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AuthorHouse is a SCAM.
Bait-and-Switch tactics and downright lies.
Stay away from them!

So a salesperson by the name of Kathryn calls me after filling out an online form, tells me I can get my 1st photography book published by AuthorHouse for $1700 in a POD arrangement - and they'll throw in another book for free. (the standard arrangement these days, it seems)
We discuss the arrangments in detail. # of images, # of pages, etc. No changes in price, no issues.
So I sign up. Pay them 1/3 down & get a confirmation.
Then a call from Jeff. Soon to be my best buddy in getting my book published. Yay!
But wait! Jeff says I only get 50 images set for the package price. Anything over that is $10.00 each. NFW! That almost doubles the price of my book - and no one up till now has made a peep about extra charges.
So days go by. I leave at least 6 messages for Jeff, his boss Steve, Kathryn (the initial liar I spoke with) and Kevin's assistant, Vicky. Every time I call, I'm told whomever I'm calling for is at lunch.
No response to voicemails.
No response to emails.
These people are a complete rip-off and I wish I'd researched them more thoroughly.
I recommend filing a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General if they've screwed you.

  • El
    elizabeth kurtz Nov 18, 2010

    I have paid for a pinacle package 1 year ago that I was told would include 50 colored photos at no extra cost. Not true I find out today. I get 10 black and white at a cost of 5.00 each. And I had also found out that I have to pay an additional 1100.00 to 1500.00 for advertising. I am going with Exlibrus who offers me a great deal, a half price package with no additional cost for advertising and unlimited black and white photos. and the royalties are 50%. Well my main complaint is that I have not signed a contract with authorhouse. I have only a book id number and an author id number. I was told prior I would get a refund if I chose not to publish, rather changed my mind which I did. Now my newly appointed consultant Branden Drake tells me I receive no money back. I reminded him that his company has done NO WORK ON MY BOOK. He then told me to discuss the matter with my original consultant who is Mr. Gerry Shyrock. I left him a message and I hope that I can write him a great review. If not I will hound them and contact the better business beareau in Indiana.

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  • An
    anonymouse_anonymous Jul 02, 2011

    I did my own bit of research and went to their website. If you check the website, the Pinnacle package are for books with black & white images. If you were going to use colored pictures, then you should have gotten a package for color. Check the website. I think it's a matter of not reading what you're paying for and what you're getting for what you're paying for. Just my opinion, though.

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  • Ch
    Chas Winston Jan 03, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience with AuthorHouse was a costly nightmare. As a matter of policy, AuthorHouse won't disclose the royalty rate it will pay authors or the estimated publication cost of a book, even when asked directly. Royalty rates can't be found on their website and employees wouldn't disclose them when I asked. I was told by AuthorHouse that this type of basic information cannot be provided until after your book is formatted. HERE IS THE CATCH: buried in Schedule A of the AuthorHouse contract is a cancellation policy that says the author is responsible for 75% of the publishing package you signed up for once formatting STARTS! Only after the formatting began was I told the royalty rate was LESS than 10% (for comparison, this is not even half of what CreateSpace offers) and the book's price (which AuthorHouse sets) was so much higher than its competitors it made the book unmarketable. Other publishing companies will provide you an estimated price and an estimated royalty BEFORE you sign up. AuthorHouse, on the other hand. requires you commit to 75% of the deal before telling you the bad--and costly--news.

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  • Co
    coryh Sep 27, 2015

    Honestly this company is disgusting... I have attached the internets calculator for my book, a path of diamonds, and they claim the calculator is lieing... That's proof of either tax evasion or wire fraud and I want authorhouse arrested... I'm over here starving and about to be homeless because of this company and their criminal activities.. How is this publisher not in jail yet guys with a calculator like this made public? I wish the government would do the right thing and stop authorhouse so they cant steal any more of our money.. I'm literally crying over here because of all my stolen dreams and I hope authorhouse gets indicted for contract fraud, tax evasion, or wire fraud...

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Do not use this self-publishing scam company! They advertise to be the top or best in their field, they offer deals at end of quarters, they offer so much marketing, media promises, and make themselves out to be some sort of dream company. They are not.

First, you do not control any price. They give you a minimum that you will have to be above or at---and this will nullify your chances of being in a bookstore. I had no choice but to sell my book at 30.85 hardcover or higher, unless it was throught THEIR site. They did not want to print the price on the book either, why would they? I had to fight to even get that, and they conveniently forgot it on subsequent releases.

Second, their design teams are giong to make lots of errors, mess things up, and you will only get a few free corrections---then you will be paying and paying for future corrections and errors of their own making. They are like the crafty auto shop guy who guarantees your return.

Third, get ready for no spotlight, no images of your book, it won't go to where you want it, it will never be in a big bookstore, and it will take forever. Distributors and bookstore reps do not like authorhouse, its people, or the prices. Their people change "departments" every month, so you or anyone else can not keep up or keep track or stick some blame to anyone. You will not even get placement on their site, the right category, or get any press that you achieve posted. They will sell you on their distribution power and company portfolio, but check and see if any books are truly in a store...good luck.

