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A Dec 04, 2019

Called DirectTV back in October because all of our boxes went to
Error Code 776 2 days ago, satellite hardware needs updating. Prior to this, on 09/24/2019, I received and email from DirectTv telling me that I needed to call for an equipment upgrade or my service would stop working. I called as directed and was sent a replacement box for one of my TV's and told me that there would be no additional charge for the replacement equipment~ I asked him several times to confirm before ending the call. Fast Forward to early October and all of our boxes go to error 776. I reset all of our boxes, made sure the SWIM was plugged in and such with no luck. All boxes would playback shows recorded on our DVR but would not stream live TV. When I called "tech support" 10/11/19 at 645am, I was told that I would need to call back when I was at home for troubleshooting. I had already done the troubleshooting~ I am not your average customer. I have 14+ years in technical support and had already completed the troubleshooting suggested in the forums. At that time I asked that my service be canceled as I was fed up and was told that I would be transferred to the DirecTV cancellation department. I was instead BLIND transferred to UVerse. 20 minutes in on my phone call, the Uverse rep then BLIND transferred me the DirecTV cancellation department where I was asked for the 3rd time to provide my account information and for the 3rd time had to explain the issue. The representative I spoke with, Hector, advised that a tech would need to come to my home for yet more troubleshooting and that I would need to be home~ It would be a 4 hour window. That is not an option, like most folks, my husband and I both work and cannot afford to take time off to sit around for 4 hours waiting for the tech to show up. I asked if there was a possibility of narrowing that window down to a more reasonable time frame and was told no. Okay, I get it but I cannot take time off work and previously, when there was an issue, a tech was sent while we were away and the issue was resolved. At this time I reiterated my request to cancel my service and was told that the cancellation would be effective 10/24/19 due to my billing cycle, that is 13 days of service I was forced to pay for but not be able to use. I then asked that he take a look at my bill because it was higher than it was supposed to be, he told me that a promotion I had expired and that was why my bill was higher. The $50.00 monthly promotion was not supposed to expire. I was told specifically by customer service that it had no end date and that I would not have to call again to get it re-added. Well apparently that was misinformation. Super. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that the supervisor was on another call and would say the same thing anyway but that I could hold for an unknown amount of time to hear it from him, Chris. Needless to say, I had to get back to work and could not hold any longer. I canceled my service on that call and had to suck it up and pay for the rest of my bill cycle since DirectTv doesn't pro rate. So there I was with no service but still being charged. No promotion that was not supposed to have an expiration date so I had a much larger bill than anticipated and pissed off. I had been with DirecTV for more than 11 years, paid their ridiculous fees on time every month even when I was between jobs but that apparently didn't carry any weight. I thought I was free of DirectTV but here I am a month after cancelling and I get charged $40.78. When I called "customer service" I am told that the charges are for me adding another TV and a pay per view movie. I did not add a TV nor did I order a movie, we have Hulu and Netflix! I can only assume that the record for adding another TV was for the replacement box that was sent out when I called about the email I received. The rep I spoke with just kept repeating herself so I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that one was not available but that I would get a call back within an hour….nope. So here I am, I want my money back and to be truly free of DirectTV.

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