AsianDate.comBig scam, don't register here

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I recently found the website It was mentioned that the registration was for free, but after I filled the form and indicated my card’s number, these ### charged me for $30. Also the moderators didn’t communicate and there wasn’t any contact info. I want to warn that this site is scam, so avoid it or you will lose money. Share this info and inform other people as well.


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    93fender Apr 11, 2019

    I want to do a test to see if any ladies on asiandate that I been contacting are real not fake and if they are either contacting other men when they told me im their only man on the site All I need is a man to contact them as I will give u their ID# All a man here has to do is contact them through the site either by letter or chat try to see if they already have a man [myself] and are taken or not available Or will start a relationship with u This means they been lying to me being dishonest to me while I been wasting my time and money with them So, any volunteers?

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    Fuzzy Bear Sep 06, 2018
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    I think its a scam. Quite honestly the 'Team' have not been helpful its certainly very expensive to discover its a Machine of Fake Romance where the company seems to be doing all of it by themselves. Are there any real people behind the profiles? Even if there are I think they are clearly misrepresented. I saw a profile of a Lady saying they are 45 and there is NO WAY that the picture could correspond to a 45 year old Lady unless she has found the Fountain of Youth. She was so young looking and beautiful if she looks like this at 45 I would not doubt she would still be alive at 1000 years old !!!

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  • Ja
    Jack2001 Jul 20, 2017

    Asiandate is a Scam! It's not the girls, it's the owners of the website. The comments that pop-up are computer-generated. Same comments appear with different pictures. Sometimes a placeholder (name) appears, proving that the comments are sent out randomly. The girls never read your profile. Whatever you write there cannot be seen by them. Even when you put your age at 80, they still find you sexy and interesting. Asiandate, Russianbrides, and Anastasia, and lots more are all just the same funny scams with the only purpose to make money. Forget finding your partner there.

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  • Wa
    Wayne1966 Jul 08, 2017

    Total complete scam. I get hundreds of emails from supposedly interested women. My middle name is my user name, I posted my real name in my profile, none of the 3, 000 messages or thousands of chats has one woman mentioned my real name. I put things in my profile asking them to refer to it in a message, none have. I contacted the site and they said that my profile was blank, even though when I click to show my profile as the lady's see it, it shows my profile. I asked a few women to copy and paste what my profile shows, they say it's empty. I paid to call one lady to exchange information. She is supposed to have fluent English ability. It took 13 minutes for her to get my email. Just enough time to consume all my credits. Now she claims she can't email me to the email address and needs a different email. People from all over the world email me on that same email. Some women have sent me pictures of the same woman. I could tell that the picture wasn't the woman on the profile, but then two different women sent the same picture. I am contacting the FCC in the US to shut down this and all their related sites. They have done nothing to fix any of the issues or make things right. Also found out from women that on AsianDate, AmoLatina, and some of their other related site that the site sends out emails and chats automatically. None of these sites want anyone to meet or leave the site. The big reason they don't want people to exchange info, is not because they will leave. It's because men will discover that the profiles are fake and women get paid to send messages.

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  • Gregory Vasquez May 02, 2016
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    Hello Beenthere...
    You may have accidentally downloaded it. I am not aware of apps installing by themselves.
    Gregory Vasquez
    CSD Director

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    Beenthere Donethat2 Apr 25, 2016
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    This icon popped up on my Android phone. I didn't go to that site whatsoever. How did the icon get on my phone?

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    AsianDate Customer Service Department May 22, 2015
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    Dear Bstat,

    Have you reported your problem to the agency? It’s impossible for any dating agency to anticipate and prevent all instances of Internet dating fraud or web scam. However, we have made significant progress by screening and monitoring our dating affiliates and ladies who register on our site. As a result, our site has been successful to a large degree in sorting out undesirables and possible scammers from this industry. We appreciate our customers, and we will immediately look into the issue, and take appropriate action to protect members’ best interests.
    If you feel you have been scammed by any member, please fill out our online claim form at or contact our Customer Service Team by phone at +[protected]
    Our custom service team is available 24/7 to assist you.
    With kind regards,
    AsianDate Customer Service Department

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  • Krogoth Zane Kent Apr 27, 2017
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    Verified customer