Fourth, their marketing is all self-owned, phrased falsely, and not what you think or they tell you. They have Radio, Mass Marketing, National Media Plans, 10 Million Email Blasts, and Newswire Plus plans...garbage handled by garbagemen who just took your money to the cleaners. Toginet Radio is not a radio station, its the internet and they pay for the programming that no one will listen to. Ever received and email blast from them? Nope, and I know of no one who has. National Plans? Funny, I paid nearly 6000 dollars and got two local newspaper interviews from people I knew, and all the book sales were local friends and family. Do not market with them, it is a complete scam.

Fifth and lastly, they will inundate you with more marketing, more deals, and give your email to others. It will never stop, and they do not care, you are a number, an author number, a book number---forgotten quickly by people who are hoping to take your money over and over. They will not sell one book, talk to any stores, or make you or the book happen. Go somewhere cheap, buy 5000 copies of your own book, sell them on the corner---you will save money and do better than wasting time and money with AuthorHouse.

  • De
    Dewan V. Selvam Mar 23, 2011

    Hi Authors and Readers of Author House, I am an emerging writer in India, I have written three poetry books in English and one in history which is a small book. I wish to make my books to be published in Author house, in spite of my effort for self publishing. Is there any other publishing house to make my books published free of cast? Dewan V. Selvam.

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submitted manuscripts and money paid for publishing

On August 23rd 2010 I sent a sum of Kenya Shillings 103, 217.15 to Authorhouse Publishers in UK for the publication of two books - DYING FOR PRESIDENT and A PLACE TO CALL HOME and since then nothing has happened.

My Email messages to consultants Jennifer Nino and Demond Jefferson regarding the publication of the manuscripts has not borne any fruits at all.

I am therefore asking you and your esteemed office to help ask Authorhouse management to refund the above amount of money as soon as convenient.

I hope my humble request will ultimately meet your sympathetic consideration. I must say I am sorry for any inconvenience that my request may cause to you and your establishment.

Thank you,
Dr. Tom O'Okoyo
Moi University, Nairobi Campus, Nairobi Kenya.


They stole more than $2017 from my MasterCard. Though they admitted that they received ALL the money they asked for, the book's material, and a clear statement that they will publish my book; they vanished and never published anything for me.

I WISH I had spent a few minutes to read other victims' comments. Please beware and don't send them any money. I am convinced now that the few positive comments about their so-called credibility are written by their associates. Beware of their many tentacles in London (UK)and in Indiana (USA).

  • Ga
    Gayle Walker Aug 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am at the final stages of getting my book published and started June 09 and now it is 18th August 2017. I had to approve all the changes but there was little creativity and input of the layout of the book from the production team. No initate at all to take control and run with it.
    I found the editing of the book tedious and time consuming and Authorhouse hadn't even done a basic spell check (no full stops) at ends of sentences! etc. basic spelling corrections were ignored.
    My book should well and truely be finished and on book shelves now but due to being passed like a football from on person to another no one seems to really care about my frustrations.
    It has been very disappointing and if i had the choice i would back out of it and go to another publisher.
    Please be careful to consider Authorhouse as a publisher that's my advice.
    Gayle Walker

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  • Er
    Eriksaltman Feb 04, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I submitted my original manuscript, the first galley came back with many errors. Some mine but a lot that were AuthorHouse's input. Sent back corrections and then received another galley proof which I again reviewed and found more errors. Sent it back got another galley, thought I went through the whole thing and now that the book is out, I see where they have errors that they had made. I guess that it is my fault for not finding the third set of errors but I don't think I should have to spend my time and money correcting AuthorHouse's errors. My advice is, Stay away from AuthorHouse.

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  • Do
    doggychild Jul 20, 2011

    The same thing happened to me, and has the public been made aware of the fact that in 2017 this company has gone through some transactions and moves within the company, and some of the autors agents and files have been moved to the Phillipines WITHOUT contacting the authors and making them aware of what has happened in this company?
    Poor communication with the athors who help pay these people's salaries with their purchases.

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huge scam

Let me tell you something about author house. I am an autor myself and i made the HUGE MISTAKE of believing that Author House were a company of credit, i submitted my details and began my submission process includding giving them my card details. On suspicsions they were a scam i called my publishing consultant and i was polite however on hearing that i had decided that i was going with a different company she hung up on me! I called their finance department and they stated that they could not cancel anything without her approval as she would have to seek aproval from the company. I have rang her several times, left messeges etc and now the phone number is unrecognised. DO NOT PUBLISH WITH THESE PEOPLE!!NEVER!!

