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I've been recently getting invites from beautiful "photos" from this website. I have not included my photo or any bio-character-data so when they "wrote" a letter saying they like me, my character and the usual bs, I knew this is a scam site. My advice about the sites that CHARGE BY CREDITS (you pay for these credits) to open a letter, view a photo/video, translations, meeting etc - FORGET IT YOU'RE BEING CONNED.
Look at the pictures, they're good for entertainment only but don't dip into your pocket for them, ever.

, GB
Jul 07, 2017 3:54 pm EDT
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I agree, I think all of this site is a massive scam

Krogoth Zane Kent
Krogoth Zane Kent
Auckland, NZ
Apr 26, 2017 10:26 am EDT
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I was Conned by the Website Operators on when they did Refunded and Chargeback All of my Payments on my Dating Account on their Website without my Permission and Consent, and they is Blaming Me for their Offences and Crimes Against Me by Requesting and Demanding Me to Pay back all of those the Refunds and Chargebacks to them that they did given to Me without my Permission and Consent. is just another Total Fake, False and Not Genuine Dating Website at all in this World because of the so very Poor and really Low Quality Systems in Live Support and Customer Service.
All what the Website Operators on does cares about is Making it Extremely Hard and Completely Difficult for Males to Communicate Females on it.
I did Communicated with 6 Girls on that Website for over 3 Weeks and all what those Girls did Talked about Me is that I am the Most Perfect Match for them and also about Moving to my Country to Live Together with Me, and to Start a Family with Me and to Have, Share and Raise Children together with Me.
1 Girl who is 23 Years Old is I did Talked with her about the Scams and Scammers in this World and also did Offered to Share her Money with Me when her and Me do get Married.
I do really Think and Believe that she is really Genuine and True because she did Proved many Times that she is Not a Scammer in her Life.
Even when I did Talked about my Speech Disability to her is she did Stopped Asking Me to Contact Phone Calls.
Also she did Asked Me to Promise to Never ever Spend any of my Money at all on her.
Because of that Promise of Mine is I did Committed myself to Never Send Gifts and Present to her, and Never ever Contact her on Phone Calls in
And she has Offered to Meet Me in Real Life in my Country and City too.
About her that it is really Frustrating for Me being Banned and Not Allowed at all to Communicate with her on

, GB
Jul 07, 2017 3:53 pm EDT
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I'd like to know what can be done about it, surely they there is a Lee against this type of thing

AsianDate Customer Service Department
, US
Sep 01, 2015 1:34 pm EDT
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Dear Chris 30,

AsianDate has a customer service team that is happy to review each and every case. However we find that individuals that don't contact us usually broke our anti-scam claim policy such as sent money to a girl for example and then complain here since they know they made a mistake that we cannot and will not rectify. In such cases as this, our policy is simple. Do not send money to any members and then expect to get a refund from us. Also, if the complaint is about communications that seem fake, usually the reason for such black PR about our company is due to the relationship ending client in this case not being able handle it and thus take it our here. If one cannot post ID numbers or state their name let alone call us directly, but rather write a complaint here, we assume this is an internet troll paid to look for attention.

Thanks, and if you have any questions, please contact customer service for assistance 24/7...not on the complaints board.


AsianDate Customer Service

Mario Kenny1
, US
Aug 03, 2017 10:56 am EDT
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Hello Asian Date with no name I am calling your cheap bluff *******I include my name and all my contact info***face my allegements***prove me wrong for the world to see****if I am wrong I am man enough to say I am sorry***

below is my post, search my name, come with you BS***let us play now***

Is Asian Date a Sex Slave website?

Rate This is a massive scam.

I allege it is a sex slave site where they capture women from China and from Asia and may be selling the women trapping them in private aircraft when the women go to meet their prospective boyfriends.

This is Alisia, she is missing in action, she told me she had put two million dollars in her bank card, that she had sold her business, and that this was the proceeds. I told her I did not need her money that I already had sufficient money, but she wanted to purchase a home and start her business in Miami.

This is Jenny, she also told me she had made two million dollars in cash and that she had put the money in her suitcase and was taking a private jet to Miami. If I am to believe that these women exist and the stories they told me are true, both vanished in thin air.

In both cases, I told these women that I was not interested in their money but in their love. I explained to them for months that I was interviewing women and that Im was eventually looking for a wife.

I received over 10 thousand emails from ladies on the site; every lady wanted to marry me. I spent a lot of money entertaining these women, and they also provided fun. I felt so sorry for so many of the profiles. Sometimes the emails were so touching, every issue you could think of was on this site.

I spent a lot of money entertaining these women, and they also provided fun. I felt so sorry for so many of the profiles. Sometimes the emails were so touching, every issue you could think of was on this site.

I meet bi sexual women, incestuous women and many women who allegedly wanted a husband and a family.

After a while, I identified two women in whom I became interested in, both from Beijing. I always felt they knew each other; these women sent me thousands of intimate pictures. I have thousands.

I could not get the women to come to visit me at a different time for an interview. Both landed on the same day, but both never showed, this happened twice.

