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Bank of Americascam charges

I opened a checking and savings account with Bank of America in 2005.I had direct deposit of my pension checks from VA and SSDI.In May of 2006 I received a check of $3.800 usd from England stating that I had won a lottery in England. I researched on line and the Bank existed, the account existed and the Lottery Service had a working number.I have been playing the German, Spanish, Phillipine, Austrailian and English lotteries on line for two years.

I took the check for three thousand eight hundred dollars to the manager of the Bank of America. I explained the details to him along with his teller and he deposit the check in my account would be ok. I made the mistake over the next two or three weeks of paying my bills, using my bank account in a normal fashion.

The check was returned to BOA from England. The risk department took $1135.00 out of my checking account and closed my checking account, reported my name to Chex Systems for a negative balance of -$2, 723.00 and did not pay the three checks that I had written without any knowledge of the closure of my account.

Ms Hilda Storts of the Risk Department of BoA stated that I should be mad at the issuer of the check not Bank of America. She also stated that I had deliberately withdrew my money over the weekend in order to 'beat the Bank of America out of their money???' When I pointed out to her that had I wanted to do so I could have closed my account and taken all of my funds away in the four weeks that it took for the check to be returned, she hung up on me.

I went to four or five different banks to open a checking account for my direct deposits and all of the banks ran a check of this Chex Systems found this item of dispute between me and BoA and said'No' I ended up using an online loadable MasterCard as a 'Bank' for my checking account.

There is more... I will send another report tomorrow night.


  • Re
    responsible consumer1 Apr 07, 2011

    Why would you deposit a check into your account that you were not entitled to? Obviously it was a scam because you had not entered any lottery. So you took a chance and put the check into your account thinking that the bank wouldn't catch on. You deserve to be in chexsystems, because your lack of intelligence means you should not have a checking account with any bank for at least 5 years. No bank will help you either, not with a fraud flag on your chexsystems report. Try again in 5 years. The next time you receive an unsolicited check in the mail from the lottery do yourself favor and don't deposit it.

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  • Ar
    art6257 May 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All these banks are arrogant and above the law. I say that because THEY ARE above the law! They have lobbied, payed off, anything else they could think of our representatives in Washington in order to soften the consumer protection laws in their favor and swing the Federal Courts to favor them in any litigation brought before a judge. I know this first hand. See my post about BankUnited FSB Fla./Deautsche Bank/Mortgage Exchange/Central Mortgage Company in Arkansas. And if that one company that advertises that they will remove complaints from [redacted] or this website try it I will repost until a cow jumps over the moon. And none of these sites should remove any complaints we register here for any information eraser service period!

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  • Et
    Ethan Aug 05, 2009

    The so-called " overdraft protection " of this bank has been robbing people legally. I have been a victim this. I open a keep the change savings together with my checking account so they automatically debits my account every time made a purchase.

    I got a negative balance of $2.54 due to keep the change savings and since i'm enrolled in online banking, i just transfer the negative amount. And then they still charge me an overdraft protection fee of $35.00. I tell you this is robbing a common citizen openly, and the law is letting them.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Jul 20, 2009

    After four months and countless phone calls and emails to cancel an unauthorized charge; Bank of America still keeps mistakenly drafting $15 dollars from my business account!

    It started out of the blue in April I notice a strange charge on my account for “Online Business Suite Account Management Services”, a charge I did not authorize. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with BOA and finally got a representative to remove the charge and then they had the gall to try and sell me more services I didn’t want. They said the will remove the unauthorized subscription to the “Online Business Suite Account Management Services” and credit my account for the $15. They said I will not be charged for it in the future. The next month (May) rolled around and it happened again! Same thing, spent an hour plus sending emails and calling just to get them to remove this charge and service from my account. June came, same thing again, this time I demanded through emails that they get this problem in front of a manager, because I didn’t want to have this happen every month. I sent about 8 emails total, each time they sent a form letter back and each time I asked if they even read the emails. Every reply keep saying they credited me for the $15 charge and that we were removed from that service. Each time I said this keeps happening and I don’t want to keep going through this, that this was the 3rd month in a row and it keeps happening and to please explain how they will make sure this does not happen again and to get this email to a manager. It was to deaf ears! It happened again this month of July!