  • Al
    AlanK Mar 24, 2011

    Has anyone been set up with a movie company to produce a movie of the book they published? Sounds fishy to Me. AlanK

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theft of cash

I have written, "Acts of War: JESUS/ALEXANDER & "JFK, "" which cost me out-of-pocket over six-thousand...

royalty rip off

To my utter misfortune, I became acquainted and started to use the services offered by 1stBooks publishers now known as Authorhouse, and published my first two books in 2003. At the time, I detected no problem with their services and accepted that being my work was academic, would not sell many copies. I decided to publish my third book with them, a large 2 volume edition in 2008, and due to the reviews and publicity received, and the professors that contacted me personally, I became fully aware of the university libraries and public libraries who processed my work into their establishments, or were interested in my work.

However, I noticed the first major discrepancy in their promises was that if I turned my manuscript in within a certain time frame, I would receive fourteen free copies of my work when it was printed.

I e-mailed my text, and mailed my contract via snail-mail two weeks before the deadline, I know it arrived on time—I live in Europe, and mail does not take longer than 4 to 8 days to arrive in the US, however, they could not honour the free copy agreement as they hadn't received the contracts on time. They never mentioned the agreement included receiving the contracts, just the manuscript. I received just my usual free review copy of each volume. I decided to let the matter go.

Then, they have a very careless attitude with other aspects of their services. For example, their Press Wire program that sends your Press Release electronically to 14, 000 media outlets. Where did I find my academic books being promoted? In the financial sections of these media outlets, and not to my target audience found in the academic, history, biography, or even literature, areas.

(I also discovered my university level academic book on classical music categorised as a “children's book”.)

However, the major problems developed with royalty accounting. I began keeping a record of the copies available of my new two-volume work at Amazon US, UK, Canada, and their Marketplace vendors. (This is practically the only way you can discern how many books may be selling in the public domain.) Considering this is Print On Demand, when a number of available copies drops, you can expect it to be a sale since stores have no reason to keep raising and dropping the numbers unless they make a sale and then re-list the book. (For the record, I withdrew all my publications from Authorhouse June 14th 2010.)

Authorhouse's numbers were way below the daily tallies I kept from the Amazon numbers, they only reported between 10% and maybe up to 20% of the sales on any given quarter. Today for example, I received the worst report yet: they reported only 1 copy of Volume One sold in the second quarter (April 1 to June 14th, the time I withdrew mypublications from them), and only 3 copies for Volume 2. According to my numbers from the Amazon rankings and marketplace sellers in the US, Canada and UK: 28 copies of Volume 1 sold, and 27 of Volume 2. Therefore they have reported only 4% of the sales, and they obviously are pocketing the rest. And this does not include other sales that may have been made through other sellers like Barnes and Noble, etc.

However, there is no way to be compensated for these discrepancies, Authorhouse demands you provide receipts of all sales as proof of your claim—how on earth do you track such receipts? Authorhouse knows it's an impossibility. Of course, Nielsen Book Scan offers sales report services, but you cannot use them to reclaim royalties, or display or disclose your sales report to any third party as Nielsen deems such action a breach of trademark confidentiality and would possible incur a lawsuit.

The simplest answer would be to cancel all contracts with Authourhouse, but this is not as easy as they make it out to be. To date, they continue to reassure me my books are no longer in print, but as I have discovered today (September 7), they are still listed with UK wholesale distributors as available within 5 days asPrint on Demand, so they are technically still available by Authorhouse illegally.

1st Books / Authorhouse in my estimation is the most disreputable company allowed to carry on a business offering a sham service to the public, robbing authors of the fruits of their labours. Surely they are required to have a business license to operate as all other businesses? How can any state issue a license and continue to allow such a rogue business like this to continue? They are operating on such a large scale, and if they are doing this to every author, then one must consider the possibility they are committing grand larceny on a massive scale. They claim to have thousands of authors with their company.

Authors Beware: if you are considering publishing your book using Print On Demand, stay well away from this company. Even if they paid all the royalties, they do little or nothing to help promote your work, but expect you to pay additional hundreds and even thousands for various promotion packages that provide little if no results. For those of you poor authors who now hold a contract with Authorhouse publishing your work, my sympathies go out to all of you.

  • Ka
    KAREN MCWILLIAMS Oct 10, 2011


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  • Ni
    Nigel Edward Lord May 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also in the same position as the two authors above. I published in August 2011 and have received no royalties at all! I am very interested in joining a class action suit with Karen Joan McWilliams, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and any others who can join. There must be hundreds of us out there! I hear that Kamber Edelsen of Chicago is a law firm that is interested in Authorhouse. I can be emailed on [email protected]

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authors beware: royalty ripoff

To my utter misfortune, I became acquainted and started to use the services offered by 1stBooks publisher...

maybe going out of business

Has anyone received any information that Authorhouse is going to file for bankruptcy? They have stopped responding to any communications. I would like to know since I do have funds tied up with them.

  • Da
    DarrenHogan Dec 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I learnt too late that AuthorHouse is toxic, and one of the nastiest scams I've dealt with in my life.

    My hell with Authorhouse started on 24 May 2010 through a misleading website called, which is a bogus fraud site funnelling unsuspecting authors towards AuthorHouse and their partner scams. My first mistake - I gave them my contact details. I was conned into paying them around $1000 to publish my first book which I was told would be available at Amazon. The result was a shoddy, poorly produced crappy book which no reader would waste their time with. The book is still not available at Amazon or anywhere - I just get excuses.

