At&Tlied to to get me as customer

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When talking to a customer service rep. about DSL service, with local phone service, she excused herself to talk with supervisor, then she came back and infomed me if I had my deposit paid by end of that business day I would get $150.00 in rewards for taking AT&T service. After getting their service I only got a $50.00 reward, this agent lied to me to get me to sign up that day. I at first informed her I would have to think about it and would call her back. This agent name is Tyia Woodworth, her phone number at AT&T call center where she works is [protected]. She gave me her call back number to inform when my deposit was paid, I called her back to inform my deposit was made and got her voicemail, she never called me back, she knew she lied. I then had to call another agent to inform of getting my deposit paid, he finished setting up getting my local phone and DSL set up to be installed, I still had to speak with 4 more agents to finish getting everything set up for service and getting info I needed.
I feel AT&T should not have their agents lie to get customers, if they would give better service, they would not have to lie.

The AT&T Rewards website is hidden in list of websites when trying to redeem rewards, just scroll down several websites to find.

A dissatisfied Customer in Kentucky


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      Apr 21, 2009
    AT&T - Overcharge, delay&abuse
    AT&T home service
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    This company charges $45 for transfer your service (because i'm moving due to a foreclosure on the apt i rent) i was trying to do the transfer on line not only they charge me that amount they force me to accept them as a long distance company (I cannot afford neither need it) otherwise i will not be able to continue to the next step, the service (all operators are name jessica) offers me to upgrade my service and waive the fee i do not need or can afford the price, , , , and the service will be connected by in 2 weeks!!! since the bell south sale to att the service is so abusive, my question is : can they charge whaterever they please and/or force me to do what they want? is any stipulation for protecting retired people in low income?

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