    I’m so feed up with this and Bank of America could care less! It seems like a scam! Automatically enrolling someone over and over again as if they hope unaware victims will let it slide so Bank of America can make some extra money! I know first hand and my friends do to, how Bank of America is so greedy. BOA orders the largest to the smallest charges on an account when an overdraft happens with in the same day so BOA unfairly makes a lot more money on fees. My friend was only around $10 short one day, but since BOA unfairly stacks the cards against their customers he was charged $175 for 5 overdrafts! If they ordered it from the smallest charge to the largest only the largest charge would have been over-drafted and he would only have had one single $35 fee! I won’t even get started to BOA’s “keep the change” scam like program. It’s the greed of large financial corporations that has gotten this world into this huge financial crisis. When are they going to learn that it’s unhealthy to treat their customers the way they do? Only when large corporations don’t have the power of a monopoly and we have more choices! The customers and citizens loose while the CEOs win! Too big to fail? NO, too big fails!

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  • La
    Larry Jun 24, 2009

    Bank of america is not a bank that looks out for the consumers best interest. They will find any way that they can to take money out of your account without permission and any notification. I opened my account over 4 years ago with Bank of ameica. They never onced charged me a monthly maintenance fee. All of the sudden they decided to start charging me a fee for the 1st to months they charged me $5.95. This month they decided that they needed more money and raised the fee to $8.95 per month. I was not notifed in any way that one- they were going to charge me a fee and two- that once they started charging me a fee that they were going to increase the amount that they were charging. I will be closing this account and I suggest that if you want to work with a ETHICAL BANK, DON'T BANK WITH BANK OF AMERICA!!!

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  • La
    Larry Jun 24, 2009

    Bank of America is by far the most crooked bank I have ever dealt with. I opened an account to take advantage of the Keep the Change program they offer. It was the biggest mistake I could've made. First they have a system in place that is so deceptive. I was never really ever technically overdrawn.

    However the way they have everything set up they first recharge every authorization before posting the ones that have cleared. They of course go by the highest amount first and they even charge overdraft if they cant transfer money for the keep the change program. I was charged numerous $35 fees for them to transfer pennies from one account to another.

    I never went into the negative at all. I also had a savings account with them along with two checking accounts and there was enough money in all of them to cover any charges. It all came down to using their debit card.

    It's all predatory and deceptive practices and after reading other people going through the same thing I took action. I filed a small claims suit against them for $2956.00.

    I would have thought this would get their attention. I was contacted by a rep from their legal department. She tells me she is going to research it and get back to me. Well she never did. I showed up to court and they didnt and they were properly notified.

    The judge couldn't believe a bank could charge that much in fees until I showed her my statements. One month the total alone was $1100. Well once I got my judgement I tried to contact their legal department and you cant. They dont give out that number if you call any branch or toll free customer service number.

    Well today again fed up with everything I searched again and came across the CEO's executive customer relations number 704... The women was friendly which was suprising and she took down my info and said an investigator would call me once they researched it. Well not even 20 minutes after that call I get a call from the same women from the legal department in Tampa.

    She said she was finally done with her research and wanted to talk to me about settling the case. I told her I already got a judgement I want paid. She argued and said they would fight it. I said go ahead and asked why no one showed up and why so late calling me back. She didnt have an answer. I even agreed to settle for $500 less and she said no they are going to fight it.

    Well I live in Ohio and any corporation would have to hire a lawyer to represent them. I am calling her bluff. They are not going to pay a lawyer to fight when they dont have a chance to win but thats what she told me.

