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Bank of Americabank of america overdraft fees are insane

So, I have been doing some research on how disgruntled Bank of America clients really are. In my experience with the bank, I have had some bittersweet experiences. Locally, some of the people who work at the banks are nice people who want to help the best they can, but once you get into the money/power struggles, this bank is VICIOUS.
My bank account was charged 12 (yes, TWELVE) overdraft fees. Now, multiplied out that is 12x35... which levels out to $420.00 dollars. When I walked into the banking center and sat down with an agent and asked to play the matching game (aligning the fee with the overdrafted purchase) the branch employee could not and would not do this for me. Generally, I recieve a small BofA notice in the mail stating the fee and reason for the fee... I have gotten nothing of the sort this time. This is highway robbery. The online banking does not reflect the true nature of your account. They adjust the online screen to fit their needs. I started digitally snapping screen shots of my online banking to prove them wrong, and I was accused of fabricating the screen shots to support my case. Now, this has gotten rediculous, and I would like to propose some sort of B of A revolt. I have already switched banks, and it was painful because B of A made it that way. Get out while you still can folks, head as far away from Bank of America as you can. They are ripping us all off blind. RUN!


  • Jo
    Joni Mitchell Apr 19, 2009

    From our vantage point, of being a BofA customer and getting out early before you guys did, it looks to us like it is a double SCREW! Their are grabbing profits like pirates and taking TARP money which we will have to pay back in taxes. Agreed, everyone should run away as fast as they can so BofA will fail as fast as it can. They are not good for this country. Account holder since 1985. Account holder no longer. Good riddance!

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  • Cl
    clinares Sep 18, 2009

    I've had the same problems with BofA.

    I call and complain and they return part of what they purloin.

    I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and The Office of the Comptroller of Currency. below are their web sites where you file a complaint electronically. I also found this organization and filed a complaint with my congressman.

    everyone here should do the same.

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  • Ha
    Hacker Sep 19, 2009

    BOA is HORRIBLE with the fees! I agree! What gets me is the fact that if you go a few different places and buy something, they won't deny your purchase and instead they let you buy anything and just charge you a fee, which adds up! Overdraft protection is no help, because they just take it from your savings account..If I don't have enough money in my checking account, why would I leave money in my savings account?! LOL! I was treated real well by BOA customer service, but that doesn't make me want to keep my account with them. Lol. I finally got rid of BOA and am with Navy Federal now. Much BETTER! :)

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  • Am
    amftgb Nov 08, 2009

    I don't get it. I've been banking with BOA for years and have never once had an overdraft fee, and I don't have an abundance of money in my account. Bottom line- I don't spend more than what is in my account. Why is it that people can't take 5 minutes to balance a check register before spending money they don't have? There you go, problem solved.

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  • Ma
    mario_90 Feb 07, 2010

    i recently checked my account online and it would not let me in. i went to the atm by my home, so i could take out $40.00 and it wouldn't let me. so i called the bank and they audio mated machine told me that i was $888, 575.38 overdrawn on all four accounts. i called customer service and they gave me a number to call about account closure. i call this number and it tells me that its having technical difficulties. so i call customer service again and they gave me another number. if i took out 888, 575.38 i would drive an exotic car and maybe even faked my own death. instead i'm trying to solve this. for god's sake i can't even afford to put new tires on my car. all i want from them is my 110.00 dollars i had inside there and my name cleared is that too much to ask for? in the past couple of days i had used my card and it was fine. this is not right. it make me not even want to open an account with any bank!

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