    Authorhouse is a scam, and they have stolen my dollars and succeeded in rubbishing of my work, that has left me deflated and completely disillusioned.

    AuthorHouse should change their name to AuthorScam. These fraudsters have turned fraud into an artform, and it's time for government agencies to start taking a look at AuthorHouse and their partner companies, iUniverse, Trafford and Xlibris.

    If you're a writer reading this: this is your wake up call. AUTHORHOUSE IS A SCAM. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

    Close Down. Flush them down the toilet, AuthorHouse is truly excrement.

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  • Da
    DarrenHogan Dec 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To learn more about the Scam Authorhouse, here's some useful links:

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book publisher

if you are reading the complaints board then you to have been a victim of authorhouse and their scam, you can contact the attorney general in illinois and file a complaint against attorney general of its time for all us author to take a stand against authorhouse and stop them from scaming all us authors.

  • Bo
    books Mar 20, 2010

    There are sixty one complaints against Autherhouse yet the state general attorney has done nothing about these complaints I guess you can say one hand washes the other.

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  • Bo
    books Apr 16, 2010

    to all you people defending authorhouse are you really authors or emplyees of authorhouse? by the way to all the skeletons coming out of the closet ratterling your jawbone shut up because your not making any sense to all the real authors who have been scammed by authorhouse you can contact the state general attorney of indiana all you need to do is google the state general attorney of indiana.good luck

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  • Os
    O SULLIVAN Dec 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IS possibility received the PRIVATE ADRESS OF CUSTOMER PO FRANCOIS L NOUVION 32 _ who is a friend private who is the writter of the book ASILE HEREDITAIRE : THE LIFE AND CAREER OF JOHN O SULLIVAN
    FRANCOIS NOUVION leave in philippines but i have forgot his address to philippines !!!
    ref of shipping order is 24517705-203484UK from book sales operations author house 1663 Liberty drive suite 2002 Bloomington ins 47403-5161 - united states - 812.339.6000 x5025
    Order of 10/12/2012

    Thans a lot your answer
    Miss O SULLIVAN Colette st cloud FRANCE

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out to get your money

The finished book is top notch but they will really get you in the pocket book. I recently was told that 28% of my royalties were being withheld because they did not have my social security number on file. This information was provided to them in December of 2009. I provided the information again last week and they now say that the royalties cannot be refunded to me. Also, when I paid the initial fees for publication I specifically asked if there were any "hidden costs" for shipping and such of books that were included in my package. I was told there were no other charges. When I didn't receive the books that were included in my purchased package I contacted them and was told that I would have to pay the shipping. They make very nice books but they rip you off any way that they can and when you question this they just write off your concerns and say that there is nothing that can be done to correct the problem.

  • Gl
    Gloria Crabtree Apr 07, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you are wanting to sue Authorhouse Contact Attorneys Eric, Vaughn, Flam out of
    New York ([email protected]) they are looking into taking the case. It's about time
    someone helped all the Authors that have been scammed.

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theft of royalties

Hey Wes or Dave, both of you go to hell! We all know you were sent here by AuthorHouse/Xlibris/iUniverse to cause division and derision. You already know that I'm fairly well known so your arguments are first class grade A b/s! AuthorHouse is a crooked company and now that the D.A. in Indiana is investigating them, all of us need to give them all the support he needs and prevent a behind the scenes under the table payoff if that' s possible (and I'm not saying the D.A. can be bought). But I have no doubt that if AuthorHouse can pay somebody off that they will do it. Instead of planting these people online to try an explain away the theft of our monies they would save themselves a lot of trouble if they would just pay us our money then they wouldn't have to explain crap! So save your lame and stupid explanations, save your frickin' breath and just pay us the money we are owed or surely as God lives and give us life and breath He will bring you down to your knees! Without us you wouldn't have a business! Even if you paid us our money, you would still collect substantial profits per the agreements! But if we have to go to every company you deal with and turn over records and books, this thing is set in motion and we won't stop until we either get our money or see all of you in jail where you belong! Now take that back to your bosses at AuthorHouse because they have surely committed a crime by stealing our royalties!

  • We
    Wes Leroy May 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I appreciate your professional response (insert sarcasm here). We must be a really bad company to have the Better Business Bureau rate us as an A+ with only a couple of hundred complaints and tens of thousands of satisfied authors over the last 3 years.

    To be totally honest, I have never heard of you. That doesn't mean that you're not well known in your own circles, but if you feel you're selling books and not getting paid for them, you can get a report directly from us or the multiple distributors that we use to sell your book.

    I'm always baffled at all the conspiracy theories such as yours. I've researched and see no investigation of Author Solutions by the Indiana District Attorney. That would be bordering on lible, my friend. I'll leave it at that.


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  • We
    Wes Leroy May 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I love that song!:) Long live Hendrix!:)

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  • Mi
    Mitch L. Gohman Sep 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I must certainly wonder about Authorhouse myself.

