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Ordered on line from manufacturer Asus Technology Services, 211 River Ridge Circle, Jefferson, Indiana 4713. Received a defective mother board and despite several returns for repair and or replacement continues to return the same unit and just recently sent a used and malfunctioning mother board stating the product is good. The unit crashes the computer and has a malfunctioning USB port despite the manufacturers quality control reviews.

Purchase of a new mother board locally resulted in perfect computer performance validating the defectiveness of the mother board purchased from Asus Technology.

Seeking a refund or replacement of a new guaranteed mother board. Situation has been ongoing for months.


  • Ra
    Rayed sarfraz Oct 28, 2019
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    Verified customer

    I am a student i need laptop

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  • Fa
    Falk Wagenbach Nov 14, 2018
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    Verified customer

    Very disappointing service! stay away from asus!

    - motherboard died
    - emailed asus, got my ticket, promised 48h
    - 3 days later... nothing happened
    - called support [protected]
    - guy hung up on me... "I have a problem with my asus motherboard..." click

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  • Sf
    sfdsdf Nov 13, 2018


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  • Ju
    juan99 Sep 20, 2011

    I will never buy another product from asus.. Yes .. they have good looking products but CUSTOMER SERVICE make the worse of the company; Customer service without any knowledge about products, Clearly technical support does not know about their systems, and asus store does not know how to send Recovery products (the one that i received after waiting for over 3 weeks because they couldn't send it.. arrive and the disks are defective "according to asus technical department") I am so disappointed about their products.. making me never buy or think buying anything from them.. IF you think HP OR Compac have a bad Customer service because their Customer service is in INDIA.. TRY asus.. WORSE>> ALL THE WAY

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  • Ja
    jamalahmed Sep 12, 2011

    negative attitude it has good performance but have short working period

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  • Ma
    MAINAK SEN Aug 04, 2011

    mother board asus p5gc-mx1333
    i have buyed mother board in april 2009 from Vedant computers kolkata
    now i have encountered problem with my mother board, in between this also i have encountered problem, but it was in warantee period, so, i have been to asus service centre: DIGICOMP COMPLETE SOLUTIONS LTD, 49B, C.R.AVENUE. KOLKATA-12.
    PH NO:- [protected]/[protected]/[protected].
    and tell them the detail about my mother board problem, that it gets shut down automatically after sometime and it get to restarted mode automatically and there is no display. i submitted my board for service, on 26/7./2011.
    i been there to collect it on 02.08.2011
    i took it to home and start my machine, after 2 hours my machine again hanged and again there was no display and went to restart mode auto and was not workin properly,

    the trouble of my mother board is that it is not working properly, i mean to say after, it gets off automatically and get to restart MODE AUTO.
    moreover i also want to tell one fact that the management of the service centre in kolkata is not good. there is no co-ordination.

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  • Su
    Subhasish Halder May 15, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To customer service manager:
    My motherboard is M2AMX X Series problem is usb device work not frist time i format my pc then i had to do connect my hardware any usb device ...there r device will be know the motherboard...then after 2 day leaft any hardware ex.pen drive has not work has msg show (found a new hardware) then i will next then installing but finished time msg will show (can not install this hardware)...what i do ?

    2nd problem mother board has a 4 sata port ...first port i add my hard disk ...then format, comtuter now running with out any problem, but i change motherboard"s 2 or 3 sata port ...add hard disk ...then computer will msg (hard drive is not found)...what i do this promlem? plz help me...

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  • Mi
    MikezMiller Apr 08, 2011

    I would like to complaint about PC WORLD in SIBU, whose cheated customer with a suck reasons. I would like to but an Asus laptop, but them refused to give me a new laptop instead of display one. And take out sucks reason said them didn't have new stock! Furthermore, while I requesting a free gift from them, it was just 2 of it. A mouse and a keyboard waterproof protector. damn! When I mention why my friends can get even more free gift with buying the same laptop in PC WORLD but in miri division, he replied when did your friend buy it. I say on january 2011, rapidly he say it was the promotion on that time. Now no more promotion. What a [censor] Sales Assistant, if u wanted to help your boss to earn back a laptop price why don't just give me some free gift, and if don't have new stock I requesting for order and why you rejected? just go ahead order and I have time to wait. An Idiot SA dunno how to make a sales in addition you are 30++ person.

