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April 29th 2019
From: Alvin D. Toney Sr.
3412 Laurel Leaf Drive
Orange Park Florida 32065
To: Office of Ms. Ashley Moody
Florida State Attorney General's Office
Citizen Contact Form /Citizen Complaint

Ms. Moody
I am writing in response to the letter you received from Mr. Phelps of AT&T (under AG Pam Bondi's Office). The matter remains unresolved. The assurances made to my wife Felicita and I by AT&T's representative Mr. Bauer in September 2017 remain unfulfilled. I have not received any calls from AT&T with regards to this matter. Also I have called Mr. Phelps Office Four times and have not received a response to my calls. There response has always been " He's in but not available at this time and we will have him call you back" which he never does even though he indicates that he has in response to my previous letters of complaint (when he's responded to Ms. Bondi's office).
Further the amount owed to my previous wireless carrier Verizon is $2, 226.00. Which they have now sent to collections has had an adverse affect on my credit rating .
We were told on Sept 17th 2017 by Mr. Bauer that the monthly cost of our four phones would be $150, 00 per month it is in Fact 275.00 per month. Also our previous Verizon phones were never returned to Verizon and our outstanding bill for service was never paid to Verizon as told to us by Mr. Bauer.
Further the phone number given us by Mr. Bauer of 508- 845-0705 is not in service.
I look forward to a call from a representative of AT&T to resolve this matter ASAP.

Thank You
Alvin D. Toney Sr. & Felicita Toney

May 08, 2019

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