    So furious with the phone call afterwards I immediately went online and filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals office, the Federal Reserve Consumer Help Dept, and the Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National Banks. I wish I was an attorney I would get a class action suit against them.

    I now plan on enforcing my judgement which means that any assets owned in the State of Ohio by Bank of America is subject to seizure and garnishment. They have 15 days to respond before they have to again appear in court for a hearing. I am kinda excited that I fought back and I would suggest anyone else do the same. It cost me $49 to file the suit and whether I collect or not I know I didn't just bend over and take it.

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  • Rh
    Rhonda Jun 12, 2009

    Same thing happened to me on June 5th. Bank of America has been charging me NSF fees when i never go into the negative every since the first of the year. Get this... On my monthly statement my daily balance never shows me ever in the negative? Don't you have to go into the negative to be charged a fee?!!! I know so! I'm still trying to plan what I am going to do exactly about this. They will pay, I just want to be more crafty than they are and really get them into a jam they can't talk their way out of!!! I'm daring them to charge me again. By the way, I was first asked to leave the bank over this problem and then also hung up on by customer service. SOME CUSTOMER SERVICE! LOL

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  • Lu
    Lupin Jun 09, 2009

    I noticed an over draft charge of $35.00 on my checking account with Bank Of America. I didn't show any overdrafts so I called to inquire about the charge. The customer service rep told me that I had a charge on 5/13/09 and that I didn't have the full amount in my account, however the charge posted on my account on 5/15/09 which the money was available. The representative states that they have change how charges are posted. I told her that I do not understand because there is no overdrafts shown on my account and I was not told of any changes and asked if the $35.00 charged could be waived. I was told no it couldn't because it was a valid charge, even though I don't think it is. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that she is a manager and that was it and then she hung up before I could say anything.

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  • Da
    Dan Bell Apr 28, 2009

    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact [email protected] for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

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  • Al
    Alice Jan 21, 2009

    In late December of 2008, my car payment which is made each month to Bank of America was due. Due to time constraints and such, I chose to make my payment over the phone using my debit card from my personal bank. The payment was for $299.88. This was a fully automated transaction using voice recognition. (I hate that.) Anyway, I made the payment and figured that was that. On Saturday, January 3rd, I received an insufficient funds notice in the mail from my bank. It was for a debit card transaction for the amount of $2999.88-$2700.00 over what I had stated in the phone transaction. Needless to say, I incurred a hefty overdraft fee from my bank, and since there wasn't enough money in my measly account, I also have a large late fee from Bank of America.

    I marched down to BOA, who I am now referring to as 'Bevy of ###s', and explained the situation to them. After a ridiculous period of time delineating the chain of events to a rather vapid looking customer service person, I seem to be no further ahead. It seems to have become even more convoluted and incomprehensible. They now say a check was written for the payment of December and it too was invalid due to insufficient funds. No check was ever written for December, which is why I made the damn phone payment. I am now worried that they didn't process November's check payment until they overdrew me for the phone payment MISTAKE, setting me up for yet another late fee, and another ISF charge.

    What in the hell are these people playing at?? Its evil petty nonsense, that we all could do well without. I am still in the process of untangling the nasty mess-which is taking up time I can ill afford, as well as tromping on my serenity and messing with my head. Bxxxxxxxs!

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  • Ma
    Marval Aug 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also felt the undesirable hit from boa. Aug. alone 630 in fees. I have printed my online statement each day for five days and each day the transactions are rearranged I find it so strange that the bank will do that. It is so confusing to check your balance and see that a transaction has cleared and come back the next day and see that a transaction of a larger amt that was made on today was moved to clear before one on yesterday. boa was giving me false data online banking was/is lying about my available balance. I don't think it is fair I would call it deception. I can not believe the way my online statement dances around. And strange fees appear that no one will explain to me. I worked for a bank for five years and I understand the largest to smallest rule but those were for transactions that occurred on the same day. The industry I worked for would never be this ruthless no matter how much we liked getting a christmas bonus at the end of the year which was based mostly on fees and charges of the customers.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Jul 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The confusion probably rests in the two different ways something "clearing" can mean.

