B Jan 07, 2020

I tried to pay off a phone using the instruction on my bill and online. My next bill came with a credit instead of paying off the phone. I called and supposedly got it cleared up, paid the 11/23 bill of $79.18 but then received the next bill for 12/23 indicating in red a past due amount, due immediately. I called and was assured by 2 employees, including collections and billing specialists that the matter would be cleared up and that I could go to the store to add a line and get an upgrade on a phone. Att called my son, who is not authorized on the account, and was told we were being taken to collections for the past due amount. AND we were not allowed to add a line or upgrade a device at the store because of our past due amount. Another call and 2 more employees told me this would be cleared up and we could add a line and upgrade a device. For the second we were not allowed to add a line or upgrade a device due to a past due amount. 2 more employees told me tow different things. That it would take 24 hours to fix the errors and several days. I was also told this was under investigation and that I would hear back on the status of this issue. I have not head anything back. I am angry about having a past due amount posted and being told I would be taken to collections over an Att mistake, being told it was resolved when it wasn't, being humiliated when being denied an upgrade and adding a line because of a past due amount, Att not being able to figure out what caused the issues with the billing and causing a past due amount but being sent to, being lied to by employees who are supposed to be billing specialists, and not having any response back on the investigation. After being customers for decades, we have been wronged and this is poor customer service.

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