AT&T / u-verse/ directv bundle

My price increased for the months of May and June by $50. I have been a loyal customer for over a decade. I called to see what I could do to lower my bill. The individual that assisted me gave me the package for $20 more than I was paying. I was saving $30 a month. After a couple of weeks I checked my ATT website and found that she had actually increased my bill an additional $5 rather than any reduction. I called Monday, July 15 and told another customer service person about the situation and she also said that she would lower my bill. After I asked her for a replacement for my remote she said it would be $15 regardless of the $8 a month I had been paying for two years. I told her that I was going to drop ATT U-verse and Directv. She instructed me to take my equipment to UPS. July 16 ATT/Directv increased my payment to $172. Now it had been increased again. July 18 I dropped off all of my equipment at UPS. Friday, July 19 I once again called Customer Service. The first person sent me to someone named Julio to discontinue service. I was told this had to happen before I officially could discontinue service. I told him it was not my responsibility to follow company protocol, but theirs. I told him I wanted my $172 refunded to my account. He told me that I was half way through the billing period. I told him that was a lie. He was going to send me to someone else, but I asked for his name and he recounted. I spent 45 minutes on the phone. Long holds and lies. I don't believe that this customer service is isolated to a few individuals. This appears to be company policy.

Jul 19, 2019

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