Aspen Dental Managementterrible drs manners

O Sep 05, 2018

I went to Aspen Dental in Yulee Florida today. They knew I have a big fear about dentists. I had a bad experience and it's been 10 years since I went to the dentist because of it. Long story short I have a tooth that cracked and finally got the nerve to go. Being very afraid but all the girls that work there were great . They tried hard to make me feel at ease. But the dr said something that got me really upset and never should of been said. He told me my best bet was for a full set of dentures since I have terrible Hygiene because I left my mouth get so bad. That is the worst thing a dr can say to someone. I was embarrass enough about the way my teeth are and he just put a knife inside me. Again I don't know if I can ever go back to the dentist. Thank you Sandy Scott

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