I went to the airport on two occasions. These women professed their love for me in millions of ways. I felt so bad because I knew I could only have one woman, but both never let up. I had a score of others begging me to love them and that they would move to America. I was so sorry for them.

The emails were so compelling.

Both women came both seemed to have taken private aircraft. I thought that was so strange, on from Hong Kong the other from Shangai; both arrived within 20 mins of each other based on their emails. I could not find them, the women in the airport.

Both ended up in hotels according to their email, but did not tell me the name of the hotels; they never came back on line.

These women vanished in thin air, Alisa told me she paid $5000.00 for a fast VISA, but Jenny never told me about her Visa. I asked them to send me pictures of the visa because they claimed to have been denied visas many times, the site blocked all of the private communication, the letters were edited by the site to mean nothing.

I warned Jenny not to bring cash in her suitcase, she said it was safe. I warned her that bringing that much cash was such a bad idea, but she did not take any heed of my warnings.

Jenny wanted to stay at my home, Alisia always wanted to stay in a Hotel from the first day I met her. sees, reads, edits all the communications, and the site is very highly monitored.

I met class of woman ever, from 18 years old to 74 years old, all wanted to marry a beautiful man, and make a family, these women came from every walk of life, doctors, nurses, accounts, models, bankers, designers, sluts, real estate people I met three women who had private jets. I met one woman who was a helicopter pilot. All of these women proposed to me.

You have never seen such beautiful women, and every one of them said that they had so much money, some owned dental clinics, and medical clinics, some were plastic surgeons, with their own practice, other were lawyers of every age.

All wanted a foreign man, and the reason for wanting a foreign man was very plausible.

After all, I want an Asian woman because the American women have, a few extra pounds, which means the lady is 250 pounds, can you imagine such a woman sitting on your face?

The Asian women are very slender, very clean, and extremely passionate, this is the dream of every man.

But these women simply vanished, they told me they left China to come to see me, loaded with money, but never arrived. I cannot believe this.

Jenny send me about 147 emails before she decided to come to see me, Alisia sent me about 57 emails before she came to see me, then on the day of their flight, they stopped all communication, it made no sense at all., plus because these women were so infatuated with me, sent me so many private pictures, then to never tell me the name of the hotels they were at.

None of this makes any sense.

A few things about me. I gave the first 30 years of my life to my parents and my siblings, then I gave the next 31 years of my life to my wife and my kids, but my marriage was broke some 15 years into it. I stayed with the marriage because of the kids and certain promises to my Mom.

At 62 years my anatomy works like a rock as if I was 30. I decided to find a proper woman share the rest of my life with, that the remaining years of my life were now mine to enjoy.

The Asian women are passionate women, they have a way about them which is so very desirable, and they too are tired of their own men, because of the abuse.

My allegations are very plausible, here is why, sees all the communication between the lovers, all of the private letters between the lovers, they also know the friends of the women in their local areas, Jenny was part of a group of women who hung out together, they all knew each other. would know the inside conversation of the women, they knew the plan I made with her, to meet, they knew the time, the flight numbers and the final destinations, suddenly for no reason she was taking a private jet from Hong Kong, and suddenly Alesia was also doing the same from another city, completely.

Alisia wrote me a strange email where she was asking me If I thought that she could be brave to use a private jet instead of a commercial jet I was not in time to tell her I did not like the Idea.

Both these women vanished.

Another economy is that my live support is switched off on my Gentleman`s page, so I have no inside contact with the agency.

Now, this is not the first occasion this has occurred, there are three other women, missing in action, Jing, a woman from China who was in Orlando, and another woman I cannot recall, but three.

Something is too fishy, here.

What I found was also very unusual, the site gave me three free credits every night, normally I would get about 500 emails every two days, from ladies. The ladies told me that I was the most famous man on the site. I am not kidding.

I write about love, and I am a great flirt. I whisper sweet nothings all night long, and they love me for that. I speak about love all the time.

I will update this post with more allegation and screen shots of what I have collected over the 90 days I was involved with this site.

I know who the victims are, these are wealthy women, who found a man they will die for, the woman becomes very vulurable and are exposed to danger. I allege the site knows this and they simply capture the woman, somehow.

I recieved several emails from women I did not communicate with, these ladies would tell me that I chatted with them or they would thank me for my letter to them, when I checked I did not send them a letter, and the3 first few letters were non existant.

You must know that your profile at the site is not what the lady sees, your profile becomes owned by the site forever, they employ your profile to use as they so please.

Nothing is real about this site, but I assure that most of the profiles are of real women. I know this by the level on internet-intimacy communication with many of the women.

I have a lot of information and I am adding it as an update as i go along I believe my review is a life saving measure, because I believe very strongly that these women are being captured, and used as sex slaves in some part of the world.

I used the call me service, this call comes throught Aberdine Scotland, an exchange there, but you never speak to the woman you paid to speak to mI allege. I feel this because the next day after the call the lady makes no acknowledgement and does not thank you for the call, or makes no mention of the call ever happening, as a matter of fact the lady goes off line for several days following the call.