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Dallas, tx, United States

5/30/19 today I tried to port my phone number to Verizon, after leaving at&t less than a month ago. Inside of 24 hours I switched back from straight talk because you can't use a personal hotspot on their data plans. Now after switching, with no problem .. keeping both my number and phone, I'm told at&t has locked my phones . They claim my account lapsed. both bills before and afterwere paid, no hitch there! 1st call this date also..You still owe 1 payment on wifes number..2nd call never answered 20 mins on hold waiting..3rd call talked 2 mins explaining issue parked on hold..4th call afore mentioned account lapse..then I hung up on call 3(my wifes phone} after being on hold another 24 minutes. This isn't the first time I've been met with ignorance by this company.They scrambled home and cell accounts and billing accounts less than a year ago.. 60 days, on the cells . the home will be much faster! oh p.s the case numbers that started this round of b.s. are [protected] and [protected].

  • Updated by Ronald Pogue, May 30, 2019

    I suspect this complaint will go in the same ear!

  • Updated by Ronald Pogue, Jun 01, 2019

    5/31/19 called billing department directly (800-331-0500) was told line 2 had a unpaid balance of #13.13 and promised if I paid this my phones would be unlocked in 24 hours . it's been 27 + now … still not unlocked ..what a surprise more to follow

  • Updated by Ronald Pogue, Jun 01, 2019

    p.s. they said I was eligible for a free phone but it would have to be activated on their network . that boat has sank

  • Updated by Ronald Pogue, Jun 05, 2019

    6/1/19 after calling at&t, and being promised it would be resolved, line 2 ( my wife’s phone) was unlocked. yet another call to said incompetents. who agreed that all contract obligations had been met AND that their training had gaps in people and proficiency, I was told that it would be resolved by 6/4/19

  • Updated by Ronald Pogue, Jun 05, 2019

    6/4/19. Surprise, this time I was sent an email telling me that “my phone was on someone else’s account “ through all of my dealings with these buffoons one thing has remained constant. Their lack of integrity is clear, it starts with the faux typing on the automated answering system. And I quote again “ If you switch back in 60 days or less there will be no re-activation fee”. They’ll just tie your phone up for 60 days so they can sell you more shoddy service. Next call is to the Attorney Generals fraud division, I held my end of the bargain.

May 30, 2019

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