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B Jul 01, 2019

I bought a bedroom set, I didnt have it 6 months, it started cracking, separating and drawers started sagging. 3 months later a "like" set came in... Ok I guess it will have to work. I just had back surgery and cant lift more than 10 lbs. When buying this furniture I was told that I had to purchase insurance. That should of been a red flag right there. I proceeded anyway because i was told anything financed has to have insurance on it. Well the replacement furniture is coming and the lady told me I needed insurance on it. Which tells me Im getting subpar furniture again. I don't feel like I should have to pay any if these cost, to correct this problem, to make lets say in court terms make even, as if the problem never happened. Im not being treated this way and have to finance at a rediculous rate pay for the old insurance and the new insurance. So Im not only being inconvenienced, Im technically being robbed from my time and money. This is un- reasonable and I would like some kind of resolve to this issue, That is fair! If no resolve can be reached, I will go higher up in the consumers board for fair practices and service., I will contact whomever I need to to make complaints. This is not right and really needs to be corrected. I have emailed the store to notify them of this and I have had No reply back. I see 500 people a day and I will no longer refer customers, until this ussue is taking care of that is fair. I think the insurance on all the pieces needs to be payed by Badcock. Also, I already sent photos in, thats why they are replacing the set. Customer # 642I626138

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