    My first novel was published by them and within a short time I found it available through other sources, not the least of which was Google, which has published my ENTIRE novel online! I'm pursuing action against them.

    I must certainly presume that Authorhouse leaked it online as I did not!

    I can only guess at how many copies were sold, for which I've not been paid, or worse, not sold, because of their tactics.

    I'll be following through with legal actions as much as I can though my funds are limited.

    After all, if I don't stand up for myself, who will?

    Mitch L. Gohman, Author of Decision Point: The Family

    P.S. Brenda, you should be more careful when you accuse someone of LIABLE (not lible :) As the judge in my novel said, "Words are an attorney's business" - words are the same business you claim to be in!

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  • Au
    Author PR Rep May 04, 2011

    I just posted a response on your other complaint Daniel and I noticed you had a second complaint. I thought you other complaint was reasonably written out and this is why I responded, but after reading over your complaint here I am getting the impression that you are at fault. You seem unreasonable and erratic. I also tried to find your book on AuthorHouse and you’re not listed. Your website does also not work. Have you even published with AuthorHouse? It seems to me that you may be trying to spread false rumors about this company to try and get people to not sign-up. Saying that a representative (Wes in this case) and their argument are B.S. because you don’t agree with it doesn't give much factual feedback for someone to investigate. Also, paying off the District Attorney??? Surely you do not believe in this silliness. It reminds me of the birther movement or people saying we didn’t land on the moon. You can't just stomp your feet, kick, and yell with a red face saying "pay you money." If you want royalty payments from any self publishing company then you need to market and promote your work--period.

    I will go ahead and re-post my other comments below as I think it might help Mitch.

    I am an author public relations rep (independently in business and I do not work for a company) and I just thought I would respond to your post. I have been working part-time in this field for about 6 years.
    Lighting Source is just a printer down here in Tennessee. So, you are not being “issued” by a new company. I’ve had authors that work with AuthorHouse as they are one of Lighting Sources largest clients. If you see your book listed with Lighting Source then this is a good thing--it just means that your book is in the distribution channels. It means that anybody can find your book on websites like Amazon and any bookstore/retailer can buy your book and put it on their shelf. Did you call AuthorHouse because I am sure they could tell you about Lighting Source?

    I don't know anything about AuthorHouse filing for bankruptcy and I highly doubt this as I believe their authors still sell more books than any other self publishing company. They are huge and have a lot of success stories, but they are just one POD out of many.

    As for not receiving payments for your book sold-- All this means is you haven't sold any books or you just haven’t yet received the quarterly report/check. I have authors that have worked with AuthorHouse so I have looked at their Terms. It says pretty clearly that they pay out royalties quarterly as long as you are making $25 or more worth of sales. I think if you make less than $25 then they just roll it into the next quarterly check.

    May I ask you Daniel—when you said you still haven’t received any payments, are you implying that you think AuthorHouse is stealing your royalties or are you saying they are late on paying you? The reason I ask if that I just got done reading over a few complaints on this website about AuthorHouse stealing royalties and AuthorHouse therefore being a scam. I thought I would touch on this subject from a PR point of view. I have had authors call me before and start off the conversation that they thought AuthorHouse was stealing royalties so let me answer the way I normally do below. And by the way, most authors I work with do not feel AuthorHouse is a scam—in fact, it’s pretty rare that someone says that…

    1) Grab a friend and go online to
    2) Watch them as they go online at and pull up your book
    3) Ask them to buy your book and go through the process
    4) Watch them go through step-by-step. Have them do it with their name, their address, and have it shipped to their home. It doesn’t matter if they pay for it or if you offer to pay for it for them. I am only spelling out this experiment so you can see there are no royalties being stolen.

    If you follow this step-by-step experiment above then your friend will receive a copy of the book because AuthorHouse (and the printer Lighting Source) will fulfill the order. But, here is the key to all of this--YOU, THE AUTHOR, WILL RECEIVE A ROYALTY CHECK AND A STATEMENT OF THE BOOK SALE IN THE NEXT QUARTERLY REPORT. That's it. Period. Done. This proves without a shadow of a doubt that AuthorHouse is not stealing royalties. And the best part about this experiment is that at any point in the future if you felt like AuthorHouse is stealing your royalties—you can “test” them out. At any point in the future, just randomly go on to any retailer website like Barnes & Noble and have a friend buy the book. You will always see that sale reflected on the next royalty check and report.

    So, this is why I am confused when I read that authors are not receiving royalty checks or they are claiming AuthorHouse is a scam. And I do not mean to be rude when I make this point as really I am only curious--Do these authors realize that they can “test” to see if AuthorHouse is stealing their royalties by just buying the book online?

