Assurance Wirelessthe selling of what was not theirs


My name is Mrs. Ellis I was born iun chic mass sac air force base hoop. Someone disrespected my uncles both by saying and telling everyone that this company was sold, which is a load of grap. It was left to me along with city data, know mind you I don't care that The guyu who looks like my common law husband Q puts his name on it however I do mind that thw gazzwett said in Larry don tucker obit my mother alice was not even mentioned. I don't care who did it but know thast I am not married to mike delk so what evber the delka andersons are twlling you is a lie, ron use to work for bank of America onm London and is one of the biggest thiefs there are, that is were a few of the ellis jenning tucker knoxx, hall hoover haizer and Phillips underwood accts are, so if your business are running short don't be quick to blame mel like I did. MM should know they are trying to do to mark and david and leon whaty they did to my dad Richard tucker. abe brother is already in jail, so is shawn whether my brother is alife or he got murdered is of no comcern power of attorney doesn't appy because my mother was not told of anything and neirther was miss turner shane, tammy, heath and xlint my step rtelatives liks, I have only one business partner my brother has been gone 4 years of cancer. Its ok that we weren't told about the reuniom. I don't want to go to court and I don't appreciate you taking power of att over jj with out telling debz q girlfriend that me, She is my blood, I know about the quick claim deeds, about david selling the propertiesd and IO knowq about susan Ericka and linda and laura flying back and forth do they know that my cosin lea was in a serious car acct 3 years ago and her mother in mesquite tx wasn't told I would have test for Kathy but I wasn't on vac I was in JAIL!

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