Avis Rent A Car System / Avis Budget Groupunauthorized credit card charges and unethical behaviour

Pe Sep 30, 2019

Date of the incident: 29-09-2019
unauthorized credit card charges and unethical behaviour: I've dropped Avis rental car at 8:05 am on the Avis parking with customer service reviewed all damages on the car and comparing pictures and paperwork provided by other customer service. We agreed that all damages are on the car are from previous clients and I've signed what we discussed on the tablet.
The invoice in total is Euro 1, 132.22 for two day car rental for Peugeot 3008 or similar.
Actual voucher provided to me suppose to be Euro 14.99 with confirmation from the rental company before I've rented there are no extra charges.
a. car was return by 8:05 am not at 9:30 am as per invoice. Evidence could be provided.
b. Car had well marked dents with pictures taken by me and my wife which were reviewed with customer service, car was also driven 95% on highways without any issues or problems park on private parking on nights. There is over Euro 863 charge for damages.
c. charge for Euro 175 to return in the airport was added without my knowledge or explanation.
Desirable solution: refund all charges, provide information what disciplinary action would be taken against customer service and what training would be provided to customer service to provide professional service.

The invoice is attached

Avis Rent A Car System / Avis Budget Group

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