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In February this year I signed an agreement to publish a book with Balboa Press.

My book is now published (April 2022) and is in the last stages of marketing and press release.

My complaint is that I have now just discovered that in order to sell to retailers and bookstores, I need to purchase my own book, otherwise I will get no royalties.

This was never explained to me before. I need to become my own distrbutor.

Yet, in the agreement is clearly states that:


Distribution means that your book can be purchased by thousands of retailers and made available on their websites or bookstores. This allows you to reach a wide audience and compete in the book marketplace.

If your publishing goals include more than giving away copies of your book to friends and family, book distribution is essential. Although it may sometimes be possible to sell directly to bookstores, booksellers prefer dealing with wholesalers and distributors rather than entering into transactions with individual authors.

Once you publish with Balboa Press, your book will be available through a number of distribution channels: the Books in Print® database, our online bookstore, and two leading book wholesalers in the United States—Ingram and Baker & Taylor. For orders from other areas of the world, our international print network can facilitate the speedy delivery of your books.

Also, thousands of retailers around the United Kingdom will be able to order your book both in stores and online. Online booksellers include, Waterstone's, and other resellers that may pick up your book from the Ingram and Baker & Taylor distribution networks.

I thinks that this is in direct contradiction to what I have just been told by one of your representatives and it will prevent me from making any significan sales in the future, as I do not intend to spend any more money at this point.

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