AT&Tcell phone prepaid and customer service


I am sharing my personal experience with this company. I have fallen on extremely difficult financial circumstances. My mother (who lives in Indiana) is trying to provide me with a cell phone here in Virginia so that my friends and loved ones have a means to reach me. When visiting Virginia, she got a phone for me with AT&T and she was under the impression that autopay was set up. The first month I have the phone, it was disconnected and my mother was told there was a misunderstanding and that autopay had not been correctly set up. It is now the 2nd month of service, same thing. No phone service and my mother has spent hours on the phone being given the runaround by this company. It is after 10:30pm and I still have no service. I messaged AT&T on facebook and was sent a message that this is being "reviewed". Please bear in mind, money is being taken from my mother for phone service that I do not currently have! My mom also reached out to AT&T in regards to the same issue and they advised her that she needs to take her bank statement showing the money is being taken out because they have no record of it???????? I would strongly urge anyone to NOT use the services of this company. I am also taking this information and providing it to any business bureau that will listen.

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