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J Sep 11, 2018


Im in fl visiting for family matters. My tooth started hurting as I knew it had to be extracted. After talking to the aspen dental customer line I was scheduled for a 1200 appt for extraction. I arrived at 1145 for my appt filled out new Patient paperwork. I asked if they wanted to contact my dentist for my current X-rays that were taken recently. They said no and that they were going to do their own. I sat back down and was not taken back to a room until 1225. They did X-rays and a comprehensive exam. I told them that I didn't need any of their recommended services except for the extraction. They recommended I have 3 extractions as an abscess was noted on the X-ray. So I agreed to have them completed and was told by Dr. Rini that they could not perform the extraction until 230 and it was now 1245. I told her kindly that is not whAt was relayed to be by the scheduling center and that I was here for family emergency issues and that I have 2 babies I need to get back to as soon as possible. She said 230 was the earliest they could do the extraction but she would not be doing it Dr. Marjan Mirkheshti would be doing them as she has another procedure to do. She said they can pull the phone call to see what was said as if I was lying. I told her to go ahead and pull it. She told me the 3 extractions should take about an hour to hour 15 at most. They make you pay ahead of time for services so I paid for my 3 extractions. The office manager /finance (Virginia) told me at 145 pm to go grab some food quick and come back around 2 if I can so they could numb me early. I arrived back at 215 and sat and waited. I mentioned to the front desk that I was back so they could numb me early and I was brought back at 230not early.

Due to my neck issue from car accident the dr decided to numb one tooth at a time to make sure I'd be able to handle the procedure and I agreed with her suggestion. Tooth number one was extracted and it took about 25 min. During the process of extracting this first tooth she dropped her heavy instruments on my face and lips which wAs very unpleasant. Shortly after a 5 min break I was numbed for tooth number 2. This was the tooth with the notable abscess on the jaw line which she knew prior to the extraction from the X-ray. This tooth was a bit harder to get out as the root was sitting next to the bone. She was very rough pulling this tooth out and Dr. Rini had to suggest and give her different tools to help with the extraction. Dr.Mirkheshti kept commenting that my teeth take so long to get out because my roots were long and wide. She cut out the tooth into sections with a saw and was drilling to help get the pieces out. She dropped a very sharp object in my lips and "accidentally " knicked my lip. She said "oops, sorry". She then found a cyst poked it open and sucked and pulled out the infection with a suction tube. She also cut along my jaw line but unsure as to why this area was cut as there was no tooth there and I would now need stitches. She made the comment it took 50 min to get that tooth out. She kept looking at the X-ray and complaining that the next tooth would take an hour to get out and kept trying to push me not to have it extracted bc it would take her an hour. I told her I was NOT coming back. I was there already and they could complete what was started and paid for. She kept complaining it was going to take an hour. She kept suggesting that I needed a route canal and she could save the tooth., and tried to push me to let her do route canal. I kindly explained to her for a third time I would not have a root canal because I develop abscesses and this is not what I want to do. She walked out of the room a couple of times and then came back again and told me it would be too long for her to extract because my roots are long and wide apart and it would take about an hour. At this point it was about 415. I told her again that this was recommended and scheduled by their office and I will not be coming back. I do not live in this area and if needs to be done, to please do it. So she finally unwillingly agreed. She numbed me up. Then walked out and said she has other patients to see. I was fine with it as long as she came and finished what she started. She came back and numbed me some more. Then said I'm going to try and pull this out with the forceps. I'm not going to cut it and separate it because it will take an hour to get it out. I will try and just use the forceps. She tried once and I could feel pain so she stopped and numbed up some more. Then told me she talked to the other dentist (which I don't know who because she had already mentioned the other dentist left in passing) and he recommended that she just used forceps and if it doesn't come out then I need to see oral surgeon because she didn't have time to finish the procedure. She then sutured the left side of my mouth where she cut me and then walked out again. She then came back and moved the skin around the tooth away and pulled on the tooth for a about 20 sec with forceps. She set down the forceps and walked out. Then she came back in And said to to me (Dr. Marjan Mirkheshti) "you are messing up my schedule, the other dentist left and I don't have time to finish your procedure, I have other patients to see, you have messed up my schedule with new patients this afternoon" and then walked out of the room again to go see other patients. I was worried about her pulling and messing with the tooth and that would create issues so I had the tech ask her if this would create problems or infection because she was pulling on the tooth. The tech reported that the dr said it would not cause an infection and the tooth didn't move when she was pulling on it. She was just pulling away the tissue from the tooth.

