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Badoo Trading / unauthorized charge - badoo premium

Oct 16, 2019

BADOO SCAM I was charged for Badoo Premium 2 HOURS AGO. A charge which I did not authorize. I took it up with Badoo and they say I 'instantly recieved the benefits of Badoo Premium'. I have not used any of Badoo Premium services or used any 'benefits' in the few hours it has been...

Badoo Trading / my account was blocked unfairly

Oct 10, 2019

This is my account [protected] it was blocked unfairly, can you please investigate and see that was unfairly blocked? I hope that you guys can check my account and be able to get it back to me I will appreciate it so much. If you can send me an email telling me what is wrong with... / services offered by badoo and badoo's way of handling blocked accounts.

Oct 10, 2019

Badoo, you are a company by people and for people, when someone reports an accounts on grounds that the user is using your app to market or commercialize something . Please investigate the whole conversation. Because the men that keep reporting my account are those asking me for sex or...

Badoo Trading / online dating service

Oct 10, 2019

I received and email notification that me Paypal account was charged for a lifetime subscription of $159. I contacted Badoo support right way about me not requesting or approve the transaction and they should cancel the subscription and send me a refund. They cancel the subscription...

Badoo Trading / taking money without my consent... very naughty and misleading

Oct 10, 2019

Ok just spoke to my bank's fraud team and they tell me badoo have been taking money from my bank account fraudulently... Taking £2.09 every few days since AUGUST 2019! How sneaky is badoo?! I how do i go about claiming this back if anyone can help... I will seek to go as far as possible to...

Badoo / ripped off on the app

Oct 07, 2019

This is an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT I've been scammed for my money by the Badoo app. I only confirmed payment for a 1 month subscription however it has taken multiple payments from me that I was not made aware of! I simply payed for what presented itself as a month subscription then made a few...

Badoo Trading / unauthorized credit card charges

Oct 02, 2019

This app has taken £71.95 out of my account without me hardly using it since the beginning of September 2019. Unlike other apps which prompt you for payment for services, Badoo will give you premium services without making it obvious it is taking money from you. The credits automatically top...

Badoo Trading / badoo

Oct 01, 2019

I have recently joined Badoo and have tried to log on and my account has been blocked. I have no idea what I have done as used it for two days for the purpose required I logged on using my email [protected] It is ridiculous this is the second time I have been blocked for no...

Badoo Trading / blocked without cause.

Sep 30, 2019

Good morning! When I first made my badoo account I have had a few people harassing me and trying to scam me. When I told the person who was harassing to leave me and that I was going to report them. He got mad and reported my page. I was wonder there was anyways this problem can be fix...

Badoo Trading / blocked my account

Sep 25, 2019

I was blocked on my account for no explanation as to why and there isn't a human to call or email. Every time I report a issue, I just keep getting the same automatic messages response saying my account has been blocked for these reasons. Non of which I think are valid to me. I've been...

Badoo / account blocked

Sep 23, 2019

I have been using badoo for years now. Suddenly they blocked my account and won't exactly say why. How do I reopen my account? I don't do anything that nobidy else does in there. Why am I being punished? And why after all these years? I haven't met very many people on their site so if they...

Badoo / account blocked for no reason

Sep 20, 2019

I was talking to a man and suddenly I got a message saying I was blocked. I had dine something wrong. I know I did not do anything wrong. Now I am going to lose out in a great guy. Thanks for nothing badoo. Men sent me dick pictures. But I wouldn't send any to them. Why did I get blocked? I...

Badoo Trading / sexual harassment

Sep 18, 2019

Badoo TradingI was being bombarded by somebody's genitalia pictures and when I told him that I wouldn't return the favour he began to get upset. I told him that my pictures are not free, that I don't just give myself away. He reported me. This is how I deal with unsolicited pics. Also the app won't let...

Badoo Trading / unauthorised payment of lifetime subscription.

