AT&T U - Verseextremely poor service


AT&T U-Verse was supposed to have my phone service installed on October 5th between 8-10 AM. They kept moving the appt and finally wanted to come at 7 PM. I wasn't available that time so I asked them not to come that day. No apologies or phone call to reschedule the appt until i called them after few days. Then Nov 3rd a technician came to find out that AT&T had done no previous planning to have my phone service activated that day. After half-day from work and one and half hour of calls with AT&T, the technician went back without doing anything. Then when i was upset, i was told that they would do it on November 25th because Comcast is not letting them port my number before Nov 25th. I found out from Comcast that AT&T is the one who requested the date because they didn't have any available dates before that. Even their corporate office was very poor in handling customer complaint. They give you lot of stories without checking any fact. Now I am in the process of moving all my services back to Comcast. If you have problem with Comcast, you'll have lot more problem with AT&T U-verse. I was stunned by their nasty customer service and poor corporate handling of customer complaints.


  • Li
    Lisa Nov 28, 2008

    I have just gone through a similiar experience...first installation date that they confirmed was mysteriously cancelled by their system after they called the day prior to confirm. I was told by two U-Verse representatives that this was a 'common occurrence.' The second installation day came and their system did not have the proper phone lines ready so they had to ask me to reschedule. When I called in, got rude service and was told there was no notation from the technician as to the issue. So cancelled this and sticking with Comcast. Not like they have stellar customer support either, but I have just been appalled at the weeks of run around from U-Versde and no one their willing to help a new customer. Shame!

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  • Cm
    CMcClellan0525 May 05, 2009

    I was trying to switch from Cox Commucation to AT&T for my home phone and internet service when i moved and am going through the same stuff. Spent 30-45 minutes just trying to verify a installation time of 0800-1200 2 days before the install date. After being placed on hold several i was given confirmation that the appointment was set and all was well. Then installation day comes and I sit and wait patiently for 4 and a half hours for them to show...finally at 12:30 i gave up and called to see if their was a problem. After being rerouted to 3 different call centers they finally got me to a California rep who transfered me to another rep who finally was able to tell me they rescheduled my appointment to tomorrow because the previious resident of my house had theirs set to be cancelled tomorrow and they couldnt do anything until then. Well thats bull because this house has been empty for over a month and is on base housing and I know the previous resident and I tested the lines to see if they were still active and they arent. I also asked why i wasnt notified that the appointment had been changed at which i was simply told I dont work in that department sir...I asked to speak to "that" department and they said that they dont talk to customers sir. I have already wasted 5 hours of my life waiting for them have been handled rudely on the phone and have not had anything accomplished yet. My modem for DSL was suppose to arrive 3 days ago but because of a shipping error on their part it wont arrive til sometime next week we think...AT&T has really surprised me I have never had a bad thing to say about them til today and now I despise ther service.

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  • To
    toolguy1964 May 19, 2009

    We have had AT&T U-Verse Service for about 8 months now and up the last month, we have had good service. About a month a go we started to have intermittent problems with the service where the signal was dropped for several hours a day, just about every day. Everday there was a problem, I would call the AT&T Customer "no-Service" number first going through their automated hell of answering questions then waiting on hold to get connected to a live person (in the Phillipines) mind you. After explaining to the customer service rep for the umteenth time what the ongoing issue is, they say they will create a trouble ticket and have a rep come out (for the 9000th time) Get the picture. They keep coming to fix a problem they can't trace but the techs can see it on their handheld computers when they hook up our line to it. They have torn up the sidewalk in the front of our house to get access to the trunk line and repair what they said was a bad bond; they have changed out our Residential Gatweay Unit (RGU) and they have changed out the cable from the phone box to the RGU twice. None of these "fixes" have solved the problem. The techs say there is "noise" in the line they can trace where it's coming from. They even went so far as to blame the problem on the flourescent lights in the garage and the compact flourescent lights we have around the hose for the noise. To make a point, I changed all the CFL's back to incadescent and unplugged all the flourescent shop lights in the garage and there is still "noise" in the line. I cannot get anyone in management to call me back from the local office and we are at wits end with this so...Comcast, here we come.
    The sad thing is AT&T doesn't see the picture because we were going to switch over to their cellphone service in August when our contract is up in August with our current provider to have everything under one package and bill.
    AT&T is obviously being ran as bad or worse than when C.Michael Armstrong was the CEO a few years back.

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  • Ki
    Kim Mollica Oct 18, 2009

    I called up for Uverse and got direct tv, and had to pay the cancellation fee of $416.44. I just bought a new home and had workers and wasn't watching that Direct TV (not uverse) was installing a satellite dish. It was too late. I signed the contract, when I had over 3 workers in my new home, and was told that it was just that the install was acceptable. The people at Uverse are complete idiots, and I wrote a letter to the FTC, FCC and the attorney general. They are all too big. When I called Uverse they said sorry you have to deal with Direct TV we are not affiliated with them. They would not even provide me the recorded tele. conversation of my order and that I was never told that Direct TV was being installed when uverse was available in my area. The CEO should be embarrassed. The service is good but to get it is a nightmare.

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  • Pa
    Paul in TC Mar 22, 2010

    I've been a Uverse customer for approximately two months, after leaving Charter as a ten year customer. If anyone had told me how much I'd miss Charter after such a short time, I would have said they were crazy. I couldn't have been more wrong. AT&T Uverse is one of the worst decisions I've ever made.