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  • enigma-1 Dec 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The only solution I would recommend is to ask your money back from your credit card companies. Don't wait because ASUS will put you on hold trying to stall the process and buy time.

    I had 2 motherboards from them back in 2004. Both defective. The memory bus somehow keep causing intermittent errors and I was unable to do my job. It wasn't the memory because I tried countless different brands and pairs all of them show the same problems. I returned back one of the boards to ASUS asking for replacement. What followed was basically mentioned here in earlier posts. They agreed to check the board they found "nothing wrong" with it. They're scam artists selling poor quality or defective products.

    For those who have no experience with this company avoid ASUS primarily because of the non-existing service. You get as much guarantee as buying something from the flea market.

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  • Do
    DontbuyASUS Oct 27, 2010

    I have a ASUS G73 just purchased a few months ago and the screen just went out; I took it back to Mircocenter where I purchase the laptop with an extended warranty. The warranty meant nothing since it was still under manufacturer's warranty, microcenter said I would have to ship the laptop myself to ASUS. After paying for shipping myself, I waited a few days to called ASUS looking for a status. I was informed after 5 days they still have not logged the laptop into their system. The only thing the person on the phone could say is ASUS has 14 business days (3 weeks) and they might have it back to me by then. My advice avoid this company the service and quality is below what any person deserves.

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  • Si
    SICK_TIRED Feb 04, 2010

    Strongly Agreed.
    I bought 2 each identical laptops A7T. One that is gently used got no boot (dead) before 1year. RMA fixed free. Just before 2year warranty ended, lcd display has a 2" vertical blankout on the right. RMA said it was my abused, it would cost me ~$350. After auguing w/ them, they agreed to fix it. When returned after a month, I found 1gb of ram I installed was missing. I called them and they said they escalated my case and were locating my ram. After more than 20 calls and 3 months elapsed, they told that they never saw the ram, TOUGH, CASE CLOSED, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.
    Right after 2 years, the other laptop has the same lcd blank stripe.
    I have another cheap Acer, almost 2 years, which has no problem yet.

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  • Zi
    Zildjian52886 Jan 28, 2010

    I agree that ASUS has many qualities. They have bad service, but only to an extent. Getting a response from customer service is not a problem, but getting a solution is. Their main problem is product support and quality. I have had many issues with my laptop. 2 weeks after I purchased it, the computer overheated and failed to start up at all. I sent it in on warranty and the repair was made in a reasonable amount of time. It needed new thermal paste. Even after the repair the computer still gets very hot due to bad BIOS support from the company. The fan runs at high speeds even when the computer is doing no work. I "learned" to live with that until I upgraded my computer to windows 7. The computer is less than 1 year old. The computer came with Vista and has no support for XP. The company does not make Windows 7 drivers either. Even after contacting support multiple times complaining about their lack of product support all they can continue to say is "Sorry". I've started petition threads on the companies forum section of their site in hopes to get enough people on my side for them to do something. Everyone is right in that they turn a blind eye. Once the sale is made they could care less about product support and it seems to be last on their list.

    My computer: M51Ta X2 puchased 03/09

    support response time and repair time: good

    system support (BIOS, drivers) and product quality: bad

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  • Re
    reggie white Jan 28, 2010

    I bought a asus computer from Best Buy in october 09 and by jan 10 the computer just lost power while i was reading an email. The computer would not turn back on.I went back to Best Buy and the told me they could not repair the computer in the store due to the fact they cannot get the parts. I was told i would have to send the computer to the service center. Asus service center received the computer on jan 15 and i had to call them after waiting for 10 days without hearing from them, only for them to tell me over the phone they dont know whats wrong with the computer as it was being repaired by a third party repair center. I got a email from asus on jan 27 informing me they had to order a part and that it would take at least 2 to 3 weeks for the part to arrive .
    This is unacceptable, I bought three Dell computers 2 years ago for christmas for the three kids and they have not had no problems ever since, one of the computers even has some keys missing but still continues to work.
    The other computer had a bad power charger and i ordered one on ebay and had it in a few days .
    I will never buy a asus computer or shop in Best Buy again.

