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Hi everyone,

Coming here to ask for your help and suggestions on what you think should be my next steps. This is probably the most dishonest company I had business with in the past years.

Last February I called AT&T to discuss my wireless plan and complain about the so called "connection fee" ($20/month just to connect my smartphone to my plan, like I could use my plan in any other way). After being transferred to the Loyalty department and discussing with them I was offered an upgrade from my iPhone 7 to the new iPhone XR at a discounted price ($349 if I remember well) and asked to call back on the closure of my billing cycle to change for an unlimited plan. I asked and the agent clearly stated that from then onwards I'd pay a lower amount vs what I was paying at that time.

Fast forward, they have INCREASED my connection fee to $40/month, my plan was not changed and now I'm locked for 2 years in the contract because of the discounted phone. Which btw there's almost nothing discounted there, because on top of the $349 already paid I have these extra $20/month disguised as connection fee for the 2 years of the contract, so another $240 on the price.

Spoke to the Loyalty department yesterday and they say there's nothing I can do about it, I requested them to pull the recording of my call with the Loyalty department and they say that's not possible also, informed also that if I change providers I'll have to pay the early termination fees (around $300). On top of it to unblock my phone it would take about 2 months, since they say I have to pay my early termination fees (about 1-2 cycles after I leave) and then request it to be unblocked.

So my questions to you:
- Any suggestions on how to proceed from here?
- Does anyone know how to accelerate the unblocking of the phone once I transfer to another provider?

And my suggestions: don't EVER do business with AT&T!


Apr 12, 2019

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