Sep 18, 2019

Badoo TradingSo I'm sitting last week and an email comes through. Congratulations you have lifetime subscription "free" to Badoo. Instantly something didn't feel right as I wasn't even on badoo as I very very rarely am. I goes straight into my bank and followed my intuition, and there it was £119...

Badoo Trading / badoo premium

Sep 13, 2019

I accidentally purchased a lifetime subscription to Badoo premium for about 140$ CAD. I only meant to buy it for a month. I really cannot afford this. I have been trying to get in touch with customer support but I haven't had any answers yet. I really need this money to make ends meet and...

Badoo / premium subscription

Sep 11, 2019

I impulsively bought a lifetime subscription to Badoo premium services for £120. I wrongly thought that this very high outlay would cover all potential costs of using Badoo. However, I quickly found out that Badoo expected ms to fork out even more for 'credits' to contact other...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / services

Sep 08, 2019

Never ever use the Badoo. Do not even download this app on your phone ever. Badoo did unauthorizedly charged the credit card $131 dollars after I just downloaded their app on my smartphone! After I report the problem to support team about 4 times they just didn't even reply to my querie...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / unauthorised purchase of lifetime premium

Sep 01, 2019

Badoo TradingSo I had decided to buy some credits and that went well and all after I used my credit card details. However, the next day I opened the app it seemingly purchased lfietime premium on its own and I was left with $169.99 taken out of my bank account. I've spoken with the support team and...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / being blocked because of age

Aug 28, 2019

I started using Badoo dating services two days ago and met people who seemed genuine and others who didn't. There was a particularly nice guy I started chatting with and in order to get to know just how genuine he is, I tested his response by claiming not to be 18 yet and he passed...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / being blocked on badoo

Aug 25, 2019

It has been playing on my mind a lot recently as to why my account on badoo was blocked, I had been using badoo for quite some time and never changed to how I used it. Then all of a sudden I have been blocked. I have reported this many times and all I get back is you have breached one of...

[Resolved] Badoo Dating Website / my account has been blocked because I questioned how much they are charging me

Aug 17, 2019

Badoo Dating WebsiteI contacted Badoo to ask why I was getting charged £32.99 to but 2750 Badoo credits while my friends on there were buying the same credit at £14.99 I got a reply back saying prices change according to age groups etc... which is age discrimination. So when I replied back saying I will be contacting...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / Someone's using my identity

Aug 15, 2019

I just found out that two profiles have been created using my photo. This is identity theft and I want both the accounts to be taken down and permanently blocked down. Trace whoever misused my name and account and let me know I'll file legal action. This is absolute [censored] someone...

[Resolved] Badoo / account blocking

Aug 13, 2019

My email is [protected] I have been on badoo for quite awhile. My account got blocked because they said I was using it as a couple. No I was not. I am in individual person. My account is for my own personal use. Just because I'm bisexual and expressed a fantasy of having a threesome...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / premium membership unauthorized payment

Aug 09, 2019

Badoo TradingLast night I got a notification to say I had payed Badoo £119 through PayPal, I did not do this I certainly did not do this knowingly, so I emailed them straight away, woke up to a response saying i cant be refunded, I had previously checked the terms and conditions and it states that I have...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / badoo and hot or not

Aug 05, 2019

I already created 6 accounts but all were banned by badoo. I am proud transgender and I even said In my profile "respect LGBT rights". But FYI still banned because I was transgender. I did not send any nudes or talk badly to guys but may be this app is one sided and not giving warning at...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / blocking for no reason

Jul 27, 2019

I got blocked because of supposedly breaking the guidelines. But when asked (multiple times) how I broke them I'm sent to a page that has the Do's and Donts. I did all the Do's and didn't not do any of the Donts. I thought maybe it was because I had another account on Facebook. But that...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / unauthorized purchase of lifetime premium

Jul 22, 2019

Badoo TradingYesterday I was using the app and suddenly it did something like a freeze, I tried tapping around but nothing, the screen was frozen, suddenly I received a notification from my bank saying that I just spent 114€ for a lifetime Badoo Premium! I never asked for this and I can't afford it, I...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / badoo trading ltd

Jul 19, 2019

On two occasions Badoo Trading Ltd have taken unauthorized payments for a lifetime subscription from myself . They use tactical means of screen lagging within their app to make you think your device has frozen, therefore causing you to multiple tap on the screen which results in...

