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F Oct 03, 2019

Was sent a hotspot to help with the terrible service that I get with DSL. This resulted in a huge run around, and I'm probably on my tenth call totey and resolve the issue.

I returned the hotspot within the time allowed, and was told by EVERY rep I've had to speak to, that my billing would be credited ($135.00) BEFORE the payment would hit my auto-pay. Well, it's been a month, and when I last called (a few days ago) I was AGAIN told by rep (Grace) in the Philippines, that my bill would show the credit of $135.00 within 24 hrs., and I wouldn't need to call back.

Well... today I see that I wasn't credited the $135.00, and it has now been debuted from my account.

What is going on at AT&T? Why does it take so many phone calls, so much time on hold, and so many phone calls to get things done? Why does a credit that's owed to you, need to sit in a twilight zone billing are, while you wait for the billing God's to credit your account? Ifcalls are recited for quality assurance, who's reviewing these recorded calls?

I'm so angry with AT&T, that just as soon as my family has another provider option, I'll be switching our service, for our wireless phones, as well as our whimsy DSL.

Every time I call, I also get a rep from the Philippines, and I DON'T WANT TO SPEAK YO AN OFF-SHORE REP, as they talk entirely too much, and NEVER DO what they say they're Going to do.

In a letter written by an investment firm that holds over 1 billion dollars in AT&T stock, the investment firms CEO clearly states the issues with AT&T, which begins at the TOP.

All we want, is for AT&T to wake up, and take care of its customers!! I'm sick of spending so much of MY time trying to fix what AT&T should have fixed, over a month ago!!!

  • Updated by Frustrated and fed-up · Oct 03, 2019

    I've been waiting for over a month fir a $135.00 credit to hit my account! I've spent hours on the phone with billing to try and resolve the issue, but so far NO-ONE has taken the initiative to correct the wrong, and today AT&T took the money out of my checking account.

    Why is it so difficult to get the credit on your account, that you are owed?

    I along with thousands of other consumers will be dropping AT&T just as soon as we have another viable option.

    Heck, the CEO of the investment firm that holds over a billion dollars worth of AT&T stock, has even issued AT&T CEO and exes. a letter detailing where AT&T has screwed up, and where they need to improve. Proving to me, and many, many other AT&T customers, that AT&T has become incompetent, and I'm assuming they'll most likely sell their stock in AT&T if things don't change rapidly.

    Correct this situation now, and stop routing the calls to the Philippines, where the reps don't do anything they say they'll do!

    This is frustrating and shouldn't be happening!

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