    Now, in your case Daniel—what I would recommend you do is to work either with AuthorHouse or with someone like me--a PR rep. It's not that you are not receiving royalty checks--you are just not selling books. And, the way you sell books is the same for any new author, regardless if they published with AuthorHouse or not--you need to market, advertise, and promote. You need to do this yourself and you need to get help. AuthorHouse can make sure you have a professionally designed book, they can make sure your book is priced correctly so it's not over priced, they can make sure it's distributed, and they will do the order fulfillment. But, just because the book is distributed does not mean that people know about it--this is where the marketing comes into the equation. And then there is the case of the writing. Do you have a good story, is it professionally edited, have you defined your target audience and are you tailoring your marketing to this audience, and on and on.

    So Daniel, I will wrap this up but I just wanted you to not worry about Lighting Source and not worry about your royalties. AuthorHouse is just one type of self publisher and they give you tools to get a book out on the open market. At this point, it just sounds like you need some marketing assistance. I would try AuthorHouse first, but I wouldn't stop there--there are plenty of books, online sites, and people out there who can help you sell books and make a decent royalty amount. Maybe even look for a PR rep in your area (I only work with people in the Nashville area).

    I hope this helped and I wish you the best of luck!


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  • Jr
    jrio Sep 23, 2015

    Author PR rep
    My husband is a published author with Author house we have ordered multiple times from different sites as well as the site author house made for him and we have not received one single copy. Nor has my husband receive a royalty check since February 2014 uh it is now September 2015 every time he calls they give him a date he will receive all past due royalties and it never happens we have been forced to go to an attorney. From records he is now owed over 45, 000 from nearly two years.

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illegal scam


Last year Tony Liddicoat sacked 'authorhouse publishing company' who he had paid handsomely for publishing his book, "Five Bells " ~ Job Done. A Divers Story. During his association with them he published his book which became very well received and reviewed by over 25 major journals around the world. The RRP of the book was £9.90. For each book sold he received £1, 88. Authorhouse kept
the remainder, [£8. 11] This went on for over a year before he realised something must be wrong. When serious outlets asked to sell the book, they were told by 'authorhouse' that they had to pay the RRP, which of course meant they could not earn any money at all. He learnt about the outlets discount for new books which range between 35% and 65% of the RRP. Tony Liddicoat was informed by 'authorhouse' that if he wished for his books to be sold by major outlets then there was a fee payable, [approx £500 annually, for each outlet, !]]
He could not afford to do this and continued being paid the £1, 88 per copy, During this time he was lied to, his private mail was intercepted and opened and his requests for clarification to 'authorhouse ' were ignored.
He then re printed his book with a new ISBN number and published the book himself. He is now the only legal publisher of his book and has been for over a year, However even though he received assurances from 'authorhouse' that they would stop selling and supplying the book, his books were still being printed,
advertised and sold without his knowledge or consent. He realised this when he received unexpected 'royalties' [ in itself a rarity without having to chase them] The royalties were for books sold by 'Amazon'
who had been given the pdf file of the book by authorhouse, to print their own copies and sell them on demand or when they wanted. [Without the Authors knowledge or permission ] The 'royalties' offered were the £1, 88 per book. Which means that the cosy little arrangement between 'Authorhouse' and 'Amazon' where they print and sell their own copies and were quite happy to give the author £1.88 per copy and keep the remainder for themselves. Now this is against the law. When he contacted 'authorhouse and asked what on earth is going on. he was told that it was human error and he has no cause for complaint as I had been paid the pittance of £1.88 per book.

This information is being forwarded to the legal authorities in the UK and every blog site known, enable the unsuspecting to know just how 'authorhouse 'operate. It is a scam and if you multiply this by the 60, 000 authors they say they have 'published' then it is a huge sum.


illegal scam

dishonest scam

AUTHORHOUSE ILLEGAL SCAM UNCOVERED. Last year Tony Liddicoat sacked 'authorhouse publishing...

book publishing

For all the authors who have been scammed by Authorhouse you can file a complaint with the state general attorney of Indiana you go to consumer complaint form.htm do it now so authorhouse can"t scam anyone else. good luck.

  • Ja
    James Warden May 05, 2010

    I am an author with AuthorHouse and I have received my royalities. I suspected fraud and had other people buy my book and I did receive the royalities up to date approaching $3, 000.00.

    James Warden Author

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  • De
    Dean Allen Oct 03, 2010

    I agree 100 %. I have published two books with Authorhouse and received a total of $2.59 in royalties. They do little if anything to promote your book. They are hap-hazzard in their daily operations and seem to be totally ignorant of what has been sent to them--i.e. manuscripts, CDs, et. Their last contact with me was to try to get me to spend $2500 to "Do the Hollywood treatment" to my book--The Last Days of Everest. Luckily, I did not bite. Good luck to anyone out there who has any of their work in the design/publishing process with this business. Dean Allen--author.

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  • Km
    Kmo_ Dec 02, 2013

    I recently bought the Hollywood Treatment from Author House it cost upwards of $3, 000. It took 3 months longer than promised, plus lots of chasing on my behalf. In the end I wrote most of the screenplay and synopsis.

    Eventually it got 'put in the database' and Thru-line took ownership. I got a friend of my who owns a Production Company in the UK to enquire about my project. They knew nothing about it, she left her name and contact details and so far nothing.

