AT&Tactivating internet, and customer service


On October 18 2017. I can called to get my daughters AT&T go phone internet activated. Spent almost an hour on the phone. Prior to this call I had called and made a payment for $10.00 for " an upgrade". To be able to access the Internet. It was not working which is why I called on the 18th. The representive and I did numerous things to get it running. Still no luck. So then she put me on hold and said that since I had paid $10.00 and no luck and all of the proscessing of the day no luck that she had added a plan for $35.00 so that my phone would have 1GB. I said thank you this is quite a headache. So she had me turn the phone off and then back on again. Go in and check to make sure that the data was on. Still not working bye this time I had to go to work. So I said I would call back tommarow. So tommarow which is today(october19). I call and talk to a guy who tells me not only do I need to purchase a new plan. Which I was already given due to my inconvenices. But we can't go any further until I pay. So with arguing back and forth obviously due to the circumstances he tells me $20 will get what I need. So I go to give him a payment over the phone. And he then tells me I have to sign up for automatic payment or I have to pay $25.00. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisior numerous times. He denied me that access. Here I am still with no internet which I purchased on an AT&T phone. Where AT&T refuse to get a situation resolved. I have been an AT&T customer for years now. I have purshesd lots of phones and plans with your company. I am currently still a customer with you and my current bill is averaging over $300 dollars a month. So yes I'm a little upset that your company can't handle a $35.00 arrangement that was handled wrong in customer service department. If this situation is not addressed properly. I will take my business else where despite my contract. And I will not give your company another dollar.

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