credit for all $430 dollars. No problems what so ever. So that's why the lady that I was talking to said that I had over 20 fee's.

    I tried to explain this to the lady that I was talking to and told her that the incident with the hospital was not my fault and two branch managers have sided with me that this current issue is not my fault either and have refunded $245 dollars worth of fee's but says that the call center has to remove the rest. However this lady refused to hear me out. In total I have talked to at least nine people and Bank of America refuses to remove any more fee's. The incident with the Hospital has marked me a a terrible customer who can't handle their finances even though it was not my fault and so has this current issue who at least 3 people, 2 of them managers, have told me that it wasn't my fault. If it is not my fault, then why won't Bank of America remove the fee's that I have gotten. This all boils down to one fee in which I was told by two different managers that I should have not gotten. But because I have had so many fee's removed the bank has marked me as a terrible customer and won't remove any of the fee's. If all the fee's were removed they I could get my account back in good standing. Bank of America has even started rejection payments and giving me a fee every time that they reject a transaction. The fee's keep coming yet there is nothing they will do even though I was told that it WAS NOT MY FAULT!!!

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  • Valerie Jul 25, 2008

    I want to report on Bank of America's shady policies concerning overdraft fees. I deposited a check into my account one day last month. I waited for it to clear, and when I returned to the bank, I was told the check HAD CLEARED and that I could draw on the money. My wife needed to make a wire transfer abroad, and after getting the bank teller's assurance that the check had cleared and that the money was in our account, she made the transfer.

    A week later I am in the bank and make another deposit. Things are fine until I go online later that day to make an online payment and notice that my bank account is overdrawn $900.00!!! Now I was just in the bank earlier that morning with a teller smiling at me. Could she not have mentioned I was $900.00 in the red?

    Anyway, I go to the 'Personal Banker' immediately to find out what happened. Apparently, the check I had deposited a week earlier had bounced, AFTER my wife had already made the wire transfer with money that was not in our account. So even though I was told by Bank of America's own staff that the funds were available, they actually were not.

    I asked the Personal Banker why my wife was allowed to make a wire transfer of $1500 dollars when the check hadn't cleared, and he responded that because I was such a 'preferred customer, ' the Bank gave me the courtesy to 'forward' me the funds (Of course, overdrafts would be charged for the courtesy.)

    So now I'm overdrawn $900 dollars, and overdraft fees start to avalanche on me. Bank of America takes no responsibility, and the Personal Banker tells me that 'the computer' won't let him remove the overdraft fees. The Personal Banker also TOLD ME that Bank of America used to not allow customers to draw on funds that were not in their accounts, but that now they DO allow this because overdraft fees are such a large part of the bank's revenue.

    I had been a customer at Bank of America for 15 years. I regularly make wire transfers at $50 dollars a pop. This bank may have made a mere $120 dollars on me this time, but they lost much more in potential future revenue. I hope I might warn others about Bank of America's policy.

    Do not, I repeat, do not draw on any account until you have absolute proof that your check deposits have in fact truly cleared. Even the bank tellers will tell that you checks have cleared when in fact they have not cleared. If you then draw on these accounts you will be penalized with expensive overdraft fees. I recommend getting a hard copy of cleared checks before any more transactions with your account are made so that you can protect yourself from consumer exploitation.

    Bank of America, as subtly told to me by the Personal Banker, relies on CONFUSION and MISCOMMUNICATION to lure you into this kind of mistake. This way they can hit you with several OVERDRAFT FEES. Then they will blame it all on the automated 'computer' system which cannot be over-ridden by the Bank of America staff. How convenient for them to pass the blame onto the faceless master computer.

    This experience, along with a few other customer nightmares Bank of America has given me, has made me realize that big international banks cannot service the average American consumer. I am moving my accounts to a smaller local bank and I recommend others do the same. 15 years of customer loyalty meant nothing to Bank of America. I guess my next wire transfer fees will go to another bank now.

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