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K Jan 07, 2020

My husband and I have been Direct TV customers since 2012. Prior to the AT&T takeover, their customer service was great, if I had any billing issues they were always resolved to my satisfaction and with great customer service, they made me feel like a valued customer.

Fast forward to present day under AT&T control customer service is non existent. I recently had to use the payment arrangement option due to a death in my family I for the 1st time got behind on my November bill, it double with the December bill. I used the online make a payment arrangement option with 2 payments 1 of $131 due by 12/27/19 and the other of $131 due by 01/10/20. I made the 1st payment a bit earlier on 12/24/19.

Today is 01/07/20 and my service has been suspended and I have emails stating my account is in collections. I called their customer service and was told my service was suspended because my new bill for January 2020 was due 12/28/19. And that in order to restore service I would need to pay the full balance for both months. I explained that I understood a new bill generated in he middle of a payment arrangement, however I should have been informed that I would need to create an arrangement for the 12/28 bill.

At the time I created the arrangement that bill was not even in the system. The rep persisted in telling me that my JAN bill was due 12/28 and it is now Jan 7 and service was interrupted, that voided the arrangement. I advised the agent that this was not acceptable at all and opted to just disconnect the service altogether.. I was transferred to their customer loyalty department and was not given any help their either, no options to help me, a longtime customer at all.

I kept my end of the agreement and they did not.

This agent said she was sorry I was canceling and preceded to read me agreement that I have until 01/17/20 to return all receivers or there would be additional fees, absolutely no attempt at all to save a customer from leaving. I will say this I will never do business with this company again!!

AT&T/Direct TV

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