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My husband was living on the coast last year for health reasons in a home I had not lived in for years as I was still working. Many years ago, initial phone was put in my name and I thought he had switched it to his. Long story short, he got a terminal illness and moved out of the home but apparently was too sick to shut off phone service. I had notified AT & T in Jan. that he had a terminal illness and supposedly bills were put on hold. I got a bill today from a collection agency for $201.30 for unpaid bill from last year which I had never received before since it went to a place I do not live and did not realize my name was not taken off account. I have filed an FCC complaint and am posting this also. I would like to get at least a partial refund of money I am paying to agency before I decide whether to also file a complaint with Better Business Bureau and other agencies. Bill

Jul 23, 2019

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