Bank Mobile Vibeeverything

L Aug 07, 2018

If I could give no stars I would. My whole experience with this company for the past month has been tremendously ridiculous. Customer service is hard to understand and they are no help at all. Same women answered my calls and did not give me any guidance at all. I have a unique situation regarding my name and its legal status and I go by a different name other than my legal one so that caused issues but that is besides the point. Like mentioned earlier, this woman gave me no guidance when I explained to her my situation and only gave me robotic answers over and over again. I am still on ID hold with these people and my start date of college is this week!!! Mind you, I started with them a month ago and no progress with my account therefore leading to the withhold of my loan money, which is well, important to my schooling and its payment. Just don't use this company if at all possible. Save yourself the hassle!!!

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