AT&T Wirelesscancellation fee


First let me start off by saying that I have had my account with AT&T for almost 20 years. I don't switch for the fun of it. We wanted to get I-Phone and 1.5 years ago went and got them, and of course had to sign a contract for 2 years... but then we moved 6 months later. Because our regular phones had been working at our new home before our move, we did not even anticipate that we would have any problems with the I-Phones there... Well from day one at the new house, we had dropped calls left and right. I have called and complained all the time and keep be told we will hopefully get a tower in your area soon, just keep calling and reporting the problem. That is ridiculous... I was told two months ago just to try one more solution... to get the mini tower (Booster) and if that did not work they would waive my cancellation fee. Well here we are two months later, tower helped the Verizon Internet hub in the home but not the phones, drop calls going down the road as well. Now when I call back to cancel and get the fee waived I am told I have to pay $225 to cancel 6 months early...that they do not waive fees and could not. That they do not honor what a customer service rep says, it is not their department. And to add to the drama he also told me that he doubted that I had dropped calls at all, that I use the phones according to his records... What a joke!!! When I get done with this company, I will be done forever and would say that NO ONE SHOULD EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!! It is a shame how they will treat a 20 year customer!

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