    Often banks and credit cards will post payments or deposits in "good faith, " meaning under the assumption that the payment or deposit is valid. Therefore, you have the available funds immediately or shortly after the deposity. However, if the check is returned or is not valid for any reason, they will revoke the deposit.

    So, perhaps there was a miscommunication in that by clearing you meant that the check could not be returned, and they meant that you had the funds available at the time, because they did not realize the check would be returned.

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  • Valerie Jul 21, 2008

    I want to report on Bank of America's shady policies concerning overdraft fees. I deposited a check into my account one day last month. I waited for it to clear, and when I returned to the bank, I was told the check HAD CLEARED and that I could draw on the money. My wife needed to make a wire transfer abroad, and after getting the bank teller's assurance that the check had cleared and that the money was in our account, she made the transfer.

    A week later I am in the bank and make another deposit. Things are fine until I go online later that day to make an online payment and notice that my bank account is overdrawn $900.00!!! Now I was just in the bank earlier that morning with a teller smiling at me. Could she not have mentioned I was $900.00 in the red? Anyway, I go to the 'Personal Banker' immediately to find out what happened. Apparently, the check I had deposited a week earlier had bounced, AFTER my wife had already made the wire transfer with money that was not in our account. So even though I was told by Bank of America's own staff that the funds were available, they actually were not.

    I asked the Personal Banker why my wife was allowed to make a wire transfer of $1500 dollars when the check hadn't cleared, and he responded that because I was such a 'preferred customer, ' the Bank gave me the courtesy to 'forward' me the funds (Of course, overdrafts would be charged for the courtesy.)

    So now I'm overdrawn $900 dollars, and overdraft fees start to avalanche on me. Bank of America takes no responsibility, and the Personal Banker tells me that 'the computer' won't let him remove the overdraft fees. The Personal Banker also TOLD ME that Bank of America used to not allow customers to draw on funds that were not in their accounts, but that now they DO allow this because overdraft fees are such a large part of the bank's revenue.

    I had been a customer at Bank of America for 15 years. I regularly make wire transfers at $50 dollars a pop. This bank may have made a mere $120 dollars on me this time, but they lost much more in potential future revenue. I hope I might warn others about Bank of America's policy.

    Do not, I repeat, do not draw on any account until you have absolute proof that your check deposits have in fact truly cleared. Even the bank tellers will tell that you checks have cleared when in fact they have not cleared. If you then draw on these accounts you will be penalized with expensive overdraft fees. I recommend getting a hard copy of cleared checks before any more transactions with your account are made so that you can protect yourself from consumer exploitation.

    Bank of America, as subtly told to me by the Personal Banker, relies on CONFUSION and MISCOMMUNICATION to lure you into this kind of mistake. This way they can hit you with several OVERDRAFT FEES. Then they will blame it all on the automated 'computer' system which cannot be over-ridden by the Bank of America staff. How convenient for them to pass the blame onto the faceless master computer.

    This experience, along with a few other customer nightmares Bank of America has given me, has made me realize that big international banks cannot service the average American consumer. I am moving my accounts to a smaller local bank and I recommend others do the same.

    15 years of customer loyalty meant nothing to Bank of America. I guess my next wire transfer fees will go to another bank now.

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  • Valerie Jul 14, 2008

    I went into the bank to close my account as they kept charging me overdraft fees on April 5th, 2008. I was told there was one more transaction that had a fee so I paid that extra $35.00 and again asked for the account to be closed. The person would not do it and told me I had to wait until Tuesday to see if another charge might come through. I explained to him that I was authorizing NO more transactions to go through. Since then B of A has gotten my overdraft fees up to $811.90... all their fees for returning items after I closed the account.

    Now they are threatening me with the Telechex system to prevent me from taking my monies elsewhere!

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