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My family and I went to destin florida for 4th of july weekend when arriving there I called bank of america to let them know that I would be using the debit card, they ask me for my fin, I had not memorise the number, I was informed based on that my account could not be accessed, this was the first time during a travel I was ever ask that question. I pleaded with customer service that my call was to inform them that my card was not stolen and please do not put a block on my card, ask me a question a person on the road can give answers too. My card was blocked emediatey. The next day 4th july I talked to customer service for cards stolen the only people working, that my card was a business card and they were closed. My family and I sleep in my car fri, sat. Night, not having funds to pay for a place to stay, my daughter an I have suffered sever sunburn because of this, my hope is that skin cancer does not result from this event.


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      Jul 06, 2009

    Why did you need to call your bank and let them know you were going to use your Debit Card? If this was a "Business" account why didn't you use your personal debit card, or better yet why are you using a "Business" Account for personal expenses?

    So anyways you call up and since you couldn't prove who you were they blocked the card. I bet you would be singing another tune if your card was stolen and a thief did the exact same thing and they didn't block your card.

    As suggested above since you drove there, why did you not just go home instead of sleeping in your car for 2 nights. But even with that you obviously had enough money to pay for food and gas, but not enough to buy sun-screen(or why didn't you pack it)? Sorry something about this whole story just does not jive.

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