    I believe it is a big scam and I will be getting my lawyers on it and complaining to the GA of Indiana.

    Avoid, avoid, avoid, save your money.

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  • AuthorHouse is a boiler room scam operation. Random House bought them in an attempt to step into the world of self-publishing. Unfortunately, they are sinking the good name of Random House. They will promise you absolutely anything to get your credit card number. Most the reps do not even know that they are fronting such a scam. They lead you to the slaughter and don't know exactly how badly you will be treated. All they want is your money. Only someone who is serving Satan can lie so much and still sleep at night. The management is fully aware and script the calls so any new employee can "sell" you a package after a short training program. If you want to throw your money away or if you want to have them pretend to be working on your book or if you want them to do nothing more than run a spell check on your text, go ahead. As for the Hollywood Treatment package, their supposed production company (called Thru Line Entertainment) is another hoax. Oh sure, they may have a legitimate front although it too is a scam. The girl who spoke with me said that Author House and Thru Line were responsible for taking the films Proof Of Life with Russell Crow and Meg Ryan as well as the film Legally Blond with Reese Witherspoon from book to screen. These individuals need salvation. I am praying that they see the light and stop their wicked deeds. I am also praying that you find another way to chase your dream of publishing or sharing your story with the world. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and may God Himself protect you from this scam.

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addressing complaints

I've read the postings about royalites and invite any author who would like more information about their royalties or number of books sold through AuthorHouse or iUniverse to contact me directly at kgray at authorsolutions dot com.
We can provide you with a books printed report which will show how many of your books have been printed. Sales through retail channels, other than through the iUniverse or AuthorHouse Web sites, can take several months to be reported; but they are all reported.
We have no interest in "keeping" royalties from our authors. Our interest as well as our authors' interests are best served when they are satisfied with their publishing experience. We certainly would not sacrifice this satisfaction for a few dollars.
I would caution anyone from putting too much stock in complaints submitted by posters with anonymous or false surnames. We will investigate any issue from a author who submits their name, publisher (AuthorHouse or iUniverse), title of book and specific issue. Thank you.

Kevin A. Gray
PR Manager, Author Solutions, Inc.
kgray at authorsolutions dot com

  • We
    WeNeedChange Jun 13, 2010

    Mr. Kevin Grey, I strongly disagree with your crappy statement. It's not the authors responsibility to contact your lazy behind. With request or not, your company should send monthly book sale reports to an author via his/her email or mail. What kind of company is this? You have several subdivisions, why? This company is not even a member of the BBB! You totally turn me off from making any business with you. If you want authorhouse, iuniverse, worldclay and the other crappy worthless sites to stay in business, you need to learn a thing or two about honesty. Stop stuffing your stealing mouth with donouts and do your job right at least once! I like to give rebellious companies a second chance, so change or get out! LOL!

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    A.D. Upchurch Nov 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Artice D. Upchurch and I published a book with Authorhouse in 2007. About 2 years later I was abled to invest into marketing packages with Authorhouse. I spent almost $2, 000 with Authorhouse, but have not sold 1 book from the marketing packages. Kevin, I really would like to know how many books have been sold. Contact me please: [email protected]

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    A.D. Upchurch Nov 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    By the way, the name of my book is called Cypher Key.

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    A.D. Upchurch Mar 10, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You know what; I also purchased a press release package from authorhouse. They sent that press release to quite a few newspapers, tv shows and other media outlets. I even have the list of the companies they sent my press release to. But guess what, none of those companies got in contact with me. I called authorhouse about it and they told me to check with those companies to see if they received my press release...why should I have to do that, when all of that work was paid for?
    But I did it anyway, and coming to find out...quite a few newspapers doesn't deal with outsiders; meaning they do not deal with individuals from outside their range.
    No tv station has ever contacted me. To be honest, I don't really have money for any advertising--I am on a fixed income, receiving $800 a month. I have starved for misc months to save money to advertise, and when I was abled to advertise, no book was sold. I wanted to curse out the marketing consultant one day cause he kept pressuring me to advertise even more. I tried to explain my situation to him about not one book being sold prior, but its like he didnt care; he had a bogus story about me not picking the right marketing plan, but i previously spoke to him about what would be the best marketing plan or strategy to use, so what he said was total crap. I want all of my money back, but I still want the book to be with authorhouse, because I like my book being displayed on the internet.

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  • Vy
    vyankatesh Mar 15, 2011


    [email protected]

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  • Vy
    vyankatesh Mar 15, 2011

    hi, my name is vyankatesh.i have spoken from my heart as above.

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author house rip off

I know my book is selling good, I'm just not making any royalites off of it. I see where lots of people have bought it but I don't get anything but about 2.30 off of each book. I don't know why someone doens't do something about this. I've complained to the BBB and the Attorney General and they have done nothing. They say the author gets 50 percent of the royalties, but that's a lie. They also say what you see there on your sales does not include sales from bookstores and amazon. Well that's a lie. I know many are making money off my book that I NEED to live on. I'm on social security disability and I NEED that money. Do they care? NO. DON"T DO BUSINESS WITH AUTHOR HOUSE OR IT"S SISTER COMPANIES. Word Clay. Author Solutions and other. They will take your money and act like it's your fault that you don't get more. They know how to legally cheat you. They can change those documents in their favor.