    At this point, I've had three technicians come out to diagnose my problems (picture freezes on TV, internet loss, and phone line loss). Needless to say, when you lose one of these services, you lose the rest, and in my case that's happened every day, often for hours at a time. The techs say the problem is inside the house, outside the house, and the buried line connection itself. They may as well say it's interference from my dog's collar.

    When my first bill came due, I decided not to pay it until the problem was fixed. I called their finance office and was credited the entire amount of the bill. As I told the lady who made that decision, "I'm almost satisfied. Now I just need to begin receiving Uverse without interruption." Fat chance. Three weeks later, the same problems persist.

    AT&T is all about market share, i.e. sign up as many new customers as possible and worry about delivering the promised service when they figure out how to do it. They have yet to figure out how to deliver it to my house. You want Uverse? Become one of their new customers at your own peril.

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  • Af
    AFTC Jul 05, 2010

    If I had known how irresponsible, unreliable and untrustworthy (to name just three) most all of the representatives at AT&T U-verse were before we switched, I would not have done it. They don't respond to emails, they don't keep their promises, they are misleading and I am not going to refer anyone else to them. If anyone reading this is thinking of switching or bundling your cell, internet, landline and cable ... make absolutely positive the quote you are given is exactly what you are charged. They charge a month in advance so make sure you take that into consideration when/if you switch. Also, if you refer someone make sure you get your referral credit and make sure the new customer gets their credit for being referred. Make sure your printer works from your computer after the initial installation. Ask the installer to leave you a business card with email contact info of his supervisor. Not that that you'll ever get a reply if you send an email. I am not surprised by all of these bad comments about U-verse. Hindsight is 20-20.

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  • Ma
    MarinaGP Aug 04, 2010

    We have been having the uverse, internet service for a long time. 12 days ago, we stop having the service a tech came an said that Cox cut all the cables and he can’t fix it, after almost 3 hours, he move the modem to other place and said that it was fix. That night we try to connect and we didn’t have internet after reporting the problem it took the 2nd tech almost a week to came and try to fix it. The 2nd tech change the modem, and we didn’t have the service. We have been calling every day to Uvers tech support and they said that this is a priority problem and it is in a special department (tech second inst.)We have been making 4 appointments and the tech or does not show up, or it shows after the schedule of the appointment, or it calls an hour after the appointment time saying that he just got the report and it will take him another hour and a half to get to my house. I have been talking with supervisors in this department and they are not able to send one tech on time. Last night I spoke with another supervisor and he apologize and ask me at what time the tech can be at my home and I said between 11 and 1 pm because I have an appointment. He said that it was ok that the tech will b e at my home in that schedule and also his manager will call me between those hours to check that the tech is working with this problem. Around 2:00 pm I call uverse (again) wait for over 1 hour and finally another supervisor told me that the appointment was change by the person that I spoke before and he move the appointment for latter. I didn’t know about this and I had an appointment at 3 pm!!! Still I do not have any service and ATT Uverse is denying us the internet service because they are not sending any tech to fix it. By the way the acct is paid by 3 months in advance. I have proof of the last 3 schedule appointments that the tech didn’t show and also proof of all the time we have been on the phone with the tech support and how many times we have been calling them.

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  • Af
    AFTTC Aug 05, 2010

    It appears most people I speak with about AT&T Uverse are not happy with the service they were promised they'd get. That seems to be the problem. They promise to send someone out between certain times - and they don't arrive. They promise to give you 12.0 Mbps Internet speed and it never goes that high - but you still have to pay for the upgrade. The promises are never-ending -- until after you agree to switch -- then whatever they've promised goes right out the window.

    There is one thing I'll give them, though. Everyone I have ever spoken with at AT&T and every installer I've met has been very nice, very kind, very helpful and very polite. It's just after wehang up or after they leave -- then the business that I thought I was getting according to our Agreement -- I didn't get. So, I have had the unplesant opportunity of having to call AT&T Uverse to straighten out a problem or remove something they promised that I'm not getting at least 15 times since switching over on 5/5/2010.

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  • Mr
    mrwood3 Dec 01, 2010

    I agree with everyone...Uverse I terrible...any coorporate info to call and make a complaint

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  • To
    toolguy1964 Apr 21, 2011

    As stated with many other who have had a horrible Customer NO Service experience with Steve's Blinds; I too am dealing with blinds that don't fit. Called Steve Katzman at the 800# that he allegedley provides above and was put through voice mail. No reply and I don't expect one. Add my complaint to the long list of bad experiences with Steve's Blinds & Wallpaper...Never again!

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  • Va
    Valencia Robbins Jun 28, 2011

    After Uverse hound us to go with their company, that was the biggest mistake my husband ever made, Uverse was out here on my street the week of June 20 2011, on June 24th they came to install Unverse the tech came at 9:00 am and left at 2:00 pm when he came my phone, internet and cable (with Direct TV) was working when he left nothing was working. We kept calling and talking to supervisor after supervisors telling them to come back out here and put things like they were when you came out here in install this mess, they kept giving us dates and times that they would come back out here, they never came the time kept getting changed I talked to one of the Techs on the phone and he said, AT&T Uverse don't care, my husband then threw all of their equipment out of our house, it is tuesday June 21st I still do not have cable so as of today I have been with out cable for five days, AT&T did come out and repaired my phone and internet but now AT&T Uverse refuse to come, they said I need to call Direct TV. I told them Direct TV did not mess up my cable, U DID. I told them why can't you understand you did it so you come and fix it, Now I have signed up with Comcast they will be out here on friday but I will never ever deal with AT&T or AT&T Uverse ever gain and I will encourage others not too. Also I found out that AT&T is not in our area so why didn't they just say that instead of disrupting my house, They should be sued by all of us.

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