    @AsianDate Customer Service Department Your Blasting Team of Website Operators is Scamming all the Members in your Website.
    It is Your Blasting Team that is Conning, Scamming and Ripping People off on your Website of
    Do Not Blame Any Member and Dating Agency for your Scams and Cons.
    It is Your Team that is the Scammers in this World and Not at all the Members and Dating Agencies in this World.
    Your Team is Scamming People for both their Time and Money.
    Never ever Blame Someone else for Your Mistakes, Errors, Faults, Flaws, Scams, Cons, Offences, Crimes and Sins.
    Your Team of Website Operators on is just only Criminals, Offenders, Scammers, Con-Artists and Bad People in this World.
    Time, Life and Love is all Free in this World and should Never ever be Traded for Material Items and Replaceable Things such as Money.
    Your Team is Using, Taking Advantage of, Betraying and Stabbing Backs of Every Member on your Website of
    Communication is Totally Free in this World and should Never ever be Traded for any Amount of Money in Life.
    All Items and Things that is Non-Material Items and Non-Replaceable Things should only be Traded for each other and Never ever be Traded for any Material Items and Replaceable Things such as Money.
    Any Item and Thing that is Totally Free in this World should Only be Traded for another Free Item and Thing in Life.

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  • Bs
    Bstat Apr 20, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think you might be right, I've tried this site for a bit over 2 years, and mostly just talked to one lady but every now and then I would try to be nice and have a conversation with a few others. So talking to one lady for two years, a bit over, I did the call the lady and the translator sucked, I had to explain an email address to give her for the whole 10 min, and she still never got it right. The lady sent me maybe two or three emails, that were very short.. and said her english sucks, so to talk to her I had to use the site. The ladies spam letters, that cost money, like love novels, most of them.. without you even saying Hi to them.. once. If you have a problem and contact customer service they always deny there is any problems, and that is is.. They say they are all anti scam, but just like above comment, but they do nothing. To fix the real problems, Guys don't need a super model, they just would like to meet someone who is real.. there is no proof on the website anyone is real, or unpaid to talk.. just their word. You cannot get the ladies information, they block or fake that the information is blocked in chats and emails, and even if you do what they ask call and give them your info, they just won't talk to you for free. If someone loves you and wants to get married and start a life together, for real, don't you think they would talk to you for free? So yeah a bit over 2 years of my life waiting and, maybe 2 1/2 grand later, I finally gave up on thinking we could ever really have anything, and that the same would not happen with every other lady I might meet there. The thing is maybe she wasn't the most beautiful lady on the site, or close, but I really did think I liked her, and I was serious about the whole thing.. but their rules get in the way of any real relationship ever being. I am not sure any of them are real, and by real I mean sincere, or not being paid by the website. They are pictures of real ladies, do you really talk to them? I some how doubt it, I did video chat with one lady once, but she doesn't look like her pictures.. the only way you will ever know is to go to China.. they do not stand by their product, it will be never ending charges, and you will never meet "your Lady". The sad thing is that if some of the ladies are real, they basically bring you together to keep you apart for the money if they are. It is the whole story of "don't sell the cow if you can sell the milk", but let them think they are buying the cow. The whole site is a scam, now if they were honest and said you can talk to these ladies for a price, but they will never really be with you.. then fine, you go into it knowing. However if you go in thinking I will find a nice lady from china, and get married, start a family etc.. don't count on it. They will string you along as long as they can.. I would love to be one of the guys who write a letter, I found a great lady on your site, and we are happy, and thanks for introducing us.. but I am not.. I went in with an open mind, and what I see is the site is just a big scam.. now I would love to meet one couple that met on this site and it really worked out for, just one. I would retract this whole comment if I did.

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  • As
    Asiadate Team Aug 07, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Paul2100,
    Please accept our sincere apologies for this delay and all inconveniences caused to you!
    Kindly be informed, that our company leads the fight for scam protection.
    If you feel you have been scammed by any member, we have a special online form, you can fill in to ask for a refund. Here is this form:
    If you have any other questions or misunderstanding feel free to contact Customer Service Team +[protected].

