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Bank of America Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Bank Of America Scam Email / beware of scam email!

Beware, the following email is a scam! Dear Bank of America client, You have received this email because you or someone had used your account from different locations.For security purpose, we are required to open an investigation into this matter. In order to safeguard your account, we...

Bank Of America Credit Card / fraudulent promotion!

I had a balance with 0% interest through July 2007. I received many promotions offering to extend this rate to January 2008 if I transferred another balance. I did transfer another balance. Now they deny they ever offered this promotion, and have started charging me interest from August. Has this happened to others? Advise smb!

Bank Of America / the worst bank in history run from here!

After holding an account for over 13 years starting with a very small hometown bank that merged over 4 times and eventually was bought out by bank of america, i got wise after years of incompetent and poor customer service, with the final straw being last this past year at jan when they...

Bank Of America / unauthorized transfer of funds

We have an acct with our names & our childrens names. My daughter has her own acct at this bank. Due to an internet loan scam her acct went in the negative. She called cooperate and they agree it is a scam but won't freeze the acct so her acct gets accessed and more overdraft ...

Bank Of America / be careful, be very careful with mortgage!

I caution any one that has a mortgage with bank of america to be very careful! My dad and I share a mortgage with bank of america, and bank of america changes their billing address from time to time and if you do not receive an address change from them or you miss it in the mail bank of...

Bank Of America / check cashing

Went to B/A in Las Vegas, Nevada located on Martin Luther King and Washington Boulevard August 3, 2007 to cash a Credit Card Check which my fiance had given to me for $175.00. when I got to the window the male clerk took my driver license which had the exact same information (address) a...

Bank Of America / unauthorized charges

There are unauthorized charges to bank account from this company and i want the money put back before i take legal action. So cancel this charge.

Bank Of America / poor service!

When they bought out mbna they raised my rates from 12 to 24%, they said i missed a payment and i was a risk, yet i always paid more then min. They said call back in 4 months so i did now its sorry i cant help you, you have to much debt and i haven't paid enough off on account, but i...

Bank Of America / poor, poor customer relations skill

Extremely rudeness; recharged a $19.52 charge that her own bank had admitted a mistake. Was discorteous and not once said anything when i said if this was the way this bank operated, i would close my cd, checking and savings account. All they have to offer is... service. I don't even...

Bank Of America / overdraft fees charged to accounts with positive balances

Copy of letter to OCC: Bank of America charges overdraft fees on accounts with a positive balance by debiting them when checks are issued via online banking rather than when they are cashed. A check for $4,400 was inadvertently sent from the wrong account with a balance of $3,000 on...

Bank Of America / unprofessional personal bankers

I informed the personal banker to make sure that a CD I had with them does not renew. I did the same via email as I am currently traveling and won't be back in the states until September. However, he does not read by email, nor does he stop the renewal of the CD, which has resulted in...

Bank Of America / latest b o a scam

I set my account for an alert to reach my email address five days before a payment is due. The payment date in any month is not set -- it floats. Therefore, the date on which the payment is due fluctuates. Bank of America offers this alert service to customers. Supposedly to help...

Bank Of America - Convenience Checks / funds never received!

I have a bank of America credit card with credit available. I am continuously receiving checks from them in the mail which can be used to pay any bill, or use for cash which are then "charged" to your credit card account. I decided to use one and I wrote one to myself for $500 and...

Bank Of America / they are horrific!

On april 13, 2007, an employee at bank of america keyed in a charge on my credit card account. The charge was for $272.00. The employee entered the transaction number (9057) instead of the dollar amount of the charge. That translated to a charge on my credit card of $9,057.00!! As soon as i...

Bank Of America / problems with flood insurance!

When our mortgage was sold to Bank of America, we were almost immediately told we would be required to carry flood insurance. I tried to communicate with customer service by phone and correspondence but was very much ignored. I was sold a flood insurance policy at over $600 per year. I...

Bank Of America / premium line of credit

I or rather my ex-wife (whom is a employee for Bank of America as a loans underwriter) gained access to a 10,000 line of credit in 1998 in 1999 it was at it's limit of 10k since we have divorced and I have been paying the thing down to @ 4k as of late 2006 apparently my efforts were...

Bank Of America / unjust termination

I worked for Bank fo America for approx. 1 year. After exceptional employee performance reviews I was terminated for making a complaint about an atm machine. For about 1 week our building's atm machine was not working. I called the associate banking department to advise them of the...

Bank Of America Visa Billing System / bofa visa is setting up its customers to fail!

There are three practices of their billing system that increase the likelihood of its customers making late payments. This increases BofA profits but ruins the credit of its own customers. 1. They have shortened the billing cycle to 20 days instead of thirty days. This is according to their...

Bank Of America / misleading and fraudulent ad

During the past month, I decided to transfer my balance from my Capital One credit card to the BOA Platinum Plus credit card. The reason I did this was for the 0% APR for 12 months, as well as the 0% balance transfer fee. I completed a request for a BOA Platinum Plus credit card online...

Bank Of America / most unethical practices and rude customer service reps

I became a member of MBNA Credit Card products 14 years ago. I did not have any problems since MBNA became Bank of America (BofA). The BofA has the worst customer service. So called the account managers can bang the phone on you without thinking twice. I called to request the interest rate...

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