Bank of America Financial Centerfraud claim investigation dept

M Dec 10, 2018

Mar 26 - visited a site that asked for payment info BEFORE showing the cart items or total. When I realized they charged my card $202 so I immediately called to cancel the order (3min later) and I was told the order had been shipped already and that I had to return the shipped item to get a refund.

I immediately filed a fraud claim. I never received the merchandise except for some add-on product, valued at $7. I promptly returned it in April and kept all tracking info.

Meanwhile I'm waiting to hear from BofA. On July 11th (over 3 months) I am informed that BofA reversed the fraud claim in favor of the merchant. I then faxed 9 pages with ALL the documentation and asked that BofA insist to receive PROOF that I received the $200 product. The merchant didn't send it, BofA did nothing more on the case and the $202 overdraft stayed on my account. Meanwhile no one at BofA told me I needed to deposit $$$ because it was under review. And I was told to wait 90days! So I did. End of October I call again to inquire as to the status. I was told there had been NO ACTIVITY on my case. That employee sent a request to escalate the case. Next thing I know I'm getting a notice from the bank that my account is being closed. I call again and still no one tells me any new info. They just noted that I called and said I should be hearing from BofA. In the end BofA is now telling me after 3-4 hours on the phone today that "there is nothing" I can do to reopen the case and...oh yeah...they reported me to Check Systems. And they suggest I contact the merchant. Talk about full circle! I don't know what recourse I even have.
Sincerely, Michelle Crenshaw

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