    Thanks for your patience,
    AsianDate Customer Service Department

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  • Krogoth Zane Kent Apr 26, 2017
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    Verified customer

    @Asiadate Team The Website Operators on is Totally Ignoring Me and is Not at all Replying back to my Personal E-mails to them at all.
    They did Blasting Framed and Set-Up Me as a Scammer on their Con Dating Website.
    I have Sent Dozens and Dozens of E-mails, Letters and Messages to their E-mail Address, Customer Service and Live Support.
    Their Help, Support and Assistance Systems is just Blasting Useless and their 24/7 Live Support is Not a 24/7 Service at all.
    My Complaint Towards is about they did Deliberate Set-Up and Framed Me as a Scammer on there Website.
    Now because I am Refusing to Pay back the Refunds and Chargebacks to Them that They did Deliberate given to Me Without my Consent and Permission is They is Now Totally Ignoring Me.
    Because I do have a Speech Disability that it is just Way Too Difficult for Me to Communicate with People on Phone Calls.
    Really so very Please can Someone from Contact Me as soon as Possible on the E-mail Address that I did Given to Them.
    I do really Need and Want a really Clear Explanation and Reason of Why they did Deliberate Victimized Me on their Website for around 3 Weeks.
    I did Never ever Asked anyone at all to Give those Refunds and Chargebacks to Me in those 3 Weeks.
    I am a Disabled Victim of the really Immature Games from the Website Operators on
    They is just Time Wasters that did Deliberate Wasted my Non-Replaceable Time in those 3 Weeks.
    If my 23 Years Old Girlfriend and Future Wife does Not Meets Me in Real Life in my Country and City too in the Next 2 Weeks and 14 Days is I will Promise and Commit to do Anything to Shut down Permanently and Forever in this World.
    I will Become the so very Worst Nightmare to if they do Deliberate and Intentionally Steal, Ruin, Shatter, Break, Destroy and Completely Devastate the Relationship between Me and my 23 Years Old GF and Future Wife.
    They have Already Deliberate and Intentionally Stole and Totally Devastated the Communication between Me and my 23 Years Old GF.
    All what They do Blasting Care About is Causing Hell, Pain, Grief and Torture in the Lives of Me and my GF. does now have the Next 1 Week and 7 Days to Reply back to Me and Fix the Stupid Mistakes and Silly Errors that they did Deliberate Done Towards Me.
    I will Create a Movement that will Shut Down if they will Deliberate Steal and Take Away my GF out of my Life.
    Them Stealing my Non-Replaceable Time is so very much Worst than being Scammed, Ripped-Off and Losing Replaceable Money in Life.
    Time Stealers and Thieves is just so very Worst than Money Stealers and Thieves. has Committed really so very Serious Crimes, Offences and Sins Towards and Against Me in under 3 Weeks.
    They will Pay for all of their Crimes, Sins and Offences Against Me.
    They will Suffer the Consequences of their Offences, Crimes and Sins Towards.
    They will be Punished for all of their Offences, Sins and Crimes Against and Towards Me.
    My Time is Non-Replaceable and can Never ever be Replaced in the Future of my Life.
    Me Being a Disabled Victim who has had my Non-Replaceable Time Stolen and Taken Away Permanently and Forever out of my Life is so very much more Worst than having any Replaceable Thing Stolen and Taken Away from Me in my Life.
    I will Shut Down their Business on their Website if they do Not Follow my Instructions, Requests and Demands to Them.
    They did Deliberate and Intentionally Conned, Scammed and Ripped-Off Me by Stealing my Non-Replaceable Time Away from Me Forever and Permanently Out of my Life.
    Time is Always much more Important than Money because Time is Non-Replaceable and can Never ever be Replaced in the Future in Life.
    It is Time for them to Pay the Ultimate Price for their Mistakes, Errors, Faults, Flaws, Offences, Crimes and Sins Towards and Against Me.

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  • Pa
    Paul 2100 Aug 04, 2014

    Asiandate is 100% scam. I spent loads of money there, some girls may be genuine, but I doubt it. The site constantly sends out false emails claiming to be from females, and chat requests. Everything you say and do on the site is monitored and you can not exchange personal information. Be warned totally fake website that will take thousands of pounds out of your pocket. If you require more info please contact me [email protected]

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