The dentist (Dr. M Mirkheshti) came back in my room and said don't worry about that tooth I was pulling on. I was just moving the skin around and poking it. It was bleeding from pulling but it's just like a cut on your gums. It will heal after a few days! She said you will be fine and that tooth I was pulling on won't give you issues for at least a year or two. You will be fine. I'm sorry I just don't have time to finish you. I told here they will refund my money for that tooth. She said they will refund your money and I'm sorry but I have 2 other patients to see and we close at 6. She then said again I just loosened all the skin around d that tooth so if it gives you problems you can see an oral surgeon if you need to.

So then I'm waiting for RXs for around 45 min. Once the tech brings them in I told her the pharmacy will not fill this pain med because it's not filled out properly. The tech brought it to dentist. Dentist told her that it will be fine and refused to change it.

Told tech I wanted to talk to office manager/finance person and she made the comment"I was just about to leave" I was like seriously! She said oh you want to talk about your refund, I will process through tonight but it will take however long to credit back to your account. I said that's fine but I want it in writing you will refund my money for that tooth. She said I can't do that I don't have anything like that I can give you. I-said just write out a statement that states you are refunding the amount I paid for the tooth. She said she couldn't do that but did show me where they took off the one charge, I told her to comment there so it's noted! She then said to me "I hope your tooth doesn't give you issues and you can have an oral surgeon take it out when you get back home."

I get back to my parents house and my dad takes my RXs to get filled. Takes to pharmacy they refuse to fill because the RX is filled out incorrectly and they can't fill it. My dad takes it to another pharmacy who tells him it can't be filled because the DEA is incorrect and the dosage is incorrect. My dad calls the after hours line right at 6 and gets hung up on. He called back 2 more times and was hung up on. The 4th time he talked to someone who sent out a page to the dr. At 1120 pm and he still hadn't received a phone call back. The pharmacy told my dad to take me to ER to see if they could help with pain meds. I called the after hours number again on the way to ER and no call back. I called again with no response. At 835 pm the answering service called me back asking if I had received a call from the Dentist. I said I did not. He said at this point I have to refer you to urgent care or the ER since they aren't answering. I said I'm at ER.

At the ER I was informed that I would not be able to be helped and they could not dispense the meds even though I had a legit RX due to the new Florida laws. Unless I have cancer or a fracture they are not allowed to dispense meds even if you just had surgery. He said this is the dentist issue and they have to fix it.

On the way home I called the dentist answering service to talk to the dr. Again the dr was paged with no call back. After20 min I called back again. The office called me back this time but I was hung up on. So I recalled the answering service who paged the dr again. This time it rang asking me to leave a message and so I did. The dr finally called me back at 940 pm!!! I explained to Dr. Rini the situation about the RX not being able to be filled and I was In Serious pain. she asked what I wanted her to do, I told her I would like her to meet me at the office so I could get my pain meds bc the pharmacy closed at 10. She said she lived to far away from the office to help me out and she would not drive there to give me a new RX. She said I usually just tell patients to go to the hospital and since you have already been there, you can just take ibuprofen then and I'll get you a new RX in the morning when I get to the office!

She then immediately called me back and said that she needed me to bring the other script back.

I find it funny that when a patient needs something due to their mistake they aren't willing to respond or help out but if they need something from you they can call back immediately.

This is one of the worSt experiences I have ever had!!

This morning I get to the office to get my RX and the dentist said she was sending electronically. I asked them to please verify that the pharmacy would fill it. I was told by the receptionist that if there was a problem the pharmacy could call them. Then I asked for a copy of what was sent to pharmacy and they refused to give it to me. She said we don't have a way to print that out. I said ok then pull up my record and I'll screen shot it do I have record of what was sent. She said we can't allow you to see your record. I said yes you can! It's my record and I'm allowed to see it. I said I will be taking this to corporate. I was then given a copy of the RX .

Last night the MD said she couldn't send electronically because it was Percocet but this morning was able to send it! Unbelievable!!!

I do NOT recommend this practice at all!! BEWARE if you go here!! Terrible experience!

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