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  • Sa
    Saltscald Dec 19, 2009

    Serious hardware issues and poor repair services.
    Factor in an additional $50-$70 to the cost of owning this computer. You will spent at least that on shipping and phone calls to tech support when attempting to resolve problems.
    Less than a week after purchasing an Asus computer I returned it because of a hardware fault. I received the computer back a week later but the problem was not resolved. Once again I have to mail the computer back at my own expense.

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  • Sh
    shamshudo Dec 16, 2009

    After sales Service from Asus singapore is really bad, their service support staff were very ill-mannered towards customers.
    Many people bought their Asus mainboard and discovered the mainboard faulty after a few days, most of the mainboard
    They will always shrink their responsibility and direct consumers to their distributors. I bought a F6 Asus Laptop computer form Funan Digital life mall only for 2 days and it became was faulty. So I went back to the Notebook dealer in funan to request for a refund, they reject me and they told me they can't exchange my faulty unit with a new working unit. Eventually the Dealer refers me to the Asus service center which is the ADELPHI building opposite funan digital life mall. I was so angry and upset and I went to the ASUS service center, I requested for an exchange of the unit. The Asus Counter staffs me that their company doesn’t have such policy.

    They would provide servicing of the notebook and exchange faulty hardware parts which I can't believe it and accept the fact. I was so piss off with their servicing and product quality, I used 3 ASUS mainboard previously and it was still working fine then. I noticed Asus quality is no good like before, I think Hewlett Packard, Dell, Fujitsu and Acer quality and services is far better than ASUS. Not just their service is better than ASUS and I found out that those brand also manufactured their notebooks in china like ASUS. I have waited for 2 weeks to get my ASUS notebook fixed instead of 3 working days as what they said they would speed up the process initially, I was not happy for what they did and they break their promised. So I requested to see their Manager in charge when I went over to collect back my note and they told me their Manager "Jimmy" is not around. So they asked a Senior Engineer whose name is "Jason”, he told me that he can't do anything in a very unfriendly tone he then gave me their management's email " [email protected] I have sent an email regarding the issue and there was no reply for their management.

    As you can see how unprofessional they are, their management in Singapore does not care for their consumers. It seems like they do not have the ability or capability to provide good services to their consumers perhaps in future those who bought the ASUS notebook and encounter the same like should make complains to their taiwan headquarters. ASUS is a small peanut in the IT world and their product quality is getting worse, SHAME ON THEM and they still have the cheek to sell their products across the globe. This comment goes out to those poor people who has been cheated by buying Asus notebooks, they should consider this low down brand before they purchase the ASUS notebook. I really want my money back from the dealer or sell my ASUS Notebook away to someone.

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  • Ke
    Keith Karlton Dec 14, 2009

    I am the owner of a Computer Service Company in Ohio. In our office we have several computers, one of which is six weeks old. After about four weeks the computer just shut down. To make a long story short, ASUS "Tech Support" recommended our company send back the motherboard for replacement. So far so good, so WE paid for the shipping to have the faulty motherboard sent back to ASUS for replacement. After about a week, we receive an email that the motherboard was damaged and we would have to pay for a new replacement!! What????. We have called them and they said that there was nothing that they could do about it. So as the owner of my company I wanted to speak to a supervisor and was told that a supervisor would call us back. Well, after calling again SEVERAL times we are still waiting (over a month now) for ANYONE from ASUS to call us back. I have instructed my employees NEVER do business with this ASUS again, Way to Go ASUS, way to support your products and return phone calls. By the way, if they also tell you that they will have a tech call you back... Good luck with that one also.

