AutoNation Forddealer will not honor an internet price given from their dealership

Ive been dealing with Autonation Ford in Mobile Al for 2 months on a 2019 Ford Mustang GT 350.

I located the mustang i was looking for, on their website there was a button that said "get internet price for this vehicle", so i pushed
it and a few minutes later an email came from their dealership.

We emailed numerous times over the next 2 months waiting for the car to arrive on their dealership. We were made aware last Thursday
that the 2019 Mustang GT 350 had arrived. We went over to the dealership the next day to look at the car.

Before we left the sales.person said she would put some numbers together, I told her we already had an internet price from the dealership
which she had already sent months before.

Upon getting home the pricing arrived via email, it indicated that they were asking MSRP plus a $5k ADM on the car. I contacted the general
manager and sent him the emailed price we got 2 months prior, after a few emails he indicated that he had spoken with "higher ups" and
they would drop the ADM.

I indicated to him via email that they should honor the emailed price that we had already gotten the 2 months prior. He indicated he would
"look into who had sent the earlier price to us" and get with me today. As of 6:38pm cst we've gotten no response.

We are most distressed as we were preparing to once again purchase a Ford. Prior to Autonation purchasing this dealership it was owned
by Treadwell Ford (Dobbs), we have been purchasing vehicles from them since 1984. Numerous Ford automobiles over the decades and
never had a problem with them.

Please advise any assistance you might be able to render, short of further complaint to BBB, etc.

I have all emails sent and received from us and them concerning this matter, especially the above mentioned "quote".

Thanking you in advance,

Dennis Dunn [protected]

Sales person: Hayley Cowser
General manager: Jason Kerr

Jul 03, 2019

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