Badoo Trading / unauthorised charges

Jul 12, 2019

Badoo TradingBadoo took 69.9 from my bank account last wek July 9th. As part as their click bait structure and procedure. After talking with them they decided to give me a refund which i got yesterday july 11th 2019. I have not gone to badoo since July 9th as i am worry to judt log in and lose more...

[Resolved] Badoo Trending Premium Services / unauthorised charges

Jul 09, 2019

I was browsing the people nearby section and clicked like on a lady. That landed me to a page where you cant opt out. Your only option is to click continue. Les than a milli second later i saw a pop up letting me know that i have a message from Badoo and an alert teling me that i had made...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / about being blocked for no reason

Jun 30, 2019

Badoo I am having this problem of bein blocked jus for speaking & I was hoping yall service can jus delete the page yall may have blocked because I only try socialize & make friends I dont understand why I am being blocked. So as a kind person I am asking yall service too just delete my...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / unethical behaviour surrounding default on mode of automatic top off

Jun 30, 2019

Went on Badoo and purchased a 5.99EUR pass for premium, went to see the bill for the premium and in my junk mail box saw an email saying I got billed 39.99EUR for "credits". I never agreed to buy any credits, just the 5.99EUR premium account. I believe this is due to what I now found out...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / unauthorized payment and unethical behaviour

Jun 20, 2019

I am very annoyed and frustrated as today I discovered that I had been charged for premium service from Badoo without my request of this or authorization. I hadn't even been on the site for years and then out of the blue they sent me profiles of men. I went to look at what this was about...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / badoo app

Jun 18, 2019

Hello there My original badoo account was blocked and I don't know why! I could not regain access so I made a new account Now I need to verify my new account with my phone number but it will not let me because my phone number was used to verify my old blocked account! Please help me regain...

Badoo Trading / premium

Jun 17, 2019

Had £48 overall taken from me without my consent no phone number to call to get in touch to resolve they are robbers and a disgusting company. I have emailed by the online form and haven't had anything back from them, I can't afford to pay for something I don't have any idea about let alone...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / badoo

Jun 15, 2019

Some how Badoo Premium was activated without my authorization. The app already has my credit information and a payment of 49, 99$ went through my credit. I want my REFUND. These apps are too fricking slick. This is not the first time this has happened. I already uninstalled the application...

Badoo Trading / accidental lifetime premium purchase!

Jun 12, 2019

I today, by mistake clicked the lifetime premium when messing about with settings trying to delete my account...and with one click it withdrew 2000dkk (300 usd), without my permission! Normally i get the "would you like to confirm the purchase button" but this time i didnt. Can it really be...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / banned account on badoo

Jun 10, 2019

Badoo TradingMy account was banned because my account is "a group or couple" and supposedly this goes against badoo's terms of service. I can tell you, I cleared that terms of service at least 6 times when I set up my account (to make sure I was playing by the rules) and then another 6 times when my...

Badoo Trading / premium account

Jun 06, 2019

The 20.05.2019 Badoo debited 158 francs (144 Euros) from my credit card for a premium account. But I never ordered a premium account! Badoo did it all secretly and against my will. If i hadn´t checked my credit card bill i wouldn´t have noticed. Badoo costumer service told me that they won´t...

[Resolved] Badoo Trading / badoo not refunding my money from a fake profile that was made

May 29, 2019

someone made a fake profile with my detail running up my phone billing to over £200 contact badoo support team gave them the evidence they asked me for to be told my money can not be refunded because of complaints on my the fake profile i dont have badoo i dont use badoo never have been...