AT&T Direct TVorder pay per view via phone

3/27/19: Last night I attempted to buy a pay per view movie, starting at 9PM. I began the process of ordering by phone a approximately 8:30 pm. It told me to check my phone line after first try. Did so and tried again. No luck. Called customer serviced and now I have 6 minutes before the movie is to begin. The agent said she could help me buy the movie, then she transferred me to somewhere where the wait time was 9 minutes - way beyond the starting time for the movie. I hung up and redailed customer non-service and was told the wait time was 1 minute. After 5 minutes an agent came on the line - I has really mad by this time since I had missed the movie. He explained to me that AT&T was currently doing maintenance on the buy pay per view via phone, so that is why the option did not work. I was livid. Why was I not notified about this? So I would know about it and not waste time trying to dial up. The first agent did not seem to know anything about this. Poor, uninformed non-cusomer service is what it is. I have been with Direct/TV for 20 years - this may be my last year. I'm sick of incompetent customer service.

Apr 27, 2019

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