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My wife traveled separately from our daughter to meet on a trip to Southeast Asia. Our daughter was going to away for about 6 weeks so she purchased the AT&T Passport plan for the trip. My wife, who has an older flip phone, purchased the International Day Pass so that she could be in touch with our daughter while on route. Turns out my wife's itinerary had to be moved almost 24 hours later, so, instead of meeting at the airport, arrangements had to be made for my wife to get to the hotel in Bali without meeting our daughter at the airport (she had arrived on schedule). My wife transferred planes in Taiwan where she had no service at all. She could not contact me in the U.S., nor could she contact our daughter in Bali. When she touched down in Bali she texted/talked to our daughter to make a number of arrangements. Our AT&T bill showed a charge of some $86 for texts/calls which should have been covered by both the Passport/International Day Pass plans. I called in to the customer service line, explained the situation (the usual 30 minutes plus) and was told I should play the bill minus the extra charges. But, SURPRISE!, I am now being charged again for those charges and being threatened because they are "past due". After another 35 minutes this morning on the phone with billing I was finally "offered" $70 off the charges. The rep claimed to have no notes saying those excess charges were going to be removed. I guess I should be the one taking notes! Amazing how much goes on that relies on us, as customers, having faith in company representatives, the ones who take the notes! In any event, after being a loyal customer for some 16 years - ever since I got a cell phone - sometimes enough is enough. I told the rep her manager could call me (he/she was not available at the time I called. I really think the manager hoped to buy me off with the $70 offer) since I could not accept AT&T retracting what we had agreed upon three weeks ago. We'll see what happens. I will say this: when it comes to international cell plans, buyer beware!!

May 20, 2019

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