Bank Of America Corporationdebit card closed

C Jul 18, 2019

I had a joint bank account with my father (I'm 17), and I had my debit card strictly for direct deposits from my job. I never let my bank account go negative or reach a balance of 0 dollars. At some point, I noticed weird activity on my Bank of America app; strangers were sending me up to 500 dollars and this would happen like 4 times a day but then that money was spent or taken out at a grocery store called Publix. I'm assuming somebody cloned my card and was doing fraud with it. Bank of America sent me a letter saying they were closing my bank account and that I could NEVER open up a bank account with them again, then they sent me a check with all the money left on my account. This isn't necessarily to complain but more so concerned about whether this will affect my credit score. Can anybody tell me if a bank closing a DEBIT card account will affect my credit score? Thanks in advance

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