ATTwireless phone service/upgrade

I contacted ATT online chat to clarify info regarding upgrading my phone

I am including transcript of the conversation I had with 2 people(one was supposedly a manager)

I contacted ATT because a year ago when I signed up for service I told them I wanted the plan where I could upgrade my phone every 12 months if I so chosen... As you will see in the transcript below, the manager acknowledges that ATT basically lied to me hen I signed up and I m forced to pay almost $600 to upgrade
AT&T: Welcome to AT&T Chat. While we connect you to an agent, please share how we can help you today?
Jeff: i have an iPhone xrmax and when I signed up last year I told them I wanted the plan with the ability to upgrade my phone yearly if I chose to... I checked my upgrade eligibility and it says I have to pay an additional $580 on top of the $576 I have paid in installments???
Jeff: If I chose to switch carriers, what would the cost be?
Harry Moore: Hi! My name is Harry Moore. I'm happy to help! Let's get started.
Harry Moore: Please give me a moment to review your request.
Harry Moore: Jeff, we do not wish to loose valued customer like you please be assured I will provide you best resolution on upgrade
Harry Moore: Jeff, I see your device is under 30 months installment and currently you are on 12th of 30th months installment and you pay $48.34 / mo
Harry Moore: so as per the contract policy you will be able to upgrade your device only after completing 25th installment of 30
Harry Moore: So the charge $579.91 if you pay this it will cover installments up to 25th months and you will be eligible for upgrade it
Harry Moore: But no worries I am checking other options for you
Jeff: That makes no sense... if I signed up for a plan to upgrade yearly, you are basically telling me that I can't without a heavy penalty
Harry Moore: No this is not penalty however the mobile cost instead we are not even charing you other 5th installment payments, let me check other better options
Jeff: i signed up to upgrade yearly and you are telling me I have to wait until the 25th month????
Harry Moore: That is correct because the yearly upgrade comes with 24 months installment however you have 30 months installment plan
Harry Moore: I am checking other options
Harry Moore: Which will be better without any charges
Jeff: ok... let's see what you can offer...
Harry Moore: Thank you.
Harry Moore: Please allow me a moment to check this for you.
Jeff: ok
Harry Moore: Thank you.
Harry Moore: Jeff, I am sorry to inform you that you won't be able to upgrade until and unless you pay up till 25th month or wait since you are on the 30 months plans, but I am transferring tis chat to manager for further details
Harry Moore has left the chat
You are being transferred, please hold...
Agent Adam enters chat
Adam: Hi! My name is Adam. I'm happy to help! Please give me a moment to review your request.
Adam: Yes, you opted for the 30-month installment plan hence won't be able to upgrade now. Please pay off the device balance or pay to upgrade for device eligibility.
Jeff: When I signed up I told them I wanted to be able to upgrade yearly if I chose to (12 months)
Jeff: now I a, being told that I can't upgrade until the 25th month??????
Adam: Yes, it was on the 24-month installment and you are on the 30-month installment plan
Jeff: so basically I was lied to regarding yearly upgrades...
Adam: I understand
Jeff: So, I don't appreciate being lied to and I find that totally unacceptable
Adam: I agree
Adam: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Jeff: Ummm... so I have no options other than bending over and accepting no other resolution other than bad press or legal action.. is that what you are telling me? I've been lied to and that's the end of the conversation?
Jeff: whats it going to cost to drop ATT?
Adam: Just the remaining device installment balance plus service used so far.
Adam: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Jeff: No... I guess you've lost me as a customer...
Adam: I am sorry to hear that
Jeff: glad to know it's ok for ATT to lie to customers
Adam: I understand
Jeff: i will, be changing carriers and either go to small claims court and/or contact members of the press
Adam: I am sorry to hear that
Jeff: i am speechless
Adam: I completely understand
Jeff: so it's going to cost me another $576 to, drop ATT?
Adam: I am afraid yes
Jeff: o

Sep 13, 2019

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