AT&Tmodem service man

E Dec 23, 2019

I recently had a service tech come to my house and 30 min. after he left My camera went out my landline went out and to make matters worse I had no phone the whole night until the morning I managed to get online and get help from a representative online. My landline phone sounded tapped I called in to tell them I needed a representative they sent him in and all these issues occurred after he left. Another issue we encountered was the new modum he installed smelled as if a circuit was catching fire. I'm not sure how to explain it properly, I am describing to best of my ability. I no longer hear a tapping noise on my phone and am receiving my phone calls. I am a single Christian mother and I pay for my services every month and am very dissatisfied with my experience. A third issue I noticed was every time I put in password he gave me on the modum it did not work for my camera phones or anything only my computer. My camera was disabled all night. Again I pay for these services unsattisfied, another issue was my calls were not coming in. Please look into my account there is a number linked to my account that is not mine. From this point forward please make sure you are doing federal background checks on any service provider in my area DEA informants are getting backgrounds expunged and some of these men are criminals. Thank you for your time regarding this matter.

  • Updated by ednaflores · Dec 23, 2019

    Fees every month going higher and higher, they told me they would wave a $9.96 fee and are now sending me bill that it is past due. Also when I signed the contract they stated my bill would be around 158.56. My bill has gone from 203.00 to 1730.00 to 183.00 to 193.00 I am outraged at my experience with this company. Please look into my account.

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