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  • Wi
    Wiliam Coleman Dec 11, 2009

    Bought an Asus1005HA netbook. two months and adapter died - Had to ship them my old one at my expense -$8.50. They said I would have the new one by the end of the month. I called them November 30th at 6 in the evening and they insisted that it would be there by the end of the month. They dont't apparently have a concept of the term "end of the month", because the rep kept insisting it would be there by the end of the month even though I tried to describe to her that Nov 30th WAS the end of the month. It is now Dec 11th and I still don't have an adapter. have been without the computer for a month now. Outrageously bad customer service. Wished I had read this forum before buying

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  • Gi
    Giovanni gooner Dec 07, 2009

    Never ever again. Like a mug i bought two laptops the oldest ( 3 years old ) is on its second outer casing this was not caused by missuse ITS DESIGN FAULT. My other laptop was sent away by my supplier as the letter L was loose. It took them 5 WEEKS to replace a keyboard. Now its away again as the screen keeps freezing . I have had no contact and all my enquiries fall on deaf ears. its been away for 3 weeksso far and i dont expect to see it before christmas. Thats 7 weeks in 20 mouths. The bloody thing has had more holidays than i have. ASUS your after sales sevice is about as much use as a chocolate teapot

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  • Bu
    bufhal Nov 25, 2009

    I wish I could find out how to get my money back for this laptop. They claim no refunds or no replacements.
    What recourse can I take?

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  • Ay
    Ayse Lamia Oct 10, 2009

    I bought an ASUS notebook because they told me it was the best on the market. This was four months ago. As soon as I started using it, two months ago because I was not familar with Vista, I started getting blue screens. The service in Istanbul Turkey did not answer the phone and I had to call Ankara. They told me to take it to the service immideately which I did. I got back the laptop three weeks later. They had taken off my word program and my virus program both of which had been loaded by my university. I also got a paper saying there was nothing wrong with the machine. As soon as I started working on it, after having to buy both a new word program and a virus program. it gave me a blue screen again. It is now at the service again. I understand that I am to get a new machine if it has the same problem three times over but the first time they gave me a piece of paper saying there was nothing wrong with it. I am an academic and in dire need of a laptop. Please advise.
    Lamia Gulcur, Istanbul, Turkey.

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  • Re
    Reeeee Aug 11, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    Currently I have problem with my Asus computer.
    The problem is I have tried to contact your based center in Thailand which is very difficult to reach them.

    For example, when I called them and pressed zero to contact an operators, after waiting for a while the signal had dissappeared . This happened to me many times and and make me have less patient. Could you please solve this simple problem?

    I also put the address of this center to show you whether I contacted the up- dated one or not.

    ASUSTek Thailand
    +[protected]~70 (09:00-18:00 Mon.~Fri.)

    The Krits Building, 1032/1 1 st Floor, Rama IV Rd, Kwaeng Tungmahamek, Khet Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Thailand

    Thank you in advance.

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  • As
    Ashlessburn Apr 28, 2009


    i have owned several motherboards through out my life, most of them ASUS and i think i have to defend Asus at this point, first of all the A8S series type of boards are over 3 years old so if you are having trouble with it stop complaining, second if you spend 300 bucks on a eeepc and it doesn't meet your expectations, then get a life. good lap tops cost about 1200 bucks medium lap tops are 900 and cheap lap tops are around 500, so you just spent 300 bucks. stop complaining. the fact it turns on you should be happy

    not even to mention the guy that has only one laptop and cant do work, if your work was that important then you would have a back up for when things like this happen.i mean thats just bad buisness practice, i would hate to see if someone had stolen your laptop, but you probably still would have blamed ASUS,

    now im not going to lie customer support for any manufacturer is crappy, hell i hate calling, but at least asus has support in the us, atleast i can hear what there saying. but as far as anyone is concerned if you have to send a product back to the manufacturer its not gonna turn out good, it cost the company money to do it, my rule of thumb if a product goes bad i usaully buy a new one.

    i have had bad asus boards,

    bad msi and gigabyte boards

    i have had bad sapphire graphics cards,

    and a hell o a time with cosair ram...

    but i still like these products.

    i hate when people complain, when all there doing is complaining

    grow up act like a adult, and stop being a [censored]

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  • Ti
    Tim Apr 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Something wrong with Asus motherboards. A8S-X specs reads that north and south bridge are SiS chips, but SiS website reports that the northbridge is not SiS chipset.

    I had problems with (2) motherboards, and sent them in for repair. Spoke to a technician by the name of Timothy Pearce, who claims to be tech support manager. I tried to explain the problem, but he just continued talking, without listening to the problem; very arrogant person.