  • To
    Toby20 Feb 03, 2010

    How do you know your book is selling? What proof have you got?

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  • Sm
    SmarterThanYou Mar 17, 2010

    I agree with Toby20. Also, if you're only getting $2.30 off every book then that means that that is the percentage that you have agreed upon. AuthorHouse offers royalties UP TO 50%. They didn't say that you will get 50% royalties for every book. It will depend on the price that you chose for your book and the number of pages that your book has. If your book is selling, you will know because you can get an idea from your page at the AuthorHouse website. If it doesn't show there then that only means that your book doesn't sell.

    Don't start throwing around accusations if you don't have evidence. If you already went to the BBB and AG and they didn't do anything then that might mean that you don't have enough proof or ground for the so-called accusation.

    You're an author. You're smart. Think like one.

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  • Na
    Nancy H. Normalle May 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wake up authors, this is an across the board, all out scam, EVERY author from these companies is being stolen from:
    Author House
    Author House UK
    Book Surge run by

    If you are an author who thinks their royalties are being stolen, send brief story plus a stamped self addressed envelope to Edelson/McGuire law firm of Chicago...enclose a paper that says they acknowledge receiving your info & the date, notarize this paper...when it comes back in the mail, SAVE IT like gold, lock it up in a safe deposit box

    dont worry if they dont answer or acknowledge otherwise, they are compiling patient, be polite, lots of eyes are on these companies right now and its being solved, in the author's favor

    also, type out a brief form invalidating your contract with these rotten businesses, sign, date & notarize...make three copies, send one to Author House or whatever company you believe is cheating you and send it in a letter they have to sign for, one of those green cards, when you get this card back in the mail SAVE it, put in box...if you voluntarily cancel your contract & notarize this paper, legally, they can't go on printing your book...if your book shows up on the internet AFTER you cancelled your contract, then this is hard evidence, these guys are going to be got, but good

    save every email, every scrap of paper evidence you have from the company & copies of supposed "royalty" checks, also print outs of all the websites offering your book & at what prices, research this, there may be far more than you think

    just remember a rule of thumb about the internet...the more websites a product is offered on, the more sales for that product, look at Harry Potter for instance, we all know how much that book is selling

    if your book is popping up on websites you never contracted for like Books a Million, it's a sure bet it is selling a lot of copies, multiply that by the slightly over a quarter million authors who signed up with these rotten companies and you are talking about a LOT of money

    they used crooked Intellectual Property lawyers, altered ISBN numbers(((among numerous other methods, there are a lot of big players in the game, including and the only possible way to fight and win is through lawyers who are not crooked...check them out on the internet, Edelson/McGuire is one of the most successful litigation firms on the planet and has fought internet crime before and won

    another thing to do is PASS THE WORD & also, this may be theory but it looks like it must be true to me...check your rankings on, they list rankings on POD books ONLY on country of origin, where it was first published, not on their foreign sites for POD books, not regular books...a theory I heard was these rankings are really's way of tracking the sales of your book worldwide, each day the rankings are wiped off the computer and each day...if you subtract todays rankings from yesterdays, for instance, you will get the total book sales for that 24 hour period...

    if you want, print off these rankings for your book for a consecutive ten or 30 days...check these numbers, they always go UP...if you keep hard copies of consecutive days of rankings, this might be possible evidence in a court

    also, examine the ISBN numbers on your book, they change them all the time, often by one digit, this is so they can put the real number of books sold under a false ISBN and use the real ISBN to give you royalties ONLY off the books you buy yourself, Bowkers LLC (crooked lawyers again) is the ONLY company issuing ISBN numbers worldwide so they have to be in it, thick as thieves

    Ingram's aworld wide book printing company, very successful, super wealthy are in on it too...the pie is sliced many ways and none of it is going to the author(s)

    Author House & Author Solutions are one and the same company, same street address...they were bought out in 2007 by Kemper Investments LLC(crooked lawyers again)...this firm is worth 350 million dollars & based in Calif, why would they want a company like Author House if it were not making some big bucks

    every author is told they are not selling and most of us don't have contact with each other, that's how the scheme works, lies and intimidation...Author Solutions recently bought out Harlequin Romance so now they can begin to rip off romance authors as well and Barnes & Noble have to know about it and be in on it, how do you think B & N keeps their big fancy stores open when nobody ever buys anything except at Christmas...stolen royalties are giving them a free ride

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publication of my book


scam and fraud

BEWARE OF AUTHOR HOUSE: I spent $1, 250 to publish my book with them PLUS $2, 500 for a "National Marketing...

stealing royaltie's

I published with Author House in November, 2008. I wrote "The Chip Hustler, " by Barbara Lee. It has a 5 star...

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