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T Sep 05, 2018

I bought sum mattress from Tara boulevard office in Clayton County, Georgia. First of all I rented truck and was told that i would have to wait til the next Day because no one be there on Sunday to load my mattress. So Monday I was told I would have to load because no one was in to load. So I told lady guy had told me to come. So manager told me I would have to load it. While me and son was loading I noticed box spring was broke. So manager found another box spring. Then I noticed mattress had oil on it. So she took $67.00 off. When I got home and put mattress set on bed, I noticed mattress has sink and look like box spring is wrong box spring. I called manager on Tuesday and was told I would have to bring mattress up to store and switch out when other mattress comes in. And I didn't qualify for delivery for getting $67 off. I'm not satisfied with having to pay another $100 to rent a truck for the store mistake in selling me defective merchandise. Can I just refund everything

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