    The motherboards were returned to me in the same condition that I had sent them. I phoned to complain about Pearce and the problem still existing. They arranged for me to send the mobos back in. Fed-ex delivered the mobos in (2), but Asus claims they did not receive the mobos til weeks later.

    They claim one board now has physical damage, but deny causing the damage. They refuse to repair the problem and want me to give them a credit card number so they can charge me $90 for a replacement. The other mobo, they have noit given me any information other than to continue repeating it is in the repair shop.

    I've been without these (2) mobos for 3 months now. Asus clearly does not care about the needs of those who purchase their products. Furthermore, they are dishonest; they broke the mobo, but refuse to accept responsiblity for it.

    If you depend on you computer equipment, stay away from Asus

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  • Wa
    Wayne Mar 07, 2009

    To customer service manager:

    Hi, I'm Wayne from Malaysia. I would like to complain that your Malaysia base service center totally provided me bad services. I've sent my Asus Laptop F3SV which is under warranty to your services center due to mother board problem. Your guy promised me i can get back my laptop in 1 week time. But now I've been waiting for 3 weeks, I still haven't get back my laptop. Your guy said still need to wait few more week due to no stock in mother board. What is this ###ing service?..Your Asus is big company, don't tell me even 1 mother board you don't have stock. In this 3 weeks time, i'm not able to do my work without my laptop. I'm really angry with this. Hope you will take action. Or even better you can replace a new laptop for me if you still want me to wait.!!


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  • Ni
    Nick Sep 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been communicating with Asus Technical Support regarding why a new BIOS (1603) will not function properly with my motherboard.

    A Mr. Robert Tinsley, Lead Tech Support Engineer Asus Technology, offered to personally check my motherboard if I would send it to him.

    The problem I have is, he refuses to answer any questions, and when I persevered in an attempt to get a straight answer, he accused me of "harassing" him and said any further emails I sent would be "forwarded as spam".

    Way to go Asus!

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  • Ta
    tan Aug 05, 2008

    I have been working with Asus for tow months for a RMA video card issue. I get emails saying they are working on it only after I call. When I call I do not get any answers. If their product works great, but if not you are in for the ride of your life. DO NOT BUY ASUS!

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  • Ji
    Jill May 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Asus don't provide service - just aggravation - I have an excellent laptop but would warn everyone who reads this not to be tempted by Asus products. If anything goes wrong you've had it. So far I'm lucky it was only my A/C adapter that broke (luckily I have a docking station and have bought a back up charger) Asus collected the faulty charger under warranty - but that's it - no replacement - and no sense whether by email or phone - and no replacement - status waiting - and waiting and waiting - don't be tempted don't buy Asus.

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  • Vo
    Voinea Tudorel May 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hallo Dear Gentlemen's

    My name is Voinea Tudorel from Romania and I have one big problem with one notebook ASUS.In 14 March 2008 I buy one new notebook ASUS with aproximately 1000 USD from SC SCAND SRL from City DROBETA TURNU SEVERIN and after 3 weeks my notebook is broken ..My notebook was under guaranty 2 years and I send back for service.I decide to write you company because I observ reparation for my notebook is verry slowly and I am verry angry for this.My notebook was send in ASUS BUCHAREST and I have to wait ..When I pay the many was good and now what is verry dificult to change same companents inside and give my back..I need this notebook verry fast..Pleace I write hier for help my in thisa case..My telefon number is [protected]..I am disperate for this case..Only ASUS can help my.
    Thenks and BEST REGARDS .Pleace help me..

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  • Ja
    James Apr 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To Customer Service Manager

    My ASUS laptop which I bought about less than a year had problem that
    it can't boot into Windows. It always restarted after I switched on. So,
    16APR08, I sent it to ASUS center in Bangkok to check what's wrong.
    Later a staff called to tell that laptop is fixed and ready to pick up
    then she hung up line without telling me about what caused the problem
    and how your team fixed my laptop. Anyway, then on Sat 19APR08, I came to
    the center to pick my laptop and got informed that HDD failed so they
    replaced new HDD. I asked your staff named "Kornuma" or "Korunma" as
    shown in the attached slip about my data in old HDD. I need all data in D
    drive (That HDD was partitioned into C and D drive) and she said
    "believe me your HDD crashed so you have no way to retrieve any data from
    it, if you don't believe, I'll check a computer shop to confirm for you".
    I said that data is so important for me so I just want to try my best
    to retrieve it. She said OK to get the old HDD but she will keep the
    new HDD at the center.

    Then I brought that old HDD to a computer shop and asked for help to
    check if all data in D drive has been lost or not. They then connected
    the HDD to external drive and said that he can see data and many folders
    in both C and D drive. I said OK then please use program to recover all
    data in D drive for me. He said that it's no need to use recovery
    program as data is still in the HDD. He said just bring new HDD together
    with old HDD and he will copy data or ask ASUS staff to do it for me.

    I came down to your center again and told them that all the data is
    still in HDD so please copy all from D drive to new HDD. Kornuma said that
    ASUS will not copy any data for customer because she told every
    customers that it's customer's responsibility to take care your own data and
    back up data by yourself.I said how can I back up data before I sent
    laptop to your center as I can't open laptop as it kept rebooting. She
    said I need to bring old HDD and let the computer shop to copy whatever
    data I want into intermediary storage then return old HDD to ASUS then I
    bring new HDD to that shop for copying afterward.

    I said that is not a wise way to do as it takes too much time and
    complicate to copy such a huge data (>20GB) for two times. I need both old
    HDD and new HDD out to copy directly from old one to new one OR it's
    good if ASUS can do it for me. She insisted that I can not take both HDD
    out and ASUS will not copy data for me. I insisted as well that I need
    both HDD out and I'm willing to drop laptop here and bring out just old
    HDD and new HDD. She walked into back of partition (staff zone) and
    said out loud that "this customer is IDIOT". I was so shocked that this is
    what your customer service reacted to me while there were many
    customers awaiting queue listened and witnessed her rudeness. I was upset
    with her behavior so I said I don't understand why ASUS doesn't allow me
    to bring HDD out while data is mine and the root cause of this issue
    came from your disqualified product which made may laptop out of order
    before anniversary and is this what the service you provided to customer?
    I said I will speak to her manager to bring HDD out. I forgot name of
    manager I talked to but he said he has authority to make decision. He
    said politely that it's policy not allow customer to bring both HDD out.
    I asked the reason but he can't give the reason and said that some
    customers brought HDD out and had some problems. He said just this so I
    still don't find that his reason is reasonable at all. He said why I don't
    let ASUS staff to transfer data? I said I asked them already but they
    persisted that they will not do. So, he said he will talk to
    technician. I said OK.

    Kornuma talked to manager after me and what I heard while I stood in
    front of her was "why we have to say YES to customer?". Her face looked
    disappointed with what the manager decided so she hung up phone and
    walked into staff zone and did some noise from throwing things (maybe book
    or similar) on desk. About 5 minutes with unattention from staff, I
    asked so what you gonna do, please don't waste my time anymore...copy data
    else give me HDD.

    With pause for a while, a new staff came out and gave two HDD to me. I
    brought them to computer shop and transferred data completely then
    returned old HDD to your center. The same new staff got HDD back and
    sincerely said sorry to me.

    From long story mentioned above, I'd like to share my thoughts with you
    like this:

    - Root cause came from your product and my laptop is still quite new so
    it's worse enough that HDD failed so your team in that center
    especially Kornuma should learn harder and harder how the customer feels.
    - I know that we can not 100% guarantee HDD quality so it's fair that
    you replaced new one for customer but the way Kornuma treated the case
    was suck and rude. How can she said "IDIOT" out? That word screwed
    things off. It's the end of word "customer" she gave to me. I've never had
    bad experience from any service center like this.
    - Maybe you need to check out the service procedure to improve service
    quality. ASUS is not my first laptop but will be the last ASUS product
    I buy.
    - I didn't hear any sorry word from Kornuma. At least the male staff (
    a bit chubby) said sorry to me and he did great job. It seems like you
    need to train your staff to bear in mind that your company earns money
    from customers. Your products have problem so your staff should be
    ready to say sorry to customers.

    I don't look forward to hearing any responsibilities from you but hope
    that this case will help you realise problem in your organization.


    Natthapakorn C.

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