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K Sep 01, 2018 Review updated:

Due to the Executive Office Manager (Shannon White) I canceled all my service in June 2018. Due to medical issues, I needed reliable phone service (Landline not VOIP) so on 09/01/18 I decided to keep my landline. Therefore, I called to reconnect the service and spoke to a Account Manager (Monica). Monica sound stressed and ready to leave for the Labor Day holiday not caring how she place the order. It took almost 2 hours to cancel the scheduled payments to setup for the balance on the previous account and her to place the order. After 2 hours for processing the order, she needed for me a third party rep to confirm I placed the order. Although the system reflect payments made, it still would not allow her to complete the order. Monica continued to stress Labor Day Holiday and started rushing through the process. She gave the order # without the amount of the service therefore I asked how much are the services. She had not gotten any of that information prepared to give to me. At that point I asked Monica to speak to a supervisor and it was like pulling teeth. I was my supervisor cannot help you with the issue we have to make sure AT&T get their money from my bank. It did not make sense because I used a Debit Card where the funds were immediately withdrawn from my account. In addition, online it reflected zero balance.


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    9wood Sep 01, 2018

    your just a disturbance to at&t don't you know
    as noted she was more concerned about being of for the weekend